What is a Press Release Kit?

By Promo Panda Staff

In this article, we will explore what is a press kit and why you might need to get one.

Overview of a press release kit

This is a set of information about a release.

Prepared for media outlets such as magazines, newspapers and radio stations, an information package for journalists will contain key details that can assist in reporting the story.

Many top brands have press releases online, with the press release website also known as the PR bulletins page.

Who uses a press release kit?

Who uses a press release kit?

A press release kit can be used as a promotional tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians as a way to increase press coverage.

A large number of retailers have the PR bulletins section for customers to share their products on social media, to promote their online sales, to build brand awareness or to market a product.

Press release kit used by journalist

An information kit contains the following key facts and figures:

  • It should provide an overview of a release, either on a minute basis or a summary of the company/brand.
  • It should provide the following information to journalists: The full name, address, telephone and email address of the company.
  • It should provide a summary of the release on the company’s website.

How to write a press release

To prepare a press release we require you to develop a detailed set of facts and figures that can be explained in a brief overview on a company’s website.

Your press release may need to include key media articles, testimonials and other press releases. You should also consider how you will communicate key facts to journalists.

Writing a press release

An accurate press release is one that satisfies the audience.

With a press release, it is important to write from the company’s perspective and not the journalists. If you want to include press release articles that relate to your product, please keep the article as short as possible. You can also write a press release which is a summary of important news articles but this will not necessarily generate interest in your product.

Include a table of contents with relevant information, names, and titles of both the release and the press release, and links to relevant documents. Be sure to include a subtitle and first line of the press release. It is often very difficult to summarize large amounts of information in a short press release. As a summary, it will need to highlight key messages from the release.

Use the vocabulary of your industry to name your release. Make sure you provide strong contrasts between different press releases and avoid terms such as ‘press release’‘press release 2’‘third press release’... you get it.

Ensure the content of the press release is relevant to your product or service.

Use structured data within your press release

Create a solid press kit

Writing a press release on the web, print, and social media has many advantages, including:

  • You can deliver your message within a shorter time.
  • Many publications will have a system that automatically translates press release articles to web and print media.
  • An accurate press release is one that satisfies the audience.
  • Making sure the content of your press release is relevant to your product or service helps the press to ensure that you are successful in attracting sales.

To ensure the press release has the most impact, make sure it meets the needs of the press

  • For example, newspapers and magazines often find their credibility is negatively affected by sloppy and potentially misleading press releases.
  • Ensure you use clear and concise language that will ensure the content of your release has a sound, positive and informative appeal to the target audience.
  • Since press release management is dependent on the specific way that you write your release, you may wish to discuss the press release yourself with the press.
  • Writing a press release should provide a new product or service the consumers need. Provide high-level facts and figures in a concise and authoritative manner and define the product or service as what the press need.
  • Take the time to use the vocabulary of your industry to name your release and use the phrase ‘a wonderful combination’ at the beginning of each line.

It is important that the content of your press release is relevant to your product or service.

Your press release should also be written in a way that promotes your product, service, or business reputation. For example, you can review the press release and choose the suitable cover image or use an infographic to inform readers about the product.

Key points to remember

  • Make sure the content of your press release is relevant to your product or service.
  • Your press release should be written in a way that promotes your product, service or business reputation.
  • The press release can use charts and tables to display detailed information. If you want to provide detailed information about your product, use charts to show key characteristics and potential benefits.
  • Writing a press release is an effective means of promoting your product or service. A good press release will not only inform your readers but will also add value to the collection of information that you have gathered in your research.
  • Be aware that some companies are happy to make a copy of their press release available to the media for ‘featured’ coverage.
  • Use your imagination to create stories and enhance your press release.
  • Explore and understand the influences that affect your business success.
  • Media relations strategy can have a direct effect on your commercial performance.
  • Encourage positive media coverage
  • As you begin to plan for press releases you need to ensure that you tailor your efforts towards pleasing the media. You should make sure that the story you are trying to tell is accurate and compelling and that your message is written in a way that conveys both your good points

Rethink your marketing strategies

What is an electronic press kit?

The potential impact of press releases may be more pronounced than you expect and journalists are often left wishing to know why a decision was taken. One of the key factors that determine success is the media relations plan that you have developed. You should be prepared to change your marketing tactics to ensure the success of your product and services.

Before your press release is sent out, use your media relations agency to evaluate all aspects of the press release to ensure that you are being as effective as possible.

Keep up-to-date on marketing trends

Review previous releases from the companies you are contacting. Review articles were written about previous products or services you have supplied. Review the consumer and media opinions on other products and services you may be supplying.

Track your press releases, in which press releases were published, and what the number of views was.

There are many factors that will influence the success of a press release. The media contact you use for your release may also have an influence. Some influencers such as their peers, clients, or journalists may influence their opinion on the content of their release.

Writing your press release correctly will help you to provide the best results. Be prepared for criticism and consider providing feedback to the media contact to help them improve your release.