What is a Press Kit for Musicians?

By Promo Panda Staff

What is a press kit?

A press kit is a format that allows you to help generate interest in your music by creating and distributing your music to artists, press and the music media. These materials can include demo recordingsimagesaudiophotos, sheet music, mixing and mastering plans, rehearsal and performance schedules, personal and biography information, a biography, songs, lyrics and videos.

Think of a press kit as a way to find the media and to learn how to approach it. Take the advantage of this way to promote your music and your potential for better business!

press kit is not a “Hey, I made this album but it’s great too – come and listen to it!” kind of deal.

Press kits are sometimes called “sales inserts”“. Your press kit is what people see when you want to prove your professionalism.

In this article, we will explore the best way to put together your press kit as a musician. There are many ways to approach it, but we believe the simpler the better.

Do I need a press kit?

Other Press Requests

Press kits are very useful for showing people the press that you have been featured in. These are very useful for presenting your music to labels, to YouTube channels, and to your audience who wants to dig into your all your press coverage.

For most performers, a press kit consists of a few items

There are many kinds of press kits that are available. The two most common ones are those for performers and those for companies.

Let’s start by talking about the essentials needed.

A press kit will usually also include all GOOD press you have received

You’ll want to include links to most the press you have received and perhaps even take screenshots or excerpts of it to put on your kit.

However you want to avoid putting in bad press. Bad press consists of not just bad reviews, but poorly written content, sites that look awful, and content that is really short.


A press kit can be specifically tailored for your photos and aesthetic. If you have a color scheme that you use, or that many of your photos employ, you can include those photos and dress up the background and color of your text.

Don’t make it too distracting, but a little bit of personality is nice.

How to organize your press kit?

There are many ways to go about planning a press kit for a performer, but here is how I would start.

First of all, you need to figure out the most important information about the role you want to play, and the concept of the performance you want to do.

For instance, for a crowd performance, you probably want to have the following things on your press kit:

  • Pictures – what do people see at your show?
  • Appearance – how will people feel seeing you perform?
  • Music – what do people hear in your set?

If you are taking pictures of yourself, then you will want to have at least one picture that you want to present to the media – if not more.

If you want to do free show work, then you need to have a good list of stuff that you might want to take along with you.

As well, you will probably need to know who you need to interview – the news media, local newspapers, radio stations, radio shows, newspaper shows, publicists, etc.

Then you need to figure out what kind of press photos you need to take.

Generally speaking, a press kit for a performer consists of two items: the photo and the press release.

The photo is the most important part. It is your introduction into the media. It is your chance to introduce yourself to your audience and let them know you are there.

Good, high-quality photos

Photos and videos

In general, you really want high-quality photos of you as an artist, your concerts and any more content that relates to your brand image.

Photos lend a sense of professionalism and professionalism to your work that is unmatched by mere words.

Here is what a top promoter in the music industry has to say about this:

“This is by far the most important aspect of any publicity picture. It’s the photograph that will convey to the public what the piece of music is about and what the artist is about.

It’s the magic bullet that people are afraid of. If you don’t have the right photographer, if you don’t have the right assignment, if you don’t have the right CD, you’re finished. No one wants to advertise on a photo that says, ‘This doesn’t work.’

Brand yourself

The first step in entering the industry is to get professional photographs that adhere to a specific style. You are creating your own brand!

There are many high-end camera services that offer you a beautiful final product and some ideas on how to use these professional images.

When in doubt, hire a professional photographer and brand designer to help craft your style. The key is consistency and being true to your style. If you release artwork or photos that change every release it will be hard for people to understand and relate to your style.