Ways To Promote A Product

By Tiara Ogabang

Most modern marketing techniques, such as creating webpages, using Internet marketing campaigns, and sending emails, aren't enough to make sure that you can bring traffic and clients to your website. A promotional campaign is needed to gain attention and promote your business.

You don't necessarily need to hire a professional service such as a professional photographer to get a social media campaign up and running. You can set up a basic Facebook page and promote that in your local neighborhood.

Just do a quick search online and see what others are doing.

What if you’re not a designer?

If you're not a designer or digital marketing expert, you're probably wondering how you can get such a campaign up and running. One option would be to hire a graphic designer who can create a website for you.

That way, you can promote your campaign through a custom webpage.

However, if you don't have that budget available, you can use graphic design tools on your own to create a website with high-quality graphics that can help draw in the traffic you need to grow your business.

Your goal is to use graphics that will keep visitors engaged. These sites are very visually attractive and provide excellent user-friendly design features.

They are straightforward to navigate and make it easy for viewers to post on your page and get in touch with you.

Avoid making these mistakes.

Avoid making these mistakes

Avoid posting too many selfies with your kids. People tend to cringe at this, and, even worse, those photos will probably get them blocked from your page.

People tend to cringe at this, and, even worse, those photos will probably get them blocked from your page. Avoid posting photos of food, especially if you don't have any allergy issues.

It can be very distracting.

It can be very distracting. Avoid hashtags that have already been used.

Some sites have this pre-installed, so if that's what you use, use the code required to avoid your followers from seeing it.

Some sites have this pre-installed, so if that's what you use, use the code required to avoid your followers from seeing it. Avoid using too many GIFs or memes.

A great way to go viral is through video, so make sure you're using appropriate video content.

These posts will get the ball rolling and set the tone for the rest of your promotional content. After you're ready to share your next posts, you can include those photos or graphics.

It's all about playing to your audience's interests and sending them to the content they're most likely to want to see. Several free tools on the internet can help you do this.

For example, you can set up your own free Twitter account and follow other Twitter users' accounts. This way, you can discover interesting posts that your followers have tweeted.

Use surveys

Most people are aware of the power of the survey. Polls and surveys are some of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.

This can be useful in all kinds of areas, but it's beneficial for brand awareness and growing your social following.

Surveys allow you to get feedback from your customers. You can ask them questions regarding their thoughts on your business or service.

You can also get an idea of what they like or dislike about your product or service.

Remember to use the questions in a particular way. For example, you don't want to ask your followers if they like your product or service if you don't know their preferences.

By going through these stages, you can create a survey for different products or services your audience may be interested in.

Ultimately, this is the best way to find out what your audience truly wants. Ask your followers a few questions regarding what they think about your product or service.

Try to answer as many questions as possible to see where you can improve.

Use quizzes

If you're looking to get more followers, quizzes can help you out immensely. They're great for making people want to share your posts because they're so fun.

Just like polls, you can make it as complicated or as simple as you like.

You can make the questions as simple as possible or as complicated as possible. Some questions will be more relevant to your business, while others will be more general.

You can even make it interactive by asking your followers to answer questions via a text box, Twitter DM, Facebook post, or comments.

However you decide to ask your questions, they can be a compelling way to get even more traction.

Share video content

Share video conten

If you want to increase your social following, you need to use video content. People love video content because it helps them get a better understanding of who you are.

Your followers will be able to learn more about your brand by watching your videos. This will help you boost your search engine optimization and overall social media growth.

Find out what kinds of videos your audience likes and put out videos that match those interests. For example, if you make fitness-related videos, you may want to have a specific workout plan in your videos.

When people watch your videos, you want to make sure you offer value and provide enough information to help them get the most out of the content.

You can use social media to your advantage by sharing posts that are both engaging and educational. If you use the right tools, it will be easy to get your audience involved and give them the content they want.

Use customer support/engagement tools.

Start with the support tools. Today many companies provide free or paid customer support over email, chat, and social media.

Customers can get an immediate answer to questions on an issue they have or if they need additional information. The tools let you quickly identify where the best action is to take based on the issue.

Create a Trello list for posts

Social media teams usually use Trello or another system for scheduling. Use this tool to organize your upcoming posts.

Use the number of pages you are trying to achieve as a starting point. Next, add pages based on content.

Pages such as “Starts with the letter K,” “Karma,” and “Learn to code” make great posts for this purpose. If a post comes up on the backlog that is needed, then label the card as soon as possible and put it on the appropriate page.

This ensures posts are not missed.

Use Facebook ads

If your goal is to gain new customers for your product or service, then Facebook ads are the way to go. You can target people in your location based on their demographics and interests.

Facebook also allows you to send a post to a specific audience. For example, if you want to target local college students, you can set up a post that says: “Got free pizza? Check out this page”.

When they open the page, they see a coupon code for a pizza.

Use Google Analytics

The more analytics you have, the more you will measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

Create a sponsored post for your customer

It may be hard to get a large company to partner with you on a sponsored post. A great option is to sell a social media package to your customer, including running one or more sponsored posts.

You can sell a bundle of sponsored posts for a fixed number of days or set a certain target number of posts to send.

Create a form post

Create a form post

Another great idea is to post a form post. This is a great way to include customer surveys or questions in your social media posts.

When your customer completes the form, he or she is providing valuable information to you. Even if you already have some posts planned, you can use the form post to ask additional questions or more information.

The form post allows you to collect the information in bulk. Once you have completed the survey, you can use the information to refine future posts.

Use Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. Use it to increase your exposure for your business.

Use a photo slideshow.

Take a photo or several photos from your product, company, or experience. Then you can create a slideshow with music.

Choose your favorite photos, the images that are most likely to grab people’s attention. Then add some music and complete the slide show by moving the photos.

This creates a great example to show off your products or services.

Create an e-book

Use e-books to help drive sales and add customer value. Create an e-book that features blog posts that provide great value to your customers.

Your e-book could be anything from a blog post on how to use your product, to a story about a successful customer, to even a creative sketch. E-books can be hosted on your company website or an online e-book site.

Include a link in your social media posts. This creates a direct connection between you and your audience.

Use messaging to take ownership of your brand.

Business owners typically take full ownership of their brand. But, using social media to help build awareness of your brand can be very powerful. This is especially true if you go a step further by creating a long-term messaging strategy that focuses on the idea of taking ownership over your brand.

Create something new for each social media campaign. This gives you more opportunities to engage with customers and generate new ideas.


Always find ways to promote your product because it is key to increase your sales. If you’re running out of ideas, it’s best to form a creatives team that can help give you ideas.

Likewise, if you have surprises up your sleeve, your creatives team can materialize your vision and make things possible.

Utilize all the resources available, and learn to research to ensure that you don’t waste your efforts.