Why Do You Like Famous Relatives?

By Tiara

A famous relative is someone who you look up to or admire as an artist, musician, athlete, or just because of what person they are. They are people that you want to learn from or even try to be like in some way so you can prove yourself more worthy than them!

Having a famous cousin is definitely not easy but it’s totally worth it. The benefits are endless! Not only will it make you feel good about yourself, but also others around you will appreciate the fact that you recognize their talent and career.

It’s like when kids say, “The kid across the street has a dog that looks like Batman!” We all laugh because we know how crazy dogs are sometimes, but our neighbor probably was inspired by his to train theirs to be like the famous superhero. So next time your dog tries to go into super-dog mode, maybe you should call him Bruce? 😉

In this article, I’ll talk about eight ways to show off your famous cousin to everyone else. These ideas don’t cost a lot, anyone can do them, and most of them don’t require too much action on your part beyond making sure he/she knows you exist.

Why do you like them?

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A lot of people know famous people, but few are known by how they feel about other famous people. What is their relationship like? Are they friendly or hostile towards others in the industry?

Many celebrities keep themselves to themselves and don’t interact with much of the public. They sometimes find it hard to relate to “normal” people due to all the attention he or she receives.

But some stars enjoy interacting with different types of people and have open-minded attitudes. They believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute and want to meet as many people as possible!

It's not just because they're interested in meeting more people, though. It could also be to promote their own brand or product. Or maybe they just love talking about themselves and learning new things.

What are their most famous accomplishments?

One of my favorite ways to show off my cousins is by asking them what their biggest achievements in life have been. I ask this question because I feel they sometimes give short or no answers, so I make sure to create more conversation!

A big part of this comes from how proud I am of some of their successes. For example, when I hear about how my cousin got his degree or landed his job, it makes me happy for him.

I also like to listen to how he made money doing things such as selling products online or running his own business. A lot of people can’t do these things, so I appreciate knowing about his success story.

It’s great to be able to talk about your relatives, and showing off their talents is a fun way to do that.

What are their worst faults?

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Even though they may not like to admit it, most people have a lot of secrets from their parents. Hidden emotions can pile up for years before someone really sees what’s going on.

Many people also keep secrets in how they live their lives. For example, there is no telling what kind of person people will become if they don’t get proper role models as children.

There are many reasons why people lose contact with their family, but one of the biggest factors is that they just grow out of each other.

As adults, they may realize they never truly understood each other and this hurts relationships.

It can be difficult to believe you spent your life together and you know nothing about who these people are now!

A famous relative is somebody who comes from your own family tree. You are either related to them directly or indirectly through genetics.

Here are some things you should look for when showing off his or her art. Make sure to emphasize the quality of the artwork rather than just the media at which it was displayed.

You wouldn't give a first prize to a painting only because it was framed properly, would you? These days, we're more likely to admire digital art and music, so limiting yourself to those mediums might make it harder to find something impressive.

Who else in your family is famous?

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There’s always someone you know that everyone looks up to, that people admire and/or are inspired by. For me, my cousin is definitely that person for many.

She grew up with a lot of admiration for his parents and then she saw him as a kid — he was really smart and loved reading! Since college, I have seen her grow into an inspiring leader who sets high standards and encourages others to do the same.

Her leadership style comes through in how she treats her colleagues, students, and friends. She values them all highly and doesn’t hesitate to share her knowledge and experience.

That’s what makes her so special; she is willing to pass on her knowledge and contribute to the success of those around her. Her classmates clearly respect her and look up to her, and she never tries to draw attention to herself.

Instead, she focuses on helping other people succeed and getting the best out of them. I think it’s because she learned from great role models as a child. My cousin is lucky to have strong parents who encouraged her to be intelligent and educated, and she always gives credit to them for shaping her life.

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What are some other famous relatives?

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There’s a reason that Oprah is one of the most recognized people in this country- she makes an effort to recognize and appreciate her family members. She constantly mentions, calls, meets with, or features each member on TV, online, and even at gatherings.

Oprah not only appreciates her immediate family, but also goes out of her way to feature others, especially if they have done something notable. For example, when I was around 20 years old, I interviewed Prince for my radio show. He asked about my hobbies, what school I attended, and such. But he never mentioned his parents!

It is very common for children of well-known parents to feel left out and/or hurt by their parents “treatment” of them. This can cause lasting feelings of resentment and anger.

So how could Oprah be more inclusive and acknowledge her blood relations? By simply being you, of course!

Her style and approach to life set a powerful example for us all. If she didn’t take time to acknowledge and praise her own parent(s), then we should definitely do so now, right?!

I know from experience that it’s possible to develop strong relationships with your parents’ side of the family. So why not make an effort to meet some of these cousins once in a while?

Your parents may not like it, but they will almost certainly admire your dedication.

What are your favorite memories as a family?

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There’s no better way to show off your loved ones than by sharing stories of you together. Take some time to think about all of the memorable experiences you've had as a family, from holidays to vacations to special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even just because-you know what makes them happy!

Surprise Aunt Sally for her birthday this year by creating an Album of Family Photos and putting it up so that she can access and enjoy it anywhere, at any time. Create pictures and videos using her smartphone or computer and upload them into the album with no extra software or apps needed.

This will be easy to do since most people have their own camera these days and use social media to share photos and video, but if not then there are many free photo editing softwares available online that almost anyone could use to create beautiful images.

What are your favorite things about your family?

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Many people take for granted how important their relatives are to them. They may not know everything about each other, but they’ve got a lot going on in their lives together.

A few of these relationships go beyond friends as we call them — uncle, aunt, first cousin once removed, second cousin twice removed, etc.

These relations are not always acknowledged or respected, though. Some feel that they are too close or even that they influence you negatively.

Does this sound like someone you know?

Maybe they enjoy spending time with you, but they go out of their way to show you only their good side so that you don't perceive them as successful. Or maybe they're never invited anywhere because they're always buying gifts for you.

In either case, it can make you feel less than special. It can hurt your self-confidence.

It's totally normal to feel insecure at times, but when these repeated experiences occur, it becomes more than just some random emotions. It can start poisoning your relationship with them.

What are your favorite memories as an individual?

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As individuals, we create our own unique experiences and stories through life. These stories are made up of things such as meeting new people, exploring different areas, experiencing various emotions, and creating relationships with others.

It is very possible that you have never met some one else’s parents but still feel like you know them because they tell their story so often. People are drawn to those who speak about themselves frequently and clearly because it gives us insight into what makes them tick.

We also learn from people how they relate to other people. We get clues about whether someone likes or respects you, if they consider you a friend, and if they think highly of you. In my experience, most people enjoy being around Mary.

She is loyal and hardworking, and she always puts in the effort for whoever she talks to. She doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t do drugs, which means she can hang out with anyone anytime. Her friends respect her and believe she will only stay close to you if you want to be close to her, but she would never intentionally put you down or make you feel bad.

Her relatives understand that she lives outside of the normal social structure and that this is not a bad thing. They accept her for who she is and encourage friendship where needed.