Who Is The College Dropout And How Did He Rise To Fame?

By Tiara

As mentioned earlier, The College Dropout is one of the most well-known albums in hip hop music. Not only is it an incredible album that has many favorites within the genre, but his first solo single “Push” also helped launch his career as a rapper.

He released this song just before he dropped out of college, which made it seem like he was giving up on his dreams due to lack of motivation or faith in himself. This inspired others to give up their dreams and help them believe in themselves even more.

His success comes from his ability to relate to songs and artists for inspiration and message. He studies lyrics very closely and uses what he learns to inspire his own work.

His style is known for being direct and honest, making him popular not only with other musicians, but with his fans as well. His outspoken manner often elicits strong reactions, but he always keeps an eye on the bigger picture.

He knows that staying successful takes time, so he doesn’t get too attached to things quickly. This way, he stays focused on doing good work and developing relationships.

Overall, he has succeeded through hard work and dedication. He doesn’t do anything half-heartedly, which is why he remains such a powerful artist today.

Collaborated with Kanye West

how did pusha t get famous

Before he was famous, rapper Kanye West needed some exposure. He released his first album in 2007 — The College Dropout — under the name 2 Chainz. It didn’t quite take off though, so he decided to collaborate with someone who had bigger success at that time.

He reached out to fellow Chicago artist Drake, then known as Aubrey Graham. Together they made the song “Mercy,” which features lyrics like, “My type of style is gassed up / I got my eyes peeled for trouble.”

It received heavy radio play and helped propel both artists into mainstream music fame. Since then, Drake has gone onto have his own hit songs while Kanye has built an empire producing albums for other artists and creating his own.

Both rappers have also achieved great wealth and recognition outside of their collaborations. Many credit them with helping each other succeed in the industry.

Released a mixtape

how did pusha t get famous

After leaving his position as an assistant manager at G-Unit, Drake made his solo debut with 2002’s My Block Is On Fire! The album was met with critical praise and it paved way to him becoming one of hip hop’s top artists.

His popularity continued to grow after he released his first major hit “Too Good” which features Jay Z. In addition to this song being featured in several popular films and TV shows, it also won Song Of The Year at The MTV Music Awards.

Since then, Drizzy has only kept up his success by releasing more music and touring consistently. He is known for incorporating his personal life into songs and frequently talks about different issues such as police brutality or racism.

He is well respected in the industry and is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Released a studio album

how did pusha t get famous

As we know, before he was famous, Pusha T had a very successful career as a rapper. He has been featured on songs with some of the biggest artists in music such as Jay-Z, Drake, The Weeknd, and more!

He also starred in his own TV show for Reelz Channel titled “The Story Of Hip Hop” which explored different genres of hip hop music and their influence on culture.

But how did someone without much recognition prior to this get here?

It all started when people began listening to his music. Many musicians and industry professionals praise his work and even say that his lyrics make them think about the world around them.

His debut album is called My Name Is My Name and it was released back in 2010. Since then, it has gone on to win several awards including Best Rap Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Not only does his songwriting ability shine through, but his production skills are incredible as well. His knack for bringing out the best in other artist's vocals is something he is known for.

Went on a nationwide headlining tour

how did pusha t get famous

After his first album was released in 2007, music artist Kanye West approached rapper/producer Thelle’ Williams (better known as Drake) about joining him for an upcoming radio show. At that time, both artists were struggling to gain recognition so they needed help promoting their work.

Drake agreed to join them and the trio formed what is now referred to as The Breakfast Club. They called themselves that because it felt like you always woke up at around 9 AM to watch this talk-show style morning show.

The show features conversations with different guests and its format has been copied many times since then. It begins with Aneesah talking about something she experienced the day before and then moves onto someone else’s story. Then comes Jimmy, who talks about how he is living his life in a certain way and Jordan joins in by giving his opinion or telling a funny anecdote. This all leads into The Morning Report, where everyone shares a little bit about themselves and some fun announcements are made.

After that, the conversation turns more serious and the hosts discuss important issues such as politics or society. The final segment is usually closed by Anhima discussing her favorite things.

Released another studio album

how did pusha t get famous

After leaving his position as one of rap’s top executive producers, Pusha-T released his second solo LP in late 2017. His new project is called Daytona, and it features Jay Z, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and more.

The song that introduced most people to Pusha-T was “Bougie,” which features The Game and Drake. In the lyrics, he taunts his peers with references to famous people like Kanye West and YOLO (for example, “I bet they heard about me being bougie now/ I bet them feel me, cause I made Yoonglokyoobs cool!”).

He also raps about how he will make sure your children are well educated, an indirect nod towards comments rapper Nas made earlier this year about how kids these days are not exposed to proper morals due to social media.

Pusha has been very vocal about his disdain for some rappers in the past, so his latest track comes off as slightly satirical.

Collaborated with Big Sean

As mentioned earlier, one of his early mixtapes was called My Word! I’m in Charge Here (2018). This track is all about how he made it to where he is today- as a successful artist and entrepreneur.

He features guest verses from A$AP Rocky and JID, both of whom have gone onto bigger things since this song was released.

Pusha also includes an inspirational line at the end that applies to him as an individual and as an artist – “I believe in myself so much, if you don’t then what are we here for?” He clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, which has helped him achieve success.

This article will talk more about why his final sentence above holds true and how he got there as a person and an artist.

Released another mixtape

how did pusha t get famous

After leaving G-Unit, Drake embarked on an impressive solo career that included several hit singles and album releases. One of his earliest projects was The Kane Album, which featured his then best known name: Kanye West.

Drake’s collaboration with Ye is arguably one of the biggest in hip hop history. They worked together on five songs, all of which appeared on The Life Of Pablo, YEL’s most well received project to date.

The pair also collaborated for a song titled “Would You Do?” off Drizzy’s 2016 LP More Than A Year Later, as well as two tracks from Off His Chest, Kanye’s 2018 record breaking effort.

Not only are both men successful rappers today, but they helped each other climb up the ladder back when. Having fun collaborations aside, it seems like these two will always have something special going on musically.

Won a Grammy

how did pusha t get famous

As we know, The Game is one of hip hop’s greatest artists. He dropped his first album at the age of 17 and has since then left an impressive legacy. Not only did he win three GRAMMY Awards for Best Rap Album (The Documentary), Best Rap Song ("Bobby Digital") and Best Rap Performance ("Role Model"), but he also won best supporting artist in 2018!

He owes much of his success to his producer, Terrence "Pusha" Robinson. You may have heard of him before now- he's probably famous for something you like very much.

Push comes from Queens, New York where he grew up with little money and even less opportunities. But he didn't let that stop him from dreaming big and working hard to make it happen.

After dropping out of high school, he got into music as a writer and rapper. It wasn't until he met The Dime Trap CEO Noelle Ceballos via social media that things took off.

She connected him with Jay Jenkins, another aspiring musician who shared his passion for music. After forming a duo called Empire, they landed their first producing job at Time Travel Agency, a local business in Virginia Beach.

It was there that they made their professional debut by creating what would later be known as the song “Work Hard”, which features Young Thug.