Why is Kim Kardashian Famous?

By Tiara

Let’s talk about how was she famous! What made her famous, if you will. Why is it that some people get more attention than others? There are many theories as to why this happens, but none of them seem totally accurate.

It’s not necessarily because they work harder or better, though clearly success brings attention (or sometimes even jealousy). It’t because people like them more, though there are definitely some types of personalities that appeal to different crowds. And it’s certainly not due to wealth, at least not entirely.

I’ve talked before about what makes someone popular, so let me rephrase that here. It’s not what type of person they are, nor is it their level of talent or effort. It’s not whether you like them or not, and it’s definitely not because your mother loved them.

No, I’m talking about something much simpler…

Why do we all give a damn about some people and not others?

We care about certain people because THEY make us feel good about ourselves. They praise us for things we know we should be proud of, but don’t quite understand yet. Or maybe they tell us things we want to hear, giving us an excuse to smile just a little bit bigger when we wake up in front of our mirrors.

She had a book come out

how was kim kardashian famous

In October 2010, just over one year after her TV show premiered, Kardashian released I’m A Writer! in hardcover with her then-fiancé Scott Disick. The two spent several months promoting the tome before it was made available for sale.

The self-help guide is intended for anyone who wants to become published writers, whether they have no writing experience at all or are familiar with the process already. It can be read as either motivational inspiration or straightforward advice depending on your interpretation.

Kardashian does not hold back when it comes to offering tips and tricks for becoming a professional writer. Her approach is very much in line with that of someone who has never experienced failure before, so she doesn’t hesitate to tell you to keep trying if this isn’t working.

She also does not shy away from sharing stories about herself and her experiences, which may include things like getting into trouble as a teenager or struggling with depression. All of these contribute to her message of encouragement and empowerment.

After telling readers how important it is to write everyday and promote yourself online, she concludes by saying, “So go ahead and do those things — now.

She did a photoshoot

how was kim kardashian famous

Many people know who Kim is now, but she didn’t always belong to the famous circle of people. When she first became well-known, she wasn’t very popular at all.

In 2000, just two years after her TV show premiered, Life Changers released its second episode featuring Kimberly Johnson. In it, the host talks about how our perception of beauty is shaped by media and culture.

She also mentions that most people are unaware of this because we don’t see many different races in Hollywood films and television shows.

This makes it hard for us to compare ourselves with these characters, which sets an internalized standard for what looks good. For example, white people are usually portrayed as tall and thin, while black people are typically short and overweight.

It can be difficult to feel attractive when you don’t look like everyone else does, especially since your inner child may not have enough positive body image experiences to form an opinion. This can lead to eating disorders or other poor self-image behaviors.

She did a video shoot

how was kim kardashian famous

Many people know who Kim Kardashian is, but few realize how she became famous. While her career as a model came before her current one, she has made quite the name for herself since launching her social media platform in 2007.

That’s when she created an Instagram account and posted some pictures of herself using a product called “Booth Babe” (an oral sex device). Within hours, she had over 100,000 followers!

Her success quickly took off from there. With every new picture or update, her audience grew more invested in her brand.

She now has nearly 30 million followers on all accounts. Her main account alone boasts around 8 million followers!

With her large fan base comes lots of money. According to Business Insider, she earns at least $5 million per year just through sales and sponsorships.

Kim is not the only member of our top 10 list that makes a lot of cash, however. If you want to make good income online, look into their blogs, sites, and products and see what you can add to grow your business.

She started doing commercials

how was kim kardashian famous

After she got her start as an actress, in fact, you can probably trace most of today’s famous faces back to a commercial or two. Some people may feel weird about that, but don’t! While some are known for their acting skills, others are recognized more for their appearance or lifestyle.

It is important to remember that being well-known doesn’t make someone powerful, only God makes the ones with His power. What we do with our time here on Earth is what really matters.

So if you want to help other people be happy, spend your time helping those who are less fortunate than yourself. Or better yet, invest in these tips so you can help even more people!

And once again, Jesus Christ is the truth and the way to get into heaven (John 14:6).

She began doing TV shows

how was kim kardashian famous

Before she was famous, Kim had her own show! In August 2010, she launched The Kim Kardashian Show, which is now in its third season. You can find the show anywhere you stream content via YouTube or Netflix.

The show features interviews with mostly fashion and beauty related topics. Some of these include talking about what products are must haves, how to take good care of your skin, and more.

She also has some fun games where she asks guests if they have done something that makes them feel uncomfortable, and then she questions them why it made them feel that way. This includes things such as asking if someone is married before dating them, or if people asked if you're rich before agreeing to do business with you.

Her followers enjoy the show because she always puts effort into making each episode interesting and entertaining for everyone.

She began doing fashion lines

how was kim kardashian famous

Before she was famous, you probably knew who Kim K was. You may have seen her in TV shows or films, read about her in magazines, or listened to stories of how she grew up and what life is like for her as a popular celebrity.

But beyond that, you wouldn’t know anything more about her than what media has given you so far.

She didn’t write her own biography (yet) but she hasn’t been shy when asked either. And while some people get very passionate and emotional talking about their favorite topic, it seems like everything Kim says is mostly meaningless fluff with an underlying desire to be famous.

So we can rule out passion and intensity as reasons for her popularity.

That leaves us with her being interesting and attractive – two things that almost anyone would agree are good qualities to have. So let’s take a look at the parts of her career story that explain why she became famous and what made her successful during this time.

She began doing makeup lines

how was kim kardashian famous

As we know, being famous is definitely not easy. It takes lots of work and constant exposure to keep yourself motivated and busy as a popular person. For some people, though, it’s easier to just sit back and let things happen for you.

For one thing, they have a lot of money so they don’t need to do much to stay rich.

But even if you're not very business-minded, there are many ways to remain famous without trying too hard. You can launch a fashion line or start a beauty website, for example!

And now, thanks to us, you too can be like Kim K. By learning how she made her career in cosmetics a success, you can begin your own journey towards fame and fortune.

She began doing brand endorsements

how was kim kardashian famous

As we know, being famous is totally not easy. It takes a lot of work to get where you are, and staying there requires constant maintenance. Being famous also does not pass easily under normal circumstances.

It can be very difficult to maintain your privacy as someone with large media followings, which is why most people do not become celebrities.

Having said that, some people manage to stay anonymous in the midst of a busy career! And it’s possible to remain private even if you're constantly surrounded by other people who are only focused on publicity.

If you ever want to keep yourself private, you must always be aware of how much exposure you have and what types of pictures and videos you share online. You also need to be careful about what kind of interviews you give and whether or not you agree to comments and questions related to your personal life.

Luckily for us, there's been a recent rise in opportunities for celebrity endorsement deals. More companies are offering bigger contracts to well-known personalities so they can earn money while promoting their product.

Many of these professionals learn how to promote themselves and retain their anonymity at the expense of lower income brackets.