Why is Zendaya Famous?

By Tiara

As we all know, not every celebrity was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. In fact, some had to work hard to become famous!

Some were too beautiful or athletic to remain unknown, so they needed to find ways to get attention. Others are well-known for being rich, which helps them maintain an expensive lifestyle.

But what if I told you that there is a way to be famous without having to do any of these things? What if I told you that anyone can be a famous YouTuber?

Yes, even you!

I’m sure you have seen YouTube videos of people doing fun activities (or maybe talking about how much money they spent on certain products). These online content creators are known as YouTubers.

They typically start filming themselves or others performing actions or telling stories. Then they edit their videos using computer software and upload them onto the internet for everyone to see.

Most people comment and give feedback by liking or commenting on the video. This is where it gets tricky – because sometimes they offer cash rewards or prizes for your reaction.

That's why they call it “sponsored content."

Many people make money off of advertising through YouTube, which is another reason to look out for sponsored content.

She appeared in a Disney movie

how zendaya become famous

In 2016, Zendaya made her feature film debut as Cloe in The Greatest Showman. Not only did she deliver an impressive performance that got many fans cheering, but she also became famous for something else — her long, curly hair.

Many people noticed how much of her hair was shown throughout the movie, making it seem like her hairdo was popularized by the movie!

After The Greatest Showman premiered in theaters, many media outlets called Zendaya “the most famous brunette with lots of curls” or even just the “curls expert.”

She received so many compliments on her hairstyle that she eventually launched a line of shampoo and conditioner products featuring her very own luscious locks.

She appeared in a YouTube video

how zendaya become famous

In June 2016, Zendaya shared a short clip of herself dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” The song was just two minutes long, but it quickly exploded online.

The music video for her solo hit has over 2 million views alone! It features lots of dance moves and some cool behind-the-scenes footage.

Zendaya is famous not only because of that single video, however. Her popularity grew rapidly after she posted more videos of herself singing and dancing. These songs have also gone viral, with many fans sharing their love for her and discussing how much she inspired them as an artist.

She has also been very generous about donating money to charities and helping spread awareness about important issues such as LGBT rights and mental health.

Overall, this young singer has left her own unique legacy in the entertainment industry. Not only does she perform, but she also teaches others through her artistic influence and philanthropy.

She started a modeling career

how zendaya become famous

Before she was known as just “Z”, Zendaya had another stage name. It was Jacquelyn Orlene Andujar. You may have seen her face before under that name!

In May of 2012, she made her runway debut for New York Fashion Week. Since then, she has been featured in many major fashion magazines and catalogs across the world.

Her first magazine cover appearance came in Vogue in September 2013. She is also frequently photographed for beauty brands like MAC, Urban Outfitters, and NARS.

She is most well-known for her work with high street retailers such as Target and Victoria’s Secret. In fact, she even graced their covers!

But what sets Zendaya apart from other models is her personal style. She does not dress in overly designed clothing or flashy hairstyles. Rather, she usually dresses in loose fitting clothes and long hair.

She often flaunts her beautiful, natural skin and toned legs. Many consider her to be one of the greatest influencers of self-love and body positivity.

She appeared on Dancing with the Stars

how zendaya become famous

After appearing on season 6 of The Channel’s hit show, Dance Moms, Zendaya became famous overnight.

Her performance landed her a perfect score and she won the competition! Since then, the 20-year-old has starred in several other TV shows including Lifetime’s critically acclaimed series, Living Bibbidy Bobbiddy You know who that is. As you can probably tell, she makes quite the impression.

Zendaya now hosts two very popular dance competitions titled The Champs and Dance Your Way. In both events, contestants are asked to perform for a panel of judges while also being judged by the audience.

Not only does she host, but she also creates new dances and concepts for the show too! Her most well known song is called “Tootie Tippsie Tap” which was featured in the movie Pitch Perfect 2.

She won a award

After graduating from high school, you probably noticed your social media feed filling up with pictures of one teen in particular. With her long blonde hair and infectious smile, she quickly became popular!

Her name is Zendaya Martinez and she’s very famous!

Zendaya has starred in several movies including The Greatest Showman as Rosalind Russell’s daughter, Valorie.

She also appeared in Dirty Dancing: Summer Break as Renata Sanchez and You Me At First As A Night as Sasha Santiago.

In addition to acting, Zendaya is known for singing. Her most well-known song is definitely “Boom Boom Pow” which was featured in the movie Pitch Perfect 2.

She sang this song while filming an action scene and it received lots of attention. Since then, people have made their own versions of the song that are almost exactly like hers!

That’s how music artists become famous! If you want to be a singer or musician, start sharing your songs online now so you can see your work get seen more easily.

And don’t forget to always credit the person who wrote the lyrics and the person who helped you write your melody! That’s what really makes a song yours.

She spoke at a TED conference

how zendaya become famous

In May 2016, Zendeáy gave her first ever talk at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conference.

She talked about her career as an artist, what it takes to be successful in that field, and then she discussed some of her personal strategies for staying motivated.

Her talking time was only six minutes long, but it went very quickly.

Most people listening were probably more influenced by her message than they knew. Her speech inspired many different comments and reactions, with most speakers praising how motivational her words were.

Some even said that her talk made them feel happier or encouraged them to do something they had been putting off for weeks!

Many famous artists have spoken at other events, but not everyone is as well known as Zendeáy is. Many people never hear of her until now, which is why this article will discuss all of her skills as a musician, actor, and entrepreneur.

She is part of the cast of the TV series, Insecure

how zendaya become famous

As discussed earlier, your career will definitely have some uphill battles! This does not apply to everyone, but for most people – it applies very heavily. Having enough clout to ensure that your work gets seen by others can take years and even failing at times is totally normal.

It’s hard to remember this when you are twenty-something year old with no job experience other than maybe serving tables in a restaurant or selling things online, but chances are if you’re trying to make a living as an artist, you’ll face many such challenges.

So how do famous artists manage their careers? By working smart, of course! They spend their money wisely, they keep themselves organized, and they recognize that marketing and promoting themselves is an ongoing process that won’t happen overnight.

Here are some tips about how to become more successful as an artist, like what famous artist Zendaya has done.

She is a singer

how zendaya become famous

As most of you already know, not every celebrity was born with their own product or media platform. Some have to work hard to get noticed for what they do!

Zoe Brodie is an artist who works in the fashion industry. She has designed clothes that people now recognize. For example, she designed some of the hottest dresses at the Oscars this year.

And although she may not be well known as a musician, Zoe does perform once in a while. However, it isn’t because someone actually paid to see her sing and dance- she does it for fun.

But one day, she decided to put all those skills together and launch her music career. And before she knew it, she became famous!

Her first song got over 1 million views within 24 hours of being released. Since then, it has continued to gain popularity and praise from fans and critics alike.

Many artists are inspired by hers, and she has even collaborated with other musicians on songs.

What made her successful? It wasn’t just because she is talented at singing and dancing, but also because she knows how to promote herself.

She doesn’t hide away from the public eye, instead she uses her social media accounts to share her life with everyone. This helps create interest in her and encourages others to follow her online.

Furthermore, she didn’t shy away from talking about her success either.