What is Promo Panda?

Let's take a look

You want to be noticed. We can help.

Promo Panda is a web application that makes it easy for you to get awesome media coverage. 

You want to be noticed. We can help.

Start by creating a profile and uploading information about yourself. All we need to know is who you are and what you want to communicate.

Get placed in online media

Purchase PR campaigns that are customized to your needs. You only pay for what's published, guaranteed.
Step #1 Make your profile
Step #2 Order a campaign
Step #3 Enjoy the results

Register an account

As an artist, brand or professional you have two account options: free or premium. 
You can make an account for free, or if you want discounts, choose premium.

Edit your profile

Add a profile photo, biography and focus (anything specific you would like highlighted in your press campaign). 
You can upload PDFs and high quality images as well.

Create a press campaign

Once you've made your profile you can start to order your campaign.
Click 'create campaign' and add a variety of placement types to your cart.
The standard timeline for one placement is 30 days. Speed it up for a fee or slow it down to get discounts.

Awesome media coverage is just a few clicks away

Sit back and enjoy increased visibility and one of the fastest growing digital PR platforms in business today.
All the coverage we secure is Search Engine Optimized.
We've taken the time to try to make sure that the maximum number of people possible will find your article.
Your personal publicist, all in an app.
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