Why Are The Kardashians Famous?

By Tiara

The Kardashian family is one of the most famous in America. They are known for their very public, sometimes scandalous lives that feature constant media exposure. These include frequent TV shows, magazine articles, and even your average gossip story surrounding them.

The main reason why the Kardashian family has been able to stay popular for so long is due to the presence of just one person within the family: Kris Jenner.

Jenner is the mother of the family and she always puts the kibash (family) first. She makes sure everyone feels loved and wanted by the group, which seems to work since they all have successful careers!

Kris also doesn't shy away from being in the spotlight herself. On top of running her own business, she's constantly sharing her life online through blogs, YouTube videos, and social media accounts.

They are famous social media stars

why are the kardashians famous

As mentioned before, the Kardashian-Jenner family made their fame as TV personalities. Starting with an early morning talk show in 2007 called Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they have since then featured prominently in other networks’ shows such as E!’s The Soup and MTV’s Kendall And Kylie Take On New York!.

Their popularity has also extended beyond television to include merchandise, clothing lines, and even a line of beauty products. It is estimated that the clan makes over $100 million per year just from all these sources alone!

The main reason why the Kardashians are so popular is because they make for interesting viewing. Almost every episode contains at least one big scandal or controversy involving someone in the family. This includes things like Kim finding out her husband cheated while she was pregnant with his child, Khloe being caught on camera throwing food during a party, or Scott having to defend himself against accusations of domestic violence by his girlfriend.

These scandals usually get very large amounts of attention due to how juicy and dramatic they are. The audience is always waiting to see what next scene will be like. This desire to keep watching is another important factor in the Kardashians’ success.

They are famous because of their family connections

why are the kardashians famous

The Kardashian clan is well-known for its large family, which includes seven children (six biological and one adopted) along with their spouses and significant others. These offspring range in age from very young to beyond middle school graduation!

The media has taken great pleasure in documenting the constant stream of babies that these women have produced over the past few years. Many people recognize many members of the family’s face but not all of their names.

However, most people who know the family can name at least two or three kids by first name only. This is due to the fact that almost everyone else seems to use social media to share pictures and videos of the familia!

By having lots of photos and video clips online, the media has given the public free access to the life of the Kardashian family. Because of this, they are rich and popular!

The Kardashian money comes largely from the sale of merchandise such as clothing and footwear, although some source it directly from being featured on the show.

They are famous because of their wild spending habits

why are the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is known for being very wealthy, but that is only part of what makes them popular. Another reason they have built such a large fan base is due to their constant exposure through social media sites like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The Kardashian’s rise to fame was not quick or easy, but now they enjoy an almost celebrity status. Since the start of the internet, people have been sharing pictures and information about the famiy!

By creating your own channel with all of these platforms, you too can become well-known and earn money from it. It is totally possible to make money online as a beginner if you use the right tools. Luckily, there are many ways to make money via the internet without requiring much knowledge beyond making videos and posting them.

They are famous for their beauty products

why are the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is known not just for their large group of friends, but also for their impressive collection of cosmetic products. Kim has her own makeup line that she exclusively sells online and at select Nordstrom stores.

She also owns several lines under the Kylie brand name. These include lipsticks, concealers, eye shadows, and blush products.

Rob Kardashian launched his own skincare and cosmetics company in 2018. He even released his very first product — an anti-ageing night cream.

Many people recognize him from the TV show where he models various products for them. Some of these brands include YouTube channels that feature beauty reviews or interviews with the celebrity spokesperson.

Overall, the Kardashian family members are well-known individuals who have their own successful careers and hobbies outside of social media.

They are famous because of their sex tapes

why are the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is known for more than just their large group of children, but instead, it’s due to their sex tape collection. Between themselves and their boyfriends, they have made over 70 intimate videos that all get published online for everyone to see.

The reason these videos got popular is because people love looking at other people having fun. Even if you don’t like watching porn or K-Pop, there’s still plenty here for you! It’s not only entertaining to watch, but also inspiring – kudos for being able to relate to this content!

Most of these videos feature one celebrity in bed with another person, usually his/her significant other. But sometimes, they put themselves in situations where someone could possibly find them sexually attractive, which is why some people may enjoy viewing certain ones.

There’s no telling how many times people have found one of those videos while trying to break up with their partner and watched it alone instead. Sometimes, before breaking up with someone, you need to check out all of their secrets, including what they were doing before you.

It seems like even though these celebrities tried to keep some parts of their life private, they didn’t do a very good job, especially when it came to losing their virginity.

They are famous because of their husbands

why are the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is known for its constantly-moving, dramatic stories that seem to go in cycles of rise and fall. These stories always feature at least one scandal or downfall involving one of the family members, which then leads to more media coverage and attention.

The Kardashian empire was built through constant exposure. Since the beginning, each individual member has contributed to this by creating their own show or platform online. This includes having their own fashion line, sharing daily snapshots and videos on social media, hosting beauty contests and giveaways, etc.

As there is an ever growing need for them to be seen, the Kardashian family obliges and gives interviews, appearances, and even press tours. All these opportunities generate revenue and publicity for themselves and the brands they promote. It is almost guaranteed we will see at least one episode of either Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie And Karey, or both during any given season.

“I think what people find interesting about the Kardashians is how much drama there is,” said RuPaul in our interview. “It seems like there’s never a week that goes by without something crazy happening.

They are famous because of their children

why are the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is well known for its offspring, which include seven sons (namely Mason, Reign, Chicago, Saint, Dreamy, Tutoe, and Twoyswan) and one daughter, Kylie.

Not only do they have lots of kids, but they also let the media take candid pictures and videos of them at almost every activity!

The constant flow of content creates an overall influence that people will recognize the Kardashians as key players in the entertainment industry.

Their fame could not be attributed solely to having beautiful looks, or being rich, however. It is due to the fact that the public enjoys watching their child-focused lives.

They are always putting up photos and/or video clips about themselves on social media sites, so others can enjoy the experiences they live through.

This gives other individuals inspiration to strive for similar goals – even if it is just to become popular because of a kid.

They are famous because of their designer brands

why are the kardashians famous

As discussed earlier, being famous is not limited to having your face in every frame and people talking about you all the time. Being well-known means having enough followers or supporters that they keep watching your show or listening to your podcast. You can also make money off of your fame by marketing yourself as a product or speaker.

The Kardashian family fits this definition very clearly!

They are famous for their large fan base which supports them with merchandise purchases and online talk about how much they enjoy their shows. Many companies use the Kim K style and/or Drake’s “Successful Business Owner” as inspiration for fashion lines and advertisements.

Their mother Kris has her own line of beauty products and was even awarded The Best Supporting Actress Award For Her Performance In A Motion Picture – Drama At The 2017 MTV Movie Awards for it! She did not accept the award but instead gave an inspiring speech about self-care and beauty practices.

Many of the children have successful careers too! Kylie has her clothing company and magazine, Kendall does yoga and television, and Rob has his MMA career.