Why is Brittany Xavier Famous?

By Tiara

As seen in our article about why people get famous, being known or recognized for your work is one of the main ways to become well-known. People who are well-known often have very popular YouTube channels that feature them doing entertaining things!

Brittany is an excellent example of this. Not only does she enjoy making videos related to beauty and fashion, but she also actively engages with her followers and posts interesting content as well.

She even received media attention when someone noticed how similar some of her looks were to those of Aaliyah, a deceased American singer. While it was noted that they shared a lot of similarities, no plagiarism accusations were made.

With all of these factors, Brittany has been exposed to large numbers of viewers.

She is a singer

how is brittany xavier famous

As we mentioned before, Brittany is an extremely talented vocalist. Not only does she perform in churches and music venues, but she also sings for television and film. Her first big break into the entertainment industry was as a contestant on The Voice Australia in 2015. Since then, her singing career has been taking off!

She now has several thousand followers on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Many of these fans enjoy watching her sing covers and listening to songs that she pre-selects and edits.

Her most popular song is probably “Issues” by Taylor Swift. Although it was not written by the artist herself, many people consider it to be about her. Some even believe that it features lyrics like, ‘I don’t wanna talk about us, issues are better left behind.’

Many people agree with this interpretation because they perceive that the two singers have had some sort of romantic relationship. Others say that the song is just about friendship though.

She is a dancer

how is brittany xavier famous

As we mentioned before, dancing has been Brittany’s career since she was very young. At just eight years old, she took up ballet and never looked back!

Brittany trained under some of the best teachers in the industry and quickly advanced to more professional levels. Her training included both classical and contemporary styles and her versatility as a dancer is what really set her apart.

She trained at top studios such as The Royal Academy of Dance, Chicago’s School of Ballet and Miami’s Florida State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in dance performance.

After graduating from college, Brittany continued to hone her skills by traveling across America performing with various companies. It was during one of these performances that she first met her future manager, Jordan Fisher.

He saw potential in her and helped get her into acting. Since then, he has been working hard to help her break through as an actress. He got her several small roles which have all lead to bigger things for her.

She is a actress

how is brittany xavier famous

As mentioned earlier, she is most known for her role as Jessica Day in The WB’s popular teen drama series Gossip Girl. But before that, she was famous for playing Anya Jenkinson, one of the main characters on another hit show at The CW, The Vampire Diaries.

Her first big break came when she landed the lead roll in ABC’s pilot movie adaptation of Nancy A. Collins‘ best-selling young adult novel Beautiful Darkness. It didn’t get picked up, but it did launch her acting career. Since then, she has starred in several TV shows and films.

She also hosted MTV’s Dance Party! from 2011 to 2013, which featured celebrities dancing off the charts. And she currently hosts Fashionably Late with Marci Kedrick on VH1.

She is a comedian

how is brittany xavier famous

As we all know, being famous means doing things that are not normal - especially for you. Being famous also means having a large number of followers or supporters who watch your every move. It can be hard to relate to other people who are not in your position yet, but hopefully as time goes on you will find some kind of group of friends that stick around!

Comedian Brittany Xavier is very well-known for her ability to make fun of herself and this seems to work quite well. People seem to enjoy how she jokes about life experiences, and it brings them out of their comfort zones.

Her funny style includes making light of difficult situations such as talking about sex with your significant other after two years of no intimacy. Or using slang that only few people understand (I’m looking at you, ‘twerk’).

She does not take herself too seriously which makes her comedy more relatable for most audience members. Many have said that she reminds them of someone they knew or even just loved, giving her fans an understanding confidant.

Brittany has always had a passion for performing arts so keeping up with her career as a comedian was easy. She started sharing her jokes with the world by posting videos online. Her popularity grew quickly!

It is now over one million views later and she has almost 100k followers on Instagram! Not bad for someone who never imagined she would be here writing about the secrets to becoming famous like her.

She is a TV host

how is brittany xavier famous

As we mentioned before, Brittany is very popular for her work as a television personality. You probably know her from her show, The Bachelor where she hosts with Chris Harrison. Her other shows include Talking With The Dead, Haunted Hotel Mysteries, Surviving A Murder Mystery, and Who Lives, Who Died, And Why in the Housestories.

She has also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp and Altucher For Breakfast. All of these programs are focused around relationships or life skills.

Her first big break was appearing on The Bachelorette season 5 along side former bachelor Colton Underwood.

She is a fashion designer

how is brittany xavier famous

As we all know, being famous means doing things that are seen by many people constantly. For some, it’s speaking in front of large crowds or having a show that gets watched lots of times. Others become very popular for their artistic skills or creative designs. It can even be creating products people want to have and use!

Brittany is one such person who made her fame in fashion! Not only does she design cool clothes, but she also teaches others how to make looks like hers and do them on their own. Her style is known for being unique and flashy which makes her fashionable clothing easy to find and recognize.

Her career as a fashion designer has been pretty successful so far. She started designing while in college and now her designs are sold in stores nationwide. She also gives frequent talks about fashion at schools and other events to help inspire students to pursue fashion as a career path.

She is a voice actress

how is brittany xavier famous

As we know, voice acting is a lot of different jobs! You can work in advertising, cartoons or movies, video games, or even educational settings where you teach using your voice. Almost every major company has at least one person who is a voice actor- people use their voices to tell interactive stories through applications, television, videos, and podcasts, all made possible by voice actors.

Brittany is most well known for her work as Athena from the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans GO!, Sunny from The Amazing Spiderman Season 2, and Lynn Minc from Power Rangers. All three of these characters have received significant attention due to their popularity and influence of young audiences.

Her career took off when she was twelve years old after she landed her first big role as “Aunt Vicky” in an episode of Nickelodeon’s The Haunted Hotel. Since then, she has starred in many more shows such as Drake & Josh, iCarly, Samoza Street, and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

She also does some writing and recording of her own music. Her songs have been featured in several films and advertisements. They are very popular with both listeners and movie producers.

She is a bestselling author

As mentioned earlier, after graduating high school in 2017, Brittany enrolled at The University of Alabama as an online student to pursue her goal of becoming a fashion designer. While studying business marketing, she learned that most people gain popularity through writing or blogging, so she made the switch from designing clothes to writing about them!

Brittany started her website in May 2018 with only one page but now it has over 50k followers on both her Instagram account and YouTube channel. Her style is described as being “sophisticated” and “classic,” making her collection popular with older men and women who love her use of color and patterned clothing.

Her growing fan base helped her launch her first book in September 2019 — My Life In Purples: A Journal Diary. This is a soft-focus journal where you can write down your thoughts and experiences and also add pictures or designs to make it more interactive.

The front cover features a purple background with white trim and silver jewelry, matching the color scheme of the diary. On the back cover, she wrote a short summary of the book and some information about herself. You can tell she loves books by the large amount of shelf space for reading material in her home!

My Life In Purples was designed to be read sequentially, which means you must read all the entries in order to understand what happened next.