What is a Press Kit for a Band?

By Promo Panda Staff

A press kit is a document (and/or a folder of files) to help promote your band and grant you professionalism when soliciting to labelsfestivalsshows, etc.

A press kit can also help the public at large learn more about your band and what you are all about.

There are many different types of press kits, each very different in its design and function.

We consider a press kit to be an extension of your merchandising package. It will contain information about the bands, as well as photos and videos. If a press kit is ready, it’s time to submit it to the Mosh pit.

What information should you include?

What is an electronic press kit?

You can think of the information you should include in a press kit as being more like an ad. Think of it as a billboard for your band. The information on your press kit should allow your fans to learn more about you, your history, the music, and even the shows you have played.

There is no wrong way to use this information. It should be specific and coherent, and should be tailored to your band and location. A good press kit will show fans more about your band, your history, and show them a bit more about the types of venues and type of music you play. That way, they can tell someone if they want to play there, and vice versa.

When submitting your press kit we recommend you include:

– A copy of the band’s website.

– Links to press

– A brief biography of the band

– Links to social media profiles for the band.

– Where you can be contacted in the event you get press coverage.

– Information about the venue and the city you are playing.

– Information about upcoming shows.

– Announcements from the venue regarding your tour.

Do I have to write a press kit?

If you are a new band, or you don’t have much history, or just not interested in writing a press kit, you may have no need for a press kit.

However, it is simple to get press these days, and with an easy to use tool like Promo Panda you can get great high-quality press at high-trafficked blogs that are worthy of sharing.

How long does it take to write a press kit?

Other Press Requests

This depends on how detailed and concise you want your press kit to be. It may take a few days to build a press kit and to get it on file with us, or it may take several weeks if you feel you are lacking media coverage and want to get more.

A press kit is a list of information, prepared by the band or their agent, about how they intend to be described in the media.

The info is intended to help them with not only the publicity they receive but also for a more authentic and public-friendly presentation of their sound. The aim is to make sure all press pieces convey a real picture of the band’s sound and development as well as “leverage” their rich history in the industry.

Press kits can be prepared by independent authors, however, bands are often preparing the kit themselves to help promote their next tour or their next album.

Our top suggestions for a stunning press kit

But how do you build an EPK for you as a musician?

A brief overview of the band. What are their music and/or abilities, and how are they different from other bands you know of?

A set of graphics or designs that have never been in print and do not need to be seen as marketing gimmickry.

A photo and/or video of the band or an interview, in which you could gain insights about the band’s music, artistic vision, and creative process.

A press release (more about this later), can be used as the band’s press kit, be it made by our team, our artist partners, or the press itself. This release should be emailed to the band or made public. This will allow the band to focus on their mission for the press release, which will also give you a final chance to adjust the press kit according to your preferences and ideas.

A well-thought-out description of the band that reflects all aspects of what you like about them, and highlights the strengths and background of the band.

Top-notch sounding music

All press releases should have good sound quality for promoting a band’s next gig or touring of their new album.

Our approach is to prepare an exclusive version of a press kit where each file has been edited into a single MP3.

When your latest release is compared with other releases, it will not only be the purest representation of your music but also what you are proud of.

High-quality videos

For bands with videos, getting a high-quality video can help both you and your fans to know that you are promoting your music well.

When a band has several videos or covers, we suggest that you submit them to the video hosting websites or even YouTube for your fans to enjoy. You will, however, have to offer compensation to the uploader or video hosting site in order for them to post the videos on their own channels.