Who Is Jake Paul And Why Is He The Talk Of The Town?

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about who this person is. His full name is Jacob Elwin "Jake" Paulk, but he goes by just his first name due to how popular he has become. He has over 5 million followers on Instagram and almost 2 billion views on all of his YouTube videos!

He started posting content back in May 2015 when he made his channel with his then-fellow YouTuber Royce The Phenomenon. Since then, he has grown into one of the biggest names online.

In fact, he was such a big deal that even Cosmo did an article profiling him last year. According to them, he is a powerful influencer whose antics have earned him fame.

The only problem is, some say he used his influence to go too far. Many claim he got out of control and built up an undeserved reputation as a social media mogul.

Most notably, people accuse him of creating a culture of bullying. This isn't necessarily true, however — at least not completely.

Came to LA

After moving back home from Oregon, his life took an unexpected turn when he decided to move out to California with his best friend. He would later find out that this decision would have massive implications for his career.

Jake and Louis had always been close since they were kids, but it was in high school when their friendship really started to take off. Both of them grew up as popular teens, so they made sure to be supportive of each other’s success.

After high school, though, things changed. They both went separate ways and established different careers. It is possible that if one of them hadn’t moved away, they both may not have become famous very quickly.

But because they did, they earned a good reputation and lots of followers who believe they will never let you down. This influence helped shape their professional relationship too – even beyond just YouTube.

Now that they are successful, people expect the same level of professionalism from them. Even outside of social media, there are stories of how they treat others and how much trust they build relationships.

It seems like these qualities make them trustworthy and reliable, which is why most people now consider them to be friends rather than colleagues or mentors.

Since coming to Los Angeles, they have built a house together and lived together while filming their show. Many say this is proof that they are more than acquaintances, but true friends.

YouTube vlogs

how did jake paul get famous

Starting in May 2016, The Team Jacob channel began uploading videos of themselves performing various acts. These ranged from prank calls to making fun of other YouTubers’ styles to just simply creating funny content. Almost every video features at least one or more members of The Team Channel doing something outrageous.

The reason why people became interested in these videos was due to the fact that they were mostly pure entertainment. Even though some of the things done for this channel may be considered crass and/or annoying, none of them are too graphic or excessive.

Another key factor about the popularity of these videos is that almost everyone can relate to them at least slightly. Many people enjoy watching others make fools of themselves so it is an easy way to watch some TV without being too serious.

However, the amount of followers The Team Channel acquired during their most popular run has been discussed frequently since then. Some claim that the fame helped them find employment while others say that it had nothing to do with it.

The Jake Paul Challenge

how did jake paul get famous

The “Jake Paul” phenomenon actually began with an online challenge. You may have heard of it before – the “challenge” is to watch one YouTube video and then comment, "The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!” Or, “I love you so much!" or something similar along those lines.

It was first popularized in September 2016 when 17-year old vlogger Jacob Silvers uploaded a two minute long clip of him playing Fortnite with his cat. In that time period, over 100 million people had watched the video and commented on it.

His following grew quickly and he now has almost 15 million followers on Instagram alone. He also boasts more than 9 million subscribers on his main channel.

The Paul Brothers

how did jake paul get famous

The Paul brothers, Jake, Logan, and Julian, are all professional YouTubers with their own channels. They have over 1 million followers between them!

Their success comes from creating, editing, and filming entertaining videos that appeal to different audiences. These include comedy, fashion, motivational, and of course, music videos.

The boys grew up in Southern California and lived together for most of their lives. All three attended Chaminade High School and spent time at UCLA before making YouTube a career.

They now represent themselves as “the bros” and refer to each other using brotherly nicknames like Bambino or Ooga-Chang. While some describe these men as self-obsessed, many admire them for how successful they are.

Many cite the brothers’ work ethic as what helped make them so popular. According to an article by Business Insider, one source said, “If you really wanted to see [Jake] succeed, you had to be willing to work hard just like he was.”

He also quoted another source who stated, “[The boys] put in crazy hours and keep a very consistent schedule. That's why they're where they are today -- it takes a lot of effort to get there.

The Paul Brothers TV show

how did jake paul get famous

As mentioned earlier, the Jake Pauls made their big break in 2017 when they created and began filming their very popular YouTube channel. Since then, the brothers have gained a massive audience that loves to watch them go through different experiences.

Their style of editing videos and keeping up with all of the media attention has helped them climb the ladder as successful YouTubers.

Since their start, the Paul’s have built quite an empire consisting of various products and brands. All sponsored by the family owned company Team Jacob. These sponsors include clothing lines, beauty products, and technology.

The boys gain revenue from these businesses being promotional partners or brand ambassadors for their team. They also make money off of advertising sales and royalties for use of copyrighted material such as music and video clips.

Not only are the Pauls talented at making entertaining content, but they are good business people who know how to promote themselves and grow their popularity.

Dance videos

how did jake paul get famous

Before he was known for his flashy wardrobe, dramatic makeup looks or even having large groups of followers, Jake Paul was famous for creating and editing dance videos. He would choreograph and direct himself in these songs and dances that got lots of reactions.

He began doing this around May 2018 when he edited an eight-minute song called “The Real You” with lyrics like, "You're so fake you put on a show every day" and "Your self esteem is low because you compare yourself to others."

His next edit featured him dancing to Drake's "In My Feelings," which received over one million views within 24 hours. Since then, he has gone on to do many more edits, including ones about how people are too focused on their phones and not socializing enough.

These music videos have earned him a huge amount of money due to the popularity of them. His most popular video is probably his "Dance Challenge" series, where he challenges fans to see who can get the best reaction out of them while they dance.