What To Bring To Visa Interview

By Tiara

When you arrive for your visa interview, make sure you are well prepared! You do not want to be scrambling to find something or have nothing at all when they ask you questions.

You should know who people are in your life, what their jobs are, and what they do. This way you can connect with them more easily and address their role directly.

For example, if they work at a company that does business abroad, then you could discuss how doing so is important for their job. If they work as an engineer, you could talk about why having a degree or certificate is helpful for their career.

If you’re working or studying away from home, you can describe how staying in touch will help your personal relationships back home. And if you’ve heard anything about the organization, what it looks like, or any potential problems they may face, you can add those insights into your conversation.

Consider what you will wear

what to bring to visa interview

While most of us have experienced a visa interview at some time, it’s not like there is a manual or course that teaches you everything you need to know. So, as an extra measure, we recommend bringing along something that has helped you in the past and can help you now!

We suggest bringing one piece of paper with you to do some quick notes or even writing your personal statement. You never know when you might be asked about yourself or if they ask for additional information – this way you are prepared!

To give you some tips, here are some things you should consider bringing to your next visa interview. Make sure to check out our article on more easy ways to prepare for your visit here.

Make and plan your trip to the location of the visa interview

what to bring to visa interview

It is very important to be prepared for your visit, not only at the venue where you will do your interview, but also for how long you will need to spend there.

Most visa interviews are 2-3 hours in length, so make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready, find transportation, and arrive early.

Planning ahead can help mitigate any last minute rush or stress that you may feel due to timing issues. Also, knowing what to expect helps you focus more on having fun with the rest of the day instead of being stressed out.

We have compiled some helpful tips here! Read on to learn everything you should know about what to bring to your visa interview.

Prepare your passport

what to bring to visa interview

It is important to make sure that you have updated all of your personal information in your passports- including home address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Not only will this help us connect with you during the visa interview, but it will also assist our staff in contacting you after you leave for your return trip!

We recommend printing out a copy of each page for yourself and keeping them in separate places. This way, if there is some kind of delay or something happens, you already have a backup version.

We can’t tell you how many times we have needed to contact someone about an expired document or one that isn’t valid anymore, so having these copies ready ahead of time helps us get things fixed quickly.

Make a list of things to do during your break

what to bring to visa interview

While waiting for your tour, you can make some additional personal calls or send messages/emails to people. Do not forget this is also your chance to grab a coffee or tea!

You can ask if there are any updates about your application or whether their team has discussed it with other members. You can also tell them how you planned to spend your time after leaving the job and asking if they have anything new to add to that.

In addition to that, you can talk about what kind of questions might be asked in the interview. For example, employers may ask about significant achievements at work, leadership qualities, teamwork skills, etc. – all of these are good topics to mention.

Make sure to keep yourself pre-prepared by using free online resources to look up information and tips for upcoming interviews. There are many sites where you can find such info, but beware of fake ones.

Bring your passport and your list of things to do with you

Now that you are ready for your visa interview, make sure to bring your proof that you have completed all applications and that you have everything like passports, tickets, and documents.

Make sure to also remember your hotel information in case we can’t reach you after the meeting!

After the interview, your VISA will be mailed to you or directly delivered at the airport. Depending on when it is sent, there may be a short delay until it arrives, so please ensure this does not occur overnight as this could cause problems.

Hydrate and rest before the interview

what to bring to visa interview

Before your visa interview, make sure you are well rested and have all of your things ready. You do not want to be distracted or unprepared because if there is anything missing, you will need to start over!

When attending an in-person visit at a foreign embassy or consulate, it is very important to hydrate properly. Make sure to drink enough water so you feel comfortable. Most people recommend drinking two glasses per person for one hour before the meeting.

You should also make sure to eat something before the interview as well, but do not consume too much food as that would weigh down your stomach. A good rule of thumb is having a light meal one hour prior to the interview.

Last, take a short break just before the interview to relax and calm yourself down. Do not worry about the other party or what questions may be asked – only focus on yours! Yours could include asking about the country’s history, how their government functions, or even why they wanted to come to America.

Dress the part

what to bring to visa interview

When you dress for a visa interview, make sure you are dressed properly. You do not want to look sloppy or unprepared because you have to take off after that! Make sure your shoes match, be fashionably dressed, and groom yourself well.

Most employers will ask about your job, if you’re married, any children, how much money you earn, etc. Therefore, it is important to know what questions they may ask so you can prepare answers ahead of time.

In addition to being prepared with answers, you should also research the company, position, and country in which you would like to work. This way, you’ll feel more confident in your self-image and will likely enjoy working here.

Once again, having these things ready will help you relax and stay focused during the interview process.

Write a list of things you should say to the officer

what to bring to visa interview

Now that you are all prepared, it is time to actually have your interview! First, make sure your phone is fully charged and ready to go. You may be asked to provide proof of identification or confirmation of employment.

You should also bring copies of everything mentioned below – letter of recommendation, passport, visa documents (if applicable), etc. Make sure to review these items carefully before the interview so as not to lose any material.

Interview tips: Do not get nervous or stressed out during the interview process. Keep yourself calm and level headed at all times. Also do not assume anything about the organization or the interviewer without asking for their name and title first.

Once again, stay in control of the conversation by being honest and clear with what you know.