Why Michelle Visage is Famous

By Tiara

As mentioned before, she is very famous for her work as a fashion commentator and style guru. But there’s more to her than that! You may have noticed her show The Mixer of Colors which features designs and decorations made out of different colors. These are called dyeing projects or color-mixing projects.

She has also done several collaborations such as designing clothes with other designers and companies and creating new products like lipsticks and blush packs.

Her most well known product though is probably her beauty line “The Refined Goddess” which includes makeup, blush, and eyelash extensions.

Herself, however, you will not find her doing any kind of design or making anything herself. That is definitely not her strength! She hires professionals for those things so that she can focus on running her business and being a mother.

She was a host of the TV show The Face

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, she is most well known as a fashion expert and style icon. But before that, Michelle had her own talk show!

In 2005, MTV gave Michelle her own television show titled The Party Edition with co-host Mario Lopez. The show focused mostly on celebrating different cultures through food, clothing, and decorations.

The two would discuss how to dress for each other’s culture and do some shopping together. During their stay at the beach, they would give tips on what clothes are best for swimming or just being in the water.

Their success allowed them to meet many famous people and get great stories. One such story involved meeting Miley Cyrus who received very little sleep due to the fact that she wanted to be awake when they met.

She made sure to greet Ms.

She was a host of the TV show The House

how is michelle visage famous

As an actress, she has appeared in several feature films such as What Men Want and Sex Tape. Her most well-known role is that of Carmen de la Vega on the sitcom The Office.

Her other appearances include guest spots on shows like New Girl and Friends.

She also hosted the MTV music awards for three years and had her own talk show called The Vampyricon Hour with Michelle Visage which ran from 2009 to 2011.

Running through all these jobs, however long or short they may have been, one thing is clear – Michelle has done what many people can’t seem to do anymore: make money doing things she loves.

She appeared in popular music videos

how is michelle visage famous

As we mentioned earlier, MTV was one of the main reasons that Michelle became famous. Not only did she appear in many of their fashion show or party coverage videos, but she also made an appearance as a judge for several seasons of their hit show _Vampire Diaries. _

Her fame didn’t stop there! Since her early days at MTV, she has graced our screens in various other ways. You may have seen her before while watching TV or listening to music.

She is well known for her appearances in popular songs and dances. Many people know her dance move where she covers her mouth with her hand and then sticks out her tongue. This is usually done to make funny faces or say something crazy like “Suck it!” or “Woo hoo!”

Many people recognize her voice because she does some sort of parody or cover version of other singers’ works. For example, when Adele released her song ‘Hello,’ Michelle covered it as a French song called ‘Bonjour.’

By now you have probably heard her beautiful singing voice somewhere else, so practicing your ear-catching skills isn’t too hard.

She appeared as a judge on many TV shows

how is michelle visage famous

As we know, The Channel 101 Vlogs channel is home to some of the most entertaining you will find! With their fun games and introductions, they have made it famous. Some of these game show judges include Dance Moves, Fun Facts, and even Super Bowl Sunday Blitzes.

One such game show that features her as a host is Beat Battle. On this show, contestants are given two songs that sound similar and must determine which one is better by voting via smartphone or computer.

She is also well known for being a fashion icon and style guru. Her always-stylish looks have helped her stay in the spotlight. Many people look up to her for tips and tricks on how to dress more stylishly.

Michelle’s easygoing nature makes her a perfect fit hosting other shows as well. You may remember her from MTV’s Singled Out where she would talk about relationships with all of the guests.

Her beauty brand has also done very well since she launched it. People love her skin care products and magazines featuring her designs can be found at most stores.

She appeared as a celebrity guest on many TV shows

how is michelle visage famous

As we mentioned before, she is very popular for her work in fashion, beauty, and entertainment. But aside from those areas, Michelle has made quite an impression through something different – she is famous for being married to Kanye West.

She met him while working at his clothing company, Yeezy Season 1. They got engaged around two years later, and they tied the knot back in October 2016. Since then, she’s been referring to him as “Daddy” and he calls her his wife!

They have one daughter together named Chicago. And just like any parent would, she spends most of her time showing off pictures of her child on social media. Many people consider her family to be close-knit since it seems like they spend almost every day together.

Her husband is famously private so there are not too many details about their life as a couple known to the public. However, she does share some fun stories about them dating and what it was like growing up with each other.

She appeared as a judge on the TV show America’s Got Talent

how is michelle visage famous

As of January 2020, Michelle has her own line of fashion products which she designs herself! Her collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, and even jewelry. All are designed by her and printed in China.

She also does Q&A videos on YouTube where she chats about everything from beauty tips to life lessons.

Her most popular video is probably “8 Ways To Stop Being Jealous (And Why You Should Give Up This Thing)”. It was made back in September 2018 and has over 1 million views at the time of writing this article.

Michelle’s popularity soared after she featured on AGT, so much that she now has her very own line of fashion products! Hehe.

She appeared as a judge on the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race

how is michelle visage famous

As of this writing, she has her own line of makeup products with CoverGirl and two sold-out Lipstick Trains at Disney World!

She also hosts The Fashion Show, which features runway looks inspired by current trends and fashionable ways to use your life as inspiration for how to live yours.

Her talk show, The Misfit Boothie Awards, is in its second season where she interviews people who are doing great things while being themselves.

And last but not least, she produces and co-hosts The Lift Off!, an online series that teaches drag culture from beginner to pro.

She appeared as a judge on the TV show The Masked Singer

how is michelle visage famous

As we know, The Face of the Fashion Industry is quite fluid. It seems like every week there’s a new celebrity that everyone recognizes! This doesn’t always mean they get to feel fashionable however, with their famous look being covered up or even exposed at times.

If you really want to see what it takes to be a fashion icon, then watching The Masked Singer is an excellent way to do so. Not only does it feature beautiful people in revealing clothes, but also a few who don’t wear much at all!

Michelle Visage is definitely not one of these people. Before she became known for her judging role on the show, she was already very well-known.

Not just because she looks good, either – she actually makes some pretty clever comments about how best to dress for your shape and what styles are out-of-date.