Ways To Promote Yourself On Instagram

By Tiara Ogabang

This article will discuss some ways to promote yourself using Instagram to get more followers and likes on your pictures. It’s a platform for many brands and online shops to showcase themselves, and you can take advantage of it to promote your business.

The art of image creation is alive and thriving on Instagram.

Some Instagrammers have built successful careers from their selfies alone.

Start by finding and developing a clear, unique, and consistent Instagram persona.

For a newbie Instagrammer, figuring out how to gain traction on Instagram can be daunting. Don't worry. With these tips, you can master Instagram marketing like a pro.

At a basic level, there are many ways to promote yourself and your work on Instagram.

You can follow other accounts with similar audiences and products. You can follow people with similar interests or share your own photos.

Additionally, there are opportunities for paid endorsements.

There are a few ideas below that can be used to promote yourself on Instagram.

1. Promote yourself

Promote yourself

The first thing you should do is to focus on getting followers on your Instagram account. Many people don’t realize that this step is necessary to get the traffic you

want on your website.

If you follow a lot of people, they will like your account and will follow you back. This is good, but the best way to get followers is to promote yourself.

Posting new pictures of yourself, talking to people, and all sorts of actions will attract people to you and cause them to notice you.

2. Create an interesting profile

Now that you have followers, you can post pictures from different angles. You can show how happy you are by showing your belly or showing your different sides.

It’s good to post something new, so don’t wait for other people to share content with you. Just create your profile and post whatever content you want.

3. Focus on selling

When people get in touch with you, you can try to sell them something to make sure they like you.

You can start by selling advertising and branding to boost your traffic and profits.

This might be a small service, like a short video you can do in just a few days.

4. Use visuals

Make sure to use a lot of visuals when you create content.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s try to maximize the number of words we can use with just one picture.

5. Be original

Always try to be yourself on Instagram.

This can be difficult when you’re used to posting your content on other social media, but people will like you more if you use your own content and personal style.

If you have a blog, you can create a category on Instagram that will bring you thousands of followers.

6. Use hashtags

Use hashtags

Create hashtags and add them to every post you do on Instagram.

That way, you will be able to increase your posts' visibility, making people more interested in your content.

Make sure to use at least 40 hashtags, but go higher if you have many followers.

7. Make your profile interesting

Make sure to use different pictures on your profile.

The profile image is an important part of the picture of your account.

Use photos of yourself, funny videos, pictures with filters, quotes and descriptions, pictures of your family, close friends, and of course, pictures of food.

8. Use captions

Make sure to add your own content to the posts.

They are essential because they tell people what you think and what you’re feeling at that particular moment.

Try to put as many details as possible and add many captions that tell your audience what you’re thinking at that moment.

9. Engage


Now you should try to engage with your followers and other users on Instagram.

Send new followers a message, engage with your competitors and promote your businesses with compliments.

10. Test the waters

Finally, try to test the waters on Instagram.

If you want to sell your products, you can ask people to follow you. If you want to promote something, you can ask people to comment on the pictures that you posted and help spread the word.

You can also follow brands and ask people to subscribe to your channel.

If you promote a new or unique product, don't put too much focus on the seller. Leave a small space in the caption for testimonials, and people will see that the product is real.

This goes for physical products and products you're selling online, too. Make sure to show people that the product is real and works.

Tap into emotion. Your photos should evoke a sense of pride, love, or excitement for whatever your product or service is.