What To Bring in Visa Interview

By Tiara

Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of non-traditional job opportunities for experienced professionals, including those with higher education. These include everything from being your own boss by running your own business or freelancing, to taking on a new position at another company, to exploring career paths that were not available before online courses became commonplace.

With more options than ever before, it is easy to get overwhelmed. While having multiple sources of income is always exciting, knowing what items you should take into a job interview can be tricky.

This article will talk about some things you should never bring to a workplace visit unless specifically asked about them. Then, we will discuss how to prepare for the most common types of interviews.

Reminder: this article assumes you are interviewing as a candidate for a position. If you are being interviewed as a potential employer, see our article here: Best Ways To Assemble A Roster Of Great Jobs.

Photo of your face

visa interview what to bring

Now that you are all prepared, it is time to pick up some more items! You will need to bring in either a photo or copy of your current passport, proof of residency (for non-EU citizens) and proof of employment or student status (depending on if you are applying for business or tourist visa types).

If possible, we recommend bringing both an old passport picture as well as recent pictures since many countries require at least two sets of photographs per document. Make sure to have enough photos ready ahead of time!

We also suggest linking your phone to WiFi so that you do not risk losing any information due to connection issues. Some applications may even let you upload directly from the device itself!

Last but certainly not least, make sure to dress in comfortable clothes and apply light makeup – this way you can focus more on looking relaxed, rather than trying to look perfect like you were going to a fashion show.

Photo of your passport

visa interview what to bring

Before you arrive for your appointment, make sure that you have printed off an accurate photo of your current passport. You do not need to bring it with you during the interview, but having this proof-of-identity will help us identify you in case something goes wrong!

We can also run our computer checks before giving you access to VISA information, so be sure to put in the correct info! (General visa information like NRI status etc)

Avoid carrying your old passport around as there are often fake passports made using real pictures.

Once again, good luck! We hope these tips helped you prepare for your upcoming interview.

Copies of your passport pages

visa interview what to bring

When you arrive for your interview, they will ask if you have any IDs or documents with you. These include proof that you are legally allowed to work in the United States, like a job offer or a job title.

You do not need to bring these things to the airport, but it is good practice to be prepared. Make sure to pack them before you leave home so you do not forget to pick them up!

If anything goes wrong at the airport, this could hurt your chances of being hired.

Confirmation pages of your airline reservations

visa interview what to bring

When you arrive for your visa interview, there will be a confirmation page from your air carrier that lists all of your pertinent information such as flight number, time frame, and name of employee meeting you.

This is very important to bring along since it confirms your trip!

You should also make sure to have copies of these documents, just in case something happens during the visit. For example, if you are asked to provide more documentation or if they do not accept the document you present, then you need this backup.

We recommend bringing both mobile and desktop versions of each item so that you do not have to worry about being able to access them.

Confirmation page of your hotel reservation

visa interview what to bring

Now that you are officially invited for an in-person interview with a member of the hiring team, you will need to confirm your stay at the appropriate hotel. Most companies have a system where they update your online applications with this information.

Make sure to check both their LinkedIn profile and Google Plus account to verify it!

If you receive confirmation via email, make sure to acknowledge using the correct email address so you do not get disconnected. Some employers may send another reminder or confirmation message later which would be missed if you do not catch the initial one.

And lastly, remember to pack yourself ahead of time so you are not rushing around looking for your bag before heading home. More than likely, you’ll be given time after the appointment to grab something else from your room, but you don’t want to miss anything due to lack of organization.

Confirmation page of your transfer reservation

visa interview what to bring

Before you arrive at your visa interview, make sure that you have confirmation of your appointment time as well as meeting location!

It is very common to be running late for your interview, so it is best to confirm this as soon as possible.

By doing this early, you can plan ahead and pack appropriate clothes and gear. Make sure to check out our tips for staying in shape while traveling abroad!

You should also know what to bring to the interview. Certain things must be presentable under some pretty strict rules. The types of items that are not allowed include food or drink containers, toys, etc. These will need to either be put into a bag or box that you check before leaving home.

Confirmation page of your rental car agreement

visa interview what to bring

It’s very common for employers to run background checks before offering employment, so it is not unusual to be asked about past rentals or loans.

It’s also important to remember that while most major credit card companies (like VISA) don’t report information to one another, each individual company does maintain a database.

Since many employers require employees to agree to use their VISA card as a workplace credit card, gathering this info isn’t hard.

Confirmation page of your debit card

visa interview what to bring

As mentioned before, when you receive your invitation for your visa interview, there will be an additional confirmation page that asks you to confirm your most recent transaction on your credit or debit card.

This is very important as it confirms that you have paid using your valid cards and that you are able to pay taxes if needed. They also want to make sure that no one has access to your personal information such as bank account numbers and so forth.

Make sure to bring your card with you during the appointment!”