Why are The Kardashians Famous?

By Tiara

The Kardashian family is quite famous, even though some of their members are not always in high-profile positions. They have made several TV shows about their lives, and they also gain fame for being very public with their personal life.

The term “Kardashian” was first used to describe the mother of the current generation, Kim Kardashenyevich. She got her start as an actress before she had children, and then she gave birth to two daughters.

She then transitioned into modeling and finding success with it, which helped make her family famous. Since then, she has raised three more kids that all went into show business!

Some people may know Kylie from her time on the TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians or her music career, while others may recognize Rob from his stints on Married To The Kellys or America’s Next Top Model.

However, what less known is how much Aneesa Khairi and Mathew Stange (the son born during season 10) have done in the entertainment industry. Both of them have significant roles in television and film right now!

There are many other members of the family who do not feature heavily in media, but they are still well known.

Kim Kardashian

how famous are the kardashians

Born in Chicago, Illinois as KK Brings You The Grime, Kim was raised by her mother Kris Jenner and grandmother Aunty Vy. She has three older brothers and one younger sister.

Her father left when she was five years old and she never knew him. Her family described his departure as an accident but it clearly wasn't for everyone.

After high school, Kim worked various jobs including receptionist, photographer and nanny before finding her way into show business.

In 2005, she made her debut appearance on TV as a contestant on MTV's hit show The Real World where she became well known for being friendly with almost every person she met.

Since then she has starred in several other reality shows and feature films. These include Keeping Up With The Kardashians which follows the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Marriage And Kids which looks at what it takes to be successful parents of adopted children and most recently Paris Is Burning, a documentary about the world of ballroom dancing.

She is also the founder of popular beauty brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and The Body Shop along with running a charity called Happy For No Reason.

Khloe Kardashian

how famous are the kardashians

As we know, the Kardashians are famous for their family-focused television show that has allowed them to achieve fame as successful businesswomen and influencers. But what many people may not realize is just how famous some of these individuals are individually!

Khloe is one of the most well known faces in Hollywood today. She has her very own clothing line, which she designs herself, and she also does photoshoots and videos with it.

She starred in her very first movie at age twenty-one when she played the role of Rob's daughter in The Case Of The Missing Switch. Since then she has appeared in several more films including Two And A Half Men, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Life Changers, and The Room.

Her other appearances include starring roles in TV shows such as The Great Christmas Bakeoff, Marriage Boot Camp, Hotel Impossible, and The Ultimate Tourist among others. She has made several fashion lines available as well, one being Kontravariant.

These two things together make her quite wealthy, and she uses much of this money to help charities and promote health and wellness. Her biggest cause so far has been donating plasma twice per year to provide an adequate supply for blood donations.

To put her achievements into perspective, Khloe was ranked number five on BSC Magazine's list of top 150 celebrity earners.

Kylie Jenner

how famous are the kardashians

Born in South Korea, Kylie was raised in Toronto, Canada as one of five children. She is the daughter of business executives and she has two older brothers and two younger sisters. At an early age, Kylie began to gain attention for her beautiful looks and sweet personality.

She started doing make up at the young age of 15, which included painting fake eyelashes and adding some blush to her cheeks. Her beauty brand now boasts over $8 million dollars in sales!

Kylie is best known for creating your average kiddie fashion line- little dresses with big florals and puffed sleeves. Many people recognize her from her time on TV where she starred in The Oneylou Channel, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, Kardashian Kolleagues, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and most recently, Kris Who?

She also hosted her own show titled, Living Kylie, which focused more on family life and relationships.

Kendall Jenner

how famous are the kardashians

After starting off as an internet famous model, Kendall Jenner has really made her mark in the media industry! She is known for being part of the popular family of Kardashian-Jenner stars.

Kendall was born in Santa Barbara, California on December 24, 1995. Her mother is Kris Humphries and her father is Bruce Jenner (both now divorced).

She got her start by posting pictures and videos of herself on various social media sites like Snapchat and Instagram. Before long she had millions of followers and she was paid to do photo shoots and appearances.

It is hard to estimate just how rich Kylie, Khloe, Kim, and Kendall are because they keep these details private, but we can assume that all four of them are very wealthy due to their TV show and large fan base.

However, it seems like Kendall is able to hold onto her privacy more than most since she does not have any kids yet.

Scott Disick

how famous are the kardashians

While the Kardashian family is known for their large media presence, there are some members who are much less well-known than others. One of these people is former fiancé and current ex-boyfriend of Kim’s Mark Reynolds.

He dated her for over two years before calling it quits in May 2017. Since then, he has had almost no screen time and very few mentions on social media.

It was only recently that his status as famous person was reevaluated. In August 2018, reports surfaced about him being arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend at the time.

Since then, however, things have been mentioned about him twice more. Once was to report his arrest and another was when he posted an Instagram video with the caption “This n***a just hit me like a train! I don’t care what this b*tch said or did to hurt my feelings once…she never should have but she did! So here’s a little reminder bruh!!!”

Given how frequently he appears in the media now, it seems clear that he has made a comeback into the spotlight.

Beth Disick

how famous are the kardashians

The Kardashian family is quite famous, but not everyone knows who all of their relatives are. Some people have heard of some members like Kylie or Caitlyn, but there are always new additions to the clan.

In fact, every few months another member comes into the spotlight! A lot of these introductions happen in the form of a wedding, birth of a child, or media appearance.

Many of these events get publicized and shared across social media sites, making the famlile even more well-known. This is very important to note because it gives credit for the family’s success to them instead of just one person.

The media has played an integral part in popularizing the family name by giving each individual their own personal space to grow. Since they were all born in different areas and had separate upbringings, they ended up creating their own fan bases independently.

This article will discuss several ways the Kardashians have influenced other famous families.

Mason Disick

how famous are the kardashians

The most famous of all of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is probably not even close to being recognized. Twenty years ago, when Kylie Jenner first made her appearance on TV, she did so as the younger sister of Scott, one of the original Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars.

Since then, however, she has completely taken over the media with her own family and career. She launched her makeup line in 2017 and it quickly became popular!

Her little brother Brody was born in 2018 and he already has his very own fan club due to his sweet looks and adorable personality. His parents are constantly sharing pictures and videos of him on social media, making people admire him and his growing potential.

As for older sisters Kendall and Kim, they have always been known for their fashion style and influence since day one. Since they started filming KUWTK back in 2010, they have received lots of attention for it!

Not only that, but both of them now have their own successful lines as well! In fact, Kendall’s company just had its two-year anniversary this past August!

So even though they may feel like they’re never taking a break, they really are achieving success off of what they originally set out to do.

Stassie Disick

how famous are the kardashians

With just over 2 million followers, Stassi Dianic is one of the most famous people on Instagram due to her funny posts and constant updates about her life. She got her start by posting pictures of herself with very expensive looking jewelry she purchased while shopping or trying on clothes.

Her style has since evolved into more modest looks that are still pretty fashionable, making it clear that she does not limit herself to rich clothing.

She also does not shy away from telling all of her personal stories, including things that have happened in her past and what she’s been through. Her candid nature makes it easy to connect with her and give her advice if needed.

Her lifestyle choice as an adult includes having children, which she talks about openly. Since starting a family, she has received lots of comments and praise for how beautiful she looks and how well she raises her kids.

She always replies back saying that it takes a lot of work and being motivated by yourself to achieve your dreams, so why not share those dreams with others? Following your dreams and educating other people around you is a worthy goal, she says.

By sharing her experiences and helping others live their lives, she hopes to inspire them to do the same.