Why is Logan Paul Famous?

By Tiara

A few years back, YouTube star Logan Paul left many people in shock with his VLOGS (or vlogs as they are commonly called). He would go to new places and capture random experiences and conversations he had there.

He would then edit these videos heavily to focus more on what topics made him “lmfaooo” (laughing my fucking face off) than who or what he met during his travels.

His followers began to recognize some of these edits and gave credit to you-know-who for getting this popular person their start.

Now, before anyone gets too close, let me make one thing clear: I am not saying that editing your video content is wrong! In fact, it is quite the opposite.

YouTube is a very powerful tool used for good. Technically, however, using dramatic music and adding funny voices can be considered editorializing.

That said, the difference between those and creating a lmpfao montage is that the first two have a purpose. They lead to something else.

The latter, though? That is just pure entertainment.

Logan Paul vs Tana Mongeau

how did logan paul get famous

Two days after his first YouTube video was released, controversy struck again for The Vine star. On December 16th, he posted a 15-minute video titled “I’m gonna make fun of people who do tattoos!”

In it, he visited Tokyo to check out some tattoo parlors before filming an episode of his web show with host Eli Kabang. He made several jokes about Japanese culture and then asked if anyone wanted to see more tattooed bodies.

Most viewers noticed something strange about one body in particular, though. While watching the clip, you can hear someone yelling “TANO MONGEA!” over and over.

The reason? This person had just spotted what they thought were fake tans on the skin of Moneghan Candace, a YouTuber and actress best known as TanaMongeja.

She doesn't have any kind of tan under her makeup, but she does have quite the artistic coverup. Many think this is very clever and funny, while others don’t find it so great.

Logan Paul's first YouTube channel

how did logan paul get famous

Before he was known for his prank videos, before he was famous, you probably remember him as Logan Paul of ChannelFlay. He made his first appearance back in October 2016 with his "Inner Reflection" series. In it, he would play music and talk about how much time he spent thinking about everything and nothing at all.

It’s kind of an existentialist concept that has been around since ancient Greece. So why did we invite this one onto our screen? Because it is totally incredible!

He really got into it- sometimes to a hilarious degree. For example, in one video he used the word “motherf*cker” way too many times within a five minute clip. I won't say what happens next but let's just say people took notice.

After picking up some attention, he started making more serious content. It paid off, quickly! People loved it and his views skyrocketed. His popularity continued to grow through collaborations, giveaways, and even hosting events.

But then something weird happened. The media noticed his growth and influence and they wanted interviews and comments from him. This is when things get tricky.

Paul's first video

how did logan paul get famous

In August 2017, just over a year ago, Logan posted his first YouTube video. It was for his channel and it was titled "THE MINDLESS MEANDERING OF LOGAN PAUL".

He made fun of people who like anime or manga (Japanese cartoons) by having jokes that are only related to those types of shows. He would say things like "Anime is gay" or "Manga is pedophile material", and then do some sort of action with a stick, which always makes us laugh.

His audience loved him and he got more followers rapidly. Within two weeks, he had over 1 million subscribers!

Many people mention how much money he makes online through advertisements but none of them talk about what kind of influence he has. He grows his fan base very quickly and he doesn't lose any fans ever, making him seem very important. His success also comes from his creativity and ability to be funny in various ways.

Paul's first video controversy

how did logan paul get famous

In May 2018, YouTube user TheScreenHunter85 recorded what appeared to be a dead body in an abandoned building. He also filmed himself laughing as he scrubbed his hands in blood that was pooling around the body.

The next day, users noticed that Paul had tagged both himself and TheScreenHunter85 in the comments for the video. Some pointed out how weird it was that he would do something like that and then try to cover it up by mentioning someone else.

This is when things got interesting for Paul. People started pointing out all of his previous videos where he made fun of suicide deaths or deceased bodies. Many said that he didn’t seem bothered about the situation back then but now he was trying to make it look like he wasn't aware of the death.

He eventually took down the comments and hid the video, but not before screenshots were taken and spread across social media.

Logan Paul's second YouTube channel

how did logan paul get famous

After his first success, it was time to start filming new content. You may have heard of him before now, but in May 2018 he launched another channel with 60 million views! This is his secondary account that has made him famous since then.

This channel features mostly vlogs or videos of him exploring various locations or things around the world. Some examples include Japan, Italy, The Palace Hotel in Bangkok, and more.

These types of videos are infused with very casual humor and entertaining eye-shots and editing tricks. Many people refer to this as being like MTV, only better because it is not designed to gain profits.

His popularity surged after he uploaded a video titled “The Best Of Japanese Bongs” which got over 1.8 million likes within one day. He later edited out the word bong from the title and replaced it with "Japanese water pipes."

After backlash for using copyrighted material and exploiting the hard work and creativity of artists and creators, he took down the video. It seems like he learned his lesson though, as he has never done anything like that again.

Paul's second video controversy

how did logan paul get famous

Two years later, in February 2018, Paul posted his third YouTube video titled "The Great Hypocrisy of Christianity". In it he mocked those who believe in Jesus as an all-powerful being and that they will be admitted to heaven if they put their faith into him.

He called this theory the 'Jesus is my savior' or 'Christianity is true' hypothesis. He referred to these people as fake Christians because, apparently, they don't really believe in what Christian doctrine teaches.

Paul described how most non-Christians realize that there is some sort of rhyme or reason behind why certain churches are bigger than others, but they can never figure out what it is.

This made him laugh hysterically, which only served to fuel his argument even more. After taking a few minutes to gather himself, he finally said something very important.

The Paul brothers

how did logan paul get famous

Both of these men have made a career off being very, let’s say, creative with their content. Starting with YouTube where they would make short videos about everyday life and put 'Logan Paul' as the title to attract attention.

Their popularity grew quickly, not only because of this, but also due to all of the media coverage that each one has received for making fun of dead bodies.

This isn’t an easy thing to do when you think about it and there are lots of rules and regulations around how you handle human remains. However, the Paul boys seem to enjoy breaking them!

By creating your own set of rules and then sticking to them, even when others tell you that you aren’t, you will probably succeed in entertainment.

The Paul brothers' YouTube channel

how did logan paul get famous

After years of mostly staying quiet, 19-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul made his big break in January 2018 when he posted a 15 minute video titled "The Best Of ASMR Weird Sounds | Binaural Beats" for his nearly 4 million subscribers.

In it, he sat with his jaw dropped and mouth wide open as an artist performed an ear piercing binaural beat sound. It was so stunning that some viewers gave up watching other videos to watch the rest of this one alone!

That sparked a new trend called #ASMR (for auditory sensory meridian response) where people use soft whispers, rhythmic breathing or changes in voice tone to create similar experiences for their watchers.

Since then, many youtubers have incorporated these sounds into their content to get more reactions and comments from their audience.

But not everyone agrees about what is appropriate ASMR material. Some feel that using too much ear piercing or heavy gags may be harmful or traumatizing for those who experience it as sensitive.