Who Is The Most Famous Person Ever

By Tiara

As we grow up, we look to famous people for many different things; from life lessons to inspiration. They have made an impact on us in ways that stay with us forever. Sometimes it is because they do what matters to us, such as creating works of art or writing books that inspire us to keep chasing our dreams. Others make an impression due to who they are beyond their work, like when you read a story about someone and think, "Wow, I could never be cruel like that but maybe I should."

There are also times where a famous person has done something spectacular that inspires other people. A while ago there was a news report about how Justin Bieber kissed his assistant on the mouth during a very heated argument. The media reported all the rumors about why he did this, but none of them seemed to matter anymore. What mattered most were those few seconds when he gave her his full attention.

Justin Bieber clearly cared about her deeply enough to take this small risk. He showed love by doing something romantic and beautiful, which is what people who care about each other do. If she wanted to press charges, then yes, it was probably wrong, but only because she didn’t want him to hurt me more.

I hope one day she reads this and thinks, “You know what? He really does care about me.” At the very least she will learn just how much he loves himself.

Abraham Lincoln

how's the most famous person ever

Many people know who President Lincoln is, but few realize how influential he was as a person. He lived an incredible life, rising from very poor roots to become one of the most recognized figures in America.

He made many important contributions while serving as president of the United States, including abolishing slavery and founding our nation's civil liberties protections.

But before becoming the leader of the free world, he made some unexpected discoveries about himself. For example, he found that he had a knack for public speaking. And despite his shy nature, he enjoyed talking with other people.

His love of conversation helped him connect with others and inspire them to do great things. It also opened up opportunities to speak more about politics and self-reflection which are always interesting.

Drinking alcohol can help you enjoy conversations more __________________________

Many people find drinking helps make socializing easier because it makes people talk more quickly and easily. Plus, alcohol can make people laugh, which is always fun!

However, alcohol can have different effects on individuals depending on their body type and genetics. Some people drink too much and feel tired or sick after the activity, while others cannot stop eating and drinking even when they are drunk.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your chatty skills even if you never seem to be in a good mood when you're drinking.

Thomas Edison

how's the most famous person ever

In our digital era, there are few people who are as well-known as Thomas Edison. He is famous for his inventions, most notably light bulbs and motion pictures.

Edison was born in 1847 in New Jersey. His father wanted him to be an artist so he taught him drawing at a very young age. Unfortunately, this didn't set him up for success in life.

He dropped out of school when he was 16 years old and began looking into learning how to make things work. This included experimenting with electricity!

His first big break came when he sold some of his inventions to another inventor. This allowed him to keep developing new equipment and start thinking about ways to improve upon what others had.

In 1880, he invented the phonograph which records sounds onto a plastic disc that you can play back later. Two years later, he made the first recorded speech using it!

These recordings became very popular and helped create the modern day music industry. People still use them today to make listening to songs easy and cost effective.

Many musicians have paid homage to Edison by writing their own songs and including references to the phonograph in lyrics.

Leonardo da Vinci

how's the most famous person ever

Da Vinci was born in 1452 in what is now Italy. He lived during the Renaissance, an era that saw artistry and creativity thrive across Europe. The Italian Renaissance brought back many classic styles of painting, such as realism and naturalism. Artists painted realistic pictures of everyday life, including scenes from daily lives and still lifes.

Da Vinci’s father was Florentine and his mother was French. When he was twelve years old, his parents sent him to Florence to live with relatives so he could receive a good education. There, he learned how to paint by copying existing works of art.

He never received formal training at an artist school but instead picked up knowledge from experienced artists and teachers around Florence. Many people have written about his artistic genius, but there are two things most accounts don't mention. One is his mastery of drawing, which isn’t just skill in depicting human figures, but also geometric shapes and structures. The other is his use of color, which seems almost magical!

Many famous paintings feature one or more of these three elements, making them signature features of his work. In fact, some scholars believe that it was his ability to combine all three that made him so great.

Leonardo da Vinci

how's the most famous person ever

Da Vinci is one of the most well-known artists in history. He painted everything from portraits to religious scenes, and his work has sold for millions of dollars. However, you probably didn't know that much about him before reading this article.

Da Vinci wasn't just an artist, he was also a scientist, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and more. While many people have heard of some of his inventions like the parachute or the helicopter, not too many people are aware of what exactly he invented.

He made several discoveries around human anatomy that we use today, things like the understanding of blood circulation, muscle function and how bones are connected to each other. Because of these discoveries, surgeons still perform surgery using his techniques and tools now.

His artistic talents were also incredible! Many of his paintings show a lot of creativity and talent, making it clear he had an advanced knowledge of art. His style influenced later painters, giving us our current look at painting.

Pablo Picasso

how's the most famous person ever

He was an artist of astounding talent, producing tens of thousands of pieces across many different mediums. Whether he was painting pictures or creating sculptures, his artistic expression always showed off his incredible skill.

He is considered one of the most important artists in history, not only because of how famous his work has become but also due to the influence that his art had on others. Many other artists have said that they were inspired by his style, going as far as copying it completely.

His mastery over paint was simply astonishing- he would mix up all sorts of colors using just his hands and then apply these paints onto various surfaces such as canvases, paper, or even metal.

Picasso was known to use repetition when painting, which helps create an interesting pattern in his works. His favorite themes included mostly human figures with some animals in between stages of being painted.

Overall, what makes his paintings special is their depth. He would often put in lots of layers and textures which add more dimension to his designs.

Albert Einstein

how's the most famous person ever

When people talk about famous people, they usually refer to three things; someone’s profession, what country they are from, or what field of work they do. However, there is one thing that almost everyone acknowledges as being important in making someone popular; their significant other.

The most famous person ever was married for over 70 years to his wife, Olga. They had two children together and lived happily ever after. While this may sound like an exaggeration, it is not.

Einstein actually asked her to be his partner forever back in 1919. He even mentioned marriage at least five times while they were dating!

He once said, “I would marry you tomorrow if I could get away with it.” This shows how much he wanted to spend his life with her.

Abraham Lincoln

how's the most famous person ever

Many people know who President Lincoln is, but few really understand him as an individual person. He was not your typical president in many ways- he spent his time leading through example rather than verbal persuasion.

He set high standards for himself and didn't settle for less when he wanted something or someone to be good. This made it hard to compare his quality with others, because he always seemed to put out more of himself.

Lincoln lived by a moral code that extended beyond just his work as president. His personality reflected these morals, and they make us admire him even now. These qualities include compassion, tolerance, honesty, and self-reflection.

He never hesitated to speak his mind, even if this meant upsetting some people. At times he offended very wealthy people by calling for higher taxes, for instance!

But despite all his faults and weaknesses, there are several things we can learn from the way he behaved as a human being. Here are five important lessons about leadership inspired by Abraham Lincoln.

1) Be honest

Abraham Lincoln did not have a lot of friends. In fact, most people thought he was too direct and opinionated to be likeable.

This is probably why so little information exists about what other people felt about him. But one thing we do know is that he was not totally comfortable with how friendly he was.

He tried to be friendly to everyone, but this took a long time to achieve.