Who Famous Died In 2021

By Tiara

We’re going to talk about some famous people that died this year!

In our ever-connected world, it has become almost impossible to stay disconnected. With the speed at which information travels these days, sharing what you love or who you admire can be done instantly across all major media platforms — social media, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. It is therefore very possible for your loved ones to learn of their deaths within minutes of them happening.

This article will list some well known celebrities that have passed away in the upcoming months, as well as some reasons why they are notable. Yours truly will also take some time to mourn each one’t loss… so don’t worry too much 😉

I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about these individuals and how important they were to others.

George Floyd

who famous died in 2021

On May 25, an unarmed black man was filmed being held down by police while they were surrounded by several other officers. As he lay there unable to breathe, one of his assailants said something like “I’m gonna f*cking kill you.” Another officer then stated that this individual had been identified as having drugs on him, when in fact he didn’t.

This isn’t some isolated incident, it is happening all too frequently across America. According to reports, at least eight more people have died since these two men were killed because someone claimed to be experiencing mental health issues or drug use.

These situations are not only terrifying for those around the individuals involved but also dangerous for law enforcement. When civilians perceive authorities to be hostile or threatening, violent acts occur much less likely to stop tensions.

It is important to note that both of these men were killed after committing no crime. They did nothing wrong except exist. They deserved to live their lives free from violence and fear, which is what makes these deaths so tragic.

Symptoms of PTSD can include depression, anxiety, irritability, anger, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, and flashbacks. Some symptoms may go away within months, while others may persist for years depending on the severity of the trauma.

People who experience traumatic events are just as deserving of help as anyone else, but offering such assistance should be done with permission first.

Carrie Fisher

The passing of beloved actress, writer, producer, and entrepreneur Carrie Fisher was announced this week. She died at age 60 due to cardiac arrest caused by an apparent heart attack she suffered while aboard a plane back from London earlier this month.

Carrie made her mark as one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses with roles that went beyond simply showing off her beautiful looks.

She starred in such acclaimed films as 1982′s Flash Gordon, 1986′s Reindeer Squad, 1989′s Motherhood, 1994′s Dangerous Toys, 1995′s Bulletproof, 1998′s I Love You, Man, 2002′s Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and last year’s The Princess Bride film adaptation.

But it is for her portrayal of Princess Leia Organa in the original 1977 Star Trek television series and movie franchise where she earned both fame and admiration. As Leia, she showed strength and conviction in a character often lacking those qualities.

After leaving the role, she returned as Leia in 2015’s Rogue One: A Story of Rebels, and 2016’s Solo: A Disney Epic Adventure starring Harrison Ford (Han).

Since then she has been increasingly active in acting and other areas, including writing. Her memoir Inception inspired its own sequel titled Afterlife.

Her influence will be felt long after her death.

Leonard Cohen

who famous died in 2021

The legendary singer, songwriter, poet, and performer passed away this week at the age of 82. He was known for his poetic lyrics that focused on love and life, as well as powerful voice. His songs have been heard by many generations, with some even breaking into mainstream success.

He began writing music when he was 15 years old and eventually released five solo studio albums. Starting in 2001, he formed a band with Daniel Lanois which included guitarist Josh Homme. They later recorded two collaborative studio albums before splitting ways in 2016.

In 2017, he received multiple Grammy Award nominations and won for Best Solo Vocal Performance “You Want It Darker” and Song of the Year for “The Future”. In total, he earned six Grammys throughout his career.

What made him special to so many people was not just his work as an artist but also his dedication to humanitarianism and activism. He dedicated much time supporting organizations like Save the Children and Amnesty International, among others.

After leaving a concert early due to health concerns back in 2018, it was announced that he had suffered a bout of chest pains and was taken to the hospital where he died. Following his death, tributes poured in from all around the world.

Tupac Shakur

who famous died in 2021

In December of 1996, two years after his death, Tupac’s body was found face down in an outdoor pool at 2:30 AM. He had been shot twice, once in each leg.

He died less than 24 hours later from blood loss. According to police, he fell into the water while trying to escape an assailant. No suspects have ever been named or arrested for the case.

Tupac left behind six children with different mothers. After his death, many struggled to make sense of who he was as a person. Some even accused him of being self-obsessed. This is unfair because he lived his life according to what he believed was right and just.

He wanted to help others find their inner strength and hope for a better future. Many people gained inspiration from his music, so it is worth your time to look through some of his songs and learn something about yourself and life.

André 3000

who famous died in 2021

In an interview with Billboard, Tyler announced that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus back in March. He said his symptoms included fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. While initial reports indicated he recovered quickly, he acknowledged it was more difficult than expected.

“I still have some lingering health issues from this virus,” he explained. “It took me almost a month to get my lungs back where they needed to be and there are still nights when I feel like I’m struggling for air.”

He also admitted that while he is grateful for every day he is alive, he will miss being around other people at times. Addressing those who may be affected by the coronavirus, Tyler urged them to take care of themselves and stay healthy as possible.

“Please do not risk your lives for fame or recognition,” he warned.

Neil Armstrong

who famous died in 2021

The world lost one of its greatest astronauts today as NASA announced that astronaut Commander Neil A. Armstrong passed away at age 72 due to complications resulting from cardiac surgery. He was transferred to nearby Brigham and Women’s Hospital this morning after experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue and discomfort when he returned home from cardiovascular surgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center last week.

Armstrong became an international celebrity during his life and is now remembered for his legacy as the first person to walk on the moon, as well as his work leading America’s space exploration efforts. He spent over half his professional career working for NASA and retired with the rank of Captain.

He received numerous awards and decorations throughout his military and civilian careers, including two Presidential Medals of Freedom, six honorary doctorates and the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. In addition to his native USA, he also held French, Italian, Canadian and British passports.

Arguably his most famous quote is “One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind,” which he said while standing on the surface of the Moon on July 20th 1969. This statement helped inspire not only people around the globe, but also inspired many other successful ventures and achievements. It even inspired the music song by The Beatles titled ‘Let it Be.

Tina Turner

who famous died in 2021

Singer, songwriter, producer, and actress Tina Turner passed away early this morning at her home in Southern California. She was 72 years old.

Turner’s family announced that she had died of natural causes around 5 AM PT (9 AM ET). They stated that while they are grieving her death, they have also received positive confirmation from doctors that she has not been infected with COVID-19.

Taken as a whole, these developments indicate that Turner suffered a brief but severe case of coronavirus– which she survived.

While there is no doubt that Turner will be greatly missed, it is important to remember all of the good she did for others during her life. These include charitable donations, efforts to spread awareness about health issues, and empowering speeches and interviews that left an impression.

In light of her passing, here are some more things you should know about Tina Turner.

Her singing career spanned over five decades, making her one of the most well known artists of our time. Her best known songs include “What Is And What Should Never Be,” “Hot Nuts,” and “We Are Family.”

As a singer, musician, and performer, she took great pride in being able to make people laugh and cry simultaneously. This ability made her very popular and famous.

John Lennon

who famous died in 2021

The iconic musician, songwriter, producer, and activist passed away on Oct 9, 1980 at age 40. He died due to an gunshot wound sustained during what was described as a “freelance job” for his band.

On October 8, 1980, around 2 p.m., plainclothes New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Allan Grant approached music impresario Tony Defranco outside of Dakota III, a recording studio located in Manhattan’s West Village. According to NYPD spokesperson Sgt. Mary-Anne Smith, Defranco had asked Officer Grant if he wanted to work with him that day and agreed to drive him there in his personal vehicle.

As they drove down Central Park South, however, Defranco became agitated and told Officer Grant that he did not want to go into the studio because he was having lunch later that week with someone who worked for Ringo Starr’s record label and needed his help.

Officer Grant then pulled over Defranco’s car near Columbus Circle so that he could speak to him more privately. It is unknown what was discussed during this conversation but minutes after speaking to each other, Defranco got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of Dakota III while holding a loaded revolver.

Defraonco went back inside the building where his friend waited for him and both men left together shortly afterwards.