Why is Zayn Malik Famous?

By Tiara

As seen with many successful celebrities, getting famous is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication to achieve that status. For most people their struggle in becoming well-known starts years down the road, when they decide to pursue their dreams or career paths.

For The Onyx Hotel’s latest celebrity addition, his journey really started long before he ever stepped into our restaurant as an employee. He spent years developing his talent and creativity in fashion, music, and writing before he even considered trying his hand at hosting a show.

He began sharing his artistic skills by creating covers and illustrations for various books, including some of my own! When he did begin to consider a career in entertainment, it was clear that he had already gathered up quite a few accolades.

His debut album as a solo artist received almost universal praise from all types of listeners, proving his skill as a musician. His songs have touched upon everything from breakup lyrics to political statements to heartfelt ballads about love and life.

And now, nearly two years later, he has returned to share his knowledge and passion for art and design as a host on the popular TV show Chai Hour. Who knows what new projects he will launch next?

I hope you enjoyed this article about how Zayn got famous! If you were inspired to start your own creative project, then do so! Share your talents and grow through experiences like his.

He released his first album

As mentioned earlier, before he was famous as one of the stars of The X Factor, Zayne Malick had to prove himself as an artist.
He recorded his first album in 2015 — it’s called Mindfield.

His debut album features songs that showcase his voice as well as his songwriting skills. Some examples are “If I Could Start Over”, which is about regret, “Dreamer”, which talks about how dreams come with responsibilities, and “Lights Out”, which is about taking control of your life.

These all show off his talent as a musician and writer. Many people have heard these songs and know who sings them, but few know what Zachary writes for his music. This is why his second studio album received such praise!

He wrote almost every song on his new album! Most artists don’t do this because it takes lots of work and they might not feel very passionate about their own material, but he did!

This shows his passion for writing and his desire to take more ownership over his music. It also gave him chance to try out different styles and genres and find ones that fit his musical style.

After his successful album, many other musicians invited him to write or produce songs for them! This helped his career grow even more.

The album was a success

how zayn malik got famous

After his departure from One Direction, Zayne went onto have another successful career as a musician. He is known for being very charismatic when he performs, his singing voice has been described as having an “undeniable sex appeal”.

He released his first solo EP in March 2016 called A Different Story. It featured three songs including one that made it to number ten on the Billboard charts. This song was titled See You Again and features lyrics such as ‘I will be waiting here for you with open arms/ All night long’.

His second EP was released two years later in August 2018 and was also a success. His most well-known track is entitled Perfect Even though it failed to make any charted positions.

Zayn has gone on to launch several other projects since then, most notably a new band with fellow ex-One Direction member Liam Payne.

He began touring

how zayn malik got famous

After leaving The X Factor in 2016, his career took off to new heights. He was chosen as the winner of the first season of The Bachelorette and then joined the cast of MTV’s Viva La Diva!

After that show ended, he hosted two more TV shows before joining another singing competition series – This Is Us. As of this writing, he is still hosting it and has received great reviews for his performance skills.

He also starred in several other TV shows and films including The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Midnight Special. In those two movies, he played characters with similar personality traits to himself which made us admire him even more.

Zayne is now one of the most well-known faces in music and media. He has done very well for himself and we can all learn from his success.

His upbringing inspired him to be passionate about what he loves and to strive to succeed in your field. He always puts in the effort needed to achieve his goals and never gives up. These are things that people should look into when trying to get ahead in life.

He started a Twitter account

how zayn malik got famous

After quitting The X-Factor in 2013, his career took off as he began to tweet about everything from movie reviews to politics.

He even launched his own podcast where he interviewed famous people!

His most popular segment was interviewing Aussie singer Ariana Grande on it. You can listen to that here!

After leaving The Band Of Brothers in 2016, he formed a band with Louis Tomlinson called The Duo.

He became a celebrity

how zayn malik got famous

As mentioned earlier, his career as an artist really took off in 2016 when he joined The X-Factor as a contestant.

He was quickly discovered for his singing and dancing skills and won the competition with over 1.6 million votes!

Since then, he has starred in several music videos, released two albums, toured around the world, and received many accolades for his work.

But before all of that, he made another name for himself. His popularity skyrocketed after he left The Beatles to form a new band.

His new group is called JAYZ AND ME (no “And” at the end). It includes him and rapper Nas.

He left the band

how zayn malik got famous

After eight years as part of one of the world’s biggest bands, it was time for someone to take over.
Zayn Malik made his solo debut in August 2015 with “I Don’t Want To Be The One To Break Your Heart.” Since then he has starred in several TV shows, released five singles including two number ones, and performed at major music festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella.

He is also an ambassador for UNICEF, working towards improving children’s health and education around the globe. In fact, his first album will be exclusively sold through iTunes as part of their Global Kids Foundation program.

In addition to all this, he now boasts more than 20 million followers on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram where he regularly posts pictures and videos.

He even had his own chat app! Called Zaay, it allowed users to send each other messages, photos or stickers and received mixed reviews. But still managed to pull in almost 2 million downloads before shutting down in April 2019.

Overall? It seems like he definitely paved his way into the wider public eye without too much help from his former bandmates.

He started a solo career

how zayn malik got famous

After quitting The Band, Zayn signed with Epic Records as an artist. But he didn’t just put his name next to songs, he wrote several of his own!

He penned his first song when he was only 16 years old. It’s called “The Way You Make Me Feel,” and it’s about how you make him feel like he’s the most important person in the world. And that makes him feel really good.”

It’s a sweet love song that received lots of praise from music fans everywhere. Now, more than 5 million copies have been sold!

Since then, he has written many other songs including some hit ones such as “Eclipse,” which is featured on the soundtrack for the movie Twilight. That one spent 7 weeks at number 1 in Australia and New Zealand!

He also co-wrote Beyoncé’s track “Best I Could Do (I Think),” which won her the Best Collaboration Grammy last year.

He released another album

how zayn malik got famous

After leaving The X Factor in 2017, his career took off to new heights. In May 2018, he re-launched his music career with an album titled Perfect.

He made his return as a solo artist after almost two years by releasing one of the biggest songs of the year – I See You. It was quickly followed up by another song called If We Never Meet Again.

The track is about breaking up for good and it received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Many praised how well he sang about breakups while also highlighting his vocal talent.

Since then, he has continued to release more singles such as Likey, Living My Life With Me and Don’t Let Go. All three have gathered significant praise!

What makes him special is that he is able to write very catchy lyrics that stick in your mind. His writing style is simple but beautiful, just like himself.