What Made NF Famous

By Tiara

If you follow any sort of celebrity gossip, then you have probably heard of Natalia Figueora or known her as “Nat”. You may know her for talking about politics or entertainment, but more likely than not she will focus in on something that is happening at the beach or in a pool area.

Her commentary usually goes along the lines of how much someone looks good in their swimsuit or picture they posted with some other person. Or maybe it is just an overall nice look- Selfies always seem to inspire comments from Nat.

She typically does this by creating what people call a ‘beach body’. This is when someone really downplays their normal weight and shape and instead focuses on getting very thin and/or having very little body fat.

Some people make this change because they feel like they don't fit into their clothes anymore or they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Having a lot of muscle can also be very attractive so it's not necessarily only overweight people who enjoy this kind of dieting.

It is quite popular to do this type of dieting during the summer months due to the perception that there are plenty of beaches and swimming pools where you can work out and show off your new (very lean) physique.

Justin Bieber

what made nf famous

Many people know what made music icon Miley Cyrus famous, but what helped catapult one of today’s biggest singers-songwriters into superstardom is actually quite dramatic. When she was 17 years old, Miley met someone who would change her life forever: an aspiring singer named Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Combs had just ended his five year stint as executive producer for The WB’s popular show, Life As We Know It. He wanted to start his own production company, so he offered Darryl Hall (MTV's Making Of...) a position at his new business.

Hall accepted, and thus Pristine Productions was born in 2001. Shortly after forming the company, Diddy asked his close friend, musician and songwriter Jermaine Dupri if he could help him find some songs for his fledgling label.

Jermaine agreed, and soon they wrote and recorded a track called ‘Bass Down Low.’ After listening to it several times, though, Diddy realized there was something missing: A hook!

He decided to rework the lyrics himself, adding the word ‘baby’ and giving the finished product its first line: ‘Baby, I got somethin’ for you.’ This newly rewritten lyric now served as both a chorus and a verse, making it perfect for the rest of the song.

Ellen DeGeneres

As we know, Ellen is famous for her talk show as well as her movie career. But what made her famous isn’t just her work in front of the camera, but also behind it.

As much as she loves being known for her TV appearances, the thing that really got her attention was putting herself out there.

You see, before she took her job seriously, she didn’t think she had anything to offer. She wasn’t sure she would be good at it, and even thought people might not like her because she was always talking.

But she kept trying, and eventually people gave her their trust and left them with an unforgettable memory. Her self-confidence helped her succeed, and now she only feels better about herself!

She may joke about how many bags she has, or ask you why yours are bigger than hers, but her success comes from her having confidence in herself and her abilities.

That’s what makes her happy and keeps her motivated, which are both very important when you’re working on becoming more famous.

Leonardo DiCaprio

what made nf famous

While most people know who Leo is now, he did not always enjoy such success. As a young actor, he was known for playing villainous or grumpy characters in mostly popular films.

He made his acting debut as an 11-year-old kid in 1998’s Romeo + Juliet where he played Tybalt, a hot headed bully. He then starred in several more teenage dramas like The Beach Movie and Queen of the Damned before getting his big break with The Wolf Of Wall Street.

After that film premiered to widespread acclaim in 2013, Leo rocketed into superstardom. Since then, he has consistently delivered powerful performances in both blockbuster and independent movies.

His list of accolades includes Academy Awards for best actor (The Wolf Of Wallstreet), best supporting actor (Django Unchained), and best director (The Revenant). He also won two Golden Globes for these roles and another one for best performance in a comedy movie (The Martian).

In addition to all this praise, he has donated millions of dollars to charities related to environmental causes and humanitarian work in developing countries.

Overall, it's hard to deny that today, when everyone knows him, he belongs to an elite group of actors whose careers continue to climb.

Tom Hanks

what made nf famous

As we know, Thomas Albert Hanks was born in New York City on March 24, 1950. He is an actor who has starred in both dramatic and comedic films. His best known characters include Captain Lou Albano of The Wresting Group, Larry Daley from Office Space, Professor Reginald Hoover “Reg” Higgins III of For Your Love, We've Survived! (FYLDWS!) and Phil Dunphy, one half of the father-son duo behind This Is Us.

Hanks first gained recognition for his starring role as Henry "Mitch" Mitchell, a Naval officer with a wife and two children he loves very much, in 1989's Royal Navy Officer Training Corps. Directed by Ron Howard, it also featured Joss Whedon, Bill Paxton and Sigourney Weaver.

He won our hearts again three years later when he played baseball coach Dan Aykroyd's optimistic self-confidence in 1995's Joe Dirt. Since then, he has gone on to star in hit movies like Cast Away, Money Talks!, A Bridge Too Far, Philadelphia, Saving Mr. Banks, and most recently, The Greatest Showman.

Steve Jobs

what made nf famous

As we mentioned earlier, this person is considered to be one of the biggest influencers in fashion today. Not only does he design incredible-looking clothes, but also helps other designers create new looks that are popularized and publicized. He has made many contributions to technology, so it makes sense that his influence would extend beyond just clothing!

Jobs built his career by creating products that people loved and wanted to use. Many of these products have since become classics, setting him apart as not only an entrepreneur, but also as a business leader.

He designed his own computer for years before taking over Apple in its early days. Since then, he has led the company to success through his visionary leadership and creative marketing strategies.

His style was known for being simple and elegant, making sure his users felt comfortable using his equipment. This inspired other companies to follow suit with simpler designs. His use of bright colors and graphical effects influenced graphic artists’ styles today.

Overall, he always conveyed a strong message that his product or idea was worth investing in. People who know about him believe he creates durable relationships that last, which is why most refer to him as “the face of Apple.

Billie Eilish

what made nf famous

Born Brielle Patrick Williams, she got her first major break when her father bought her an iPhone as a kid so she could create music using it. At just eight years old, she wrote her first song! Her dad helped her get into music by buying her all of his favorite albums and helping her learn how to use music software like GarageBand.

She later took music lessons at school and began performing in local venues at the age of 9. It was then that people started encouraging her to pursue music more seriously.

At 15, she made her professional singing debut with the track “Change” featuring Justin Timberlake. Since then, she has gone onto achieve iconic status and worldwide success as one of the most influential artists of our time.

By now, you may have heard of some or even all of her songs – Bad Guy, Psycho, Monster, All I want is me and my bed, Just give up, When The Party's Over, With Or Without You, Bad Day, Way Up, Never Leave Each Other Alone, Happier, New Year's Eve, Dirty Kiss, When The Time comes, everything else.

Her musical style has been described as neo-synth pop, dreamy alternative rock, new wave, dark synthpop and future bass. She writes almost every part of her own songs, producing them herself and recording them mostly alone.

In total, she has six solo studio albums, two collaborations and five singles.

Donald Trump

what made nf famous

As we grow older, we begin to realize that some people are just better than others. Some have more talent, charisma or leadership skills than others do. People who enjoy success put in enough effort to achieve it, while others seem to give up before trying hard enough.

People with strong personalities often rise to the top in business. You will find them making large changes by going after what they want and being direct about it.

Trump is one of these types of people. He makes no attempt to hide his likes and dislikes, and he goes into detail about everything. This includes how much he loves or hates something.

He also knows when to keep things lighthearted and fun, and when to focus on an important matter. Like when he announced he would run for president!

His strength as a leader comes from his ability to get other people excited about doing things and supporting each other. He creates trust through his actions and says anything he thinks will push everyone else along too.

He understands politics and uses this knowledge to motivate others around him to work together towards a common goal.