Who Said All Publicity Is Good Publicity?

By Tiara Ogabang

Is all publicity excellent publicity? This article will discuss what publicity is and why public relations is vital for your web presence as a brand.

What is publicity?

Publicity is simply the social or traditional means by which journalists, news agencies, and other third-party information (for example, websites) obtain, collate and disseminate information on specific, individual or public groups, subjects, or issues.

Publicity in the digital age

The digital age has revolutionized how PR is achieved and disseminated.

With the speed and ease with which information can now be found on the internet, journalists, business owners, advertisers, and other people who are looking to promote their brand or ideas need to take steps to ensure they get their message out to as many people as possible in a timely and effective manner.

Internet PR

Internet PR is a relatively new field that is growing at an unprecedented rate. The digital age has made public relations available to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their skill set.

This is especially true for those who wish to promote ideas and products cost-effectively and efficiently.

Leveraging the internet for promotion

As the internet continues to become the key source of information for many, PR agencies have adapted to a new age. Many are turning to the digital age to increase their client base and increase the number of clients willing to pay for their services.

In this article, we look at how public relations agencies are looking to leverage the internet for promotion.

Web 2.0

As the digital age takes root, so too does the rise of web 2.0’, a new generation of social networks that are rapidly growing in popularity. These networks allow users to post content that everyone on the network can view.

Through the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, websites are beginning to gain followers, helping grow awareness of these types of websites.


Influencers are increasingly becoming a popular way for companies to obtain social media attention.

Influencers are usually in a higher status position than regular users of the networks. As such, they are usually more inclined to look for companies or products that will improve their stature in their followers' eyes.

In this article, we look at three of the most popular influencers and the influence they can gain through their social media presence.

Social media

The internet has also changed how companies promote themselves and their products and services.

Social media and user-generated content (UGC) are now the keys to most companies. A lot of the advertising done through social media websites is focused on reaching and interacting with consumers.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and many others allow companies to interact with their target audience directly. They also allow businesses to communicate with the general public and directly target a certain group of users.

Taking advantage of Twitter

Twitter can be a powerful tool for PR. This is particularly true for businesses looking to advertise on Twitter but who might not have any experience with the social media network.

Twitter has a great marketing tool called ‘Promoted Tweets,’ which are tweets paid for and posted in the followers’ News Feeds.

This is a great way for companies to get a little more exposure in a targeted manner, and it’s relatively easy for a business to get the paid advertising.

Spray painting companies

Spray painting is becoming a popular way for companies to advertise their services, and one of the easiest ways for them to do this is through social media.

While many people think of Twitter as a business tool and that it’s only for users of the network, several high-profile people are now using it to advertise their services.


Airbnb is a great way for businesses to promote themselves online. This is mainly due to the popularity of AirBnB’s business model.

Businesses who operate AirBnB type properties (like hotels and bed & breakfasts) benefit from the social media sharing of a wide variety of customers and potential customers.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of Airbnb, it’s a website that allows people to rent out a property that they own and to earn a little extra money by doing so. People can list properties online, and people interested in renting them out can view the available properties and book them.

This helps increase the popularity of Airbnb, which is good for both the business and the customers. It’s become a big trend in the travel and hospitality industry, and many hoteliers benefit from this.


Pinterest is a great way for businesses to promote their brand. This is particularly true for companies that are looking for social media marketing inspiration.

The best way for businesses to use Pinterest is to start by looking at its usefulness in showcasing its brand and services. The way that Pinterest works is to give the users of the website an idea of a business.

The business then creates a visual representation of its products and services based on the shared visual content. Many people do not realize that Pinterest is a visual content-sharing website, so this is a great way to find people’s interests, who you can then target.

You can choose from several ideas on Pinterest, such as quotes, brands, colors, images, and so on. You can then use this visual content to create a visual representation of your company and your services.

How to get started with social media marketing

Many businesses have only recently started using the power of social media marketing, and the first step is to gain a good understanding of how it works. You don’t need to know anything about social media to start.

However, it’s important to make sure that you understand what you’re trying to achieve and that you’re going about it the right way. When it comes to creating a social media marketing strategy, there are several key points that you should consider:

  • Make your message personal to your target audience.
  • Aim to meet your target audience where they are and avoid being pushy.
  • Tell your story using graphics and videos.
  • Engage with customers regularly, and respond to comments and questions.
  • Encourage employees to use social media.