Visa Processing Steps

By Tiara

When you buy something online, your credit card company sends additional equipment to verify purchase! This includes verifying your address, confirming there are no pending orders for the item, and ensuring that someone who has access to the purchased item does not already have it.

This process is called “verification” of payment. Most vendors require several days to complete this step which is why it can take some time before you get notified by them about the sale being completed.

Apply for your visa

After you have received confirmation that your documents are authentic, you can now begin the process of applying for a visa. Depending on which country you want to visit and how long you will be there, this can be done online or through a VISA CENTER.

Online applications usually start with your nationality being selected, and then asking if you need a B1/B2 visitor visa or an entry eTA. If you do not know what these mean, we have provided some definitions here!

After that, the website may ask you to choose your preferred language in order to better understand all questions. You get to decide whether you would like a spoken or written version of the questionnaire, but it is always best to be prepared for any question.

Some websites offer you the chance to upload pictures or videos as well as answer more detailed questions. This helps prove who you are and what you plan to do while in the country, so make sure to update that information!

Once everything has been verified, you will be given a CONFIRMATION NUMBER AND DATE THAT YOUR APPLICATIONS HAVE BEEN PROCESSED!

You will also receive full instructions on where and when you must present yourself at the embassy or consulate to meet their deadlines.

Pay for your visa

visa processing steps

After you have received confirmation that your documents are valid and you have proof of payment, it is time to pay for your VISA!
You will be asked if you want to purchase a visa package or only buy individual components such as visas and airline tickets. If you only need a few things, then you can opt to only purchase those products separately.

Most companies offer very good discounts if you purchase a visa packa gle. They may even match the price of buying each item individually. We recommend buying a visa package to save money.

The cost typically includes the visa, air travel ticket, and hotel room reservation at a discounted rate. Many times, the company offers free night sleep-ups in their hotels, too.

Provide your documents

visa processing steps

Now that you have gathered all of your items, it is time to move onto the next step in processing your visa! You will now need to provide proof of your identity and legal residence status. This includes presenting your passport or national identification card, proof of residency such as a lease or house statement, and proof of employment such as a pay stub.

It is also important to remember that most countries require one to prove their relationship to the person for whom they are applying on behalf of. For example, if you are applying for work permission for a spouse or dependent, then you must present a marriage certificate. If you are applying for student visa permission, then you must show evidence of enrollment at an educational institution.

Hopefully your name has not changed since these documents were last issued! A lot of companies offer document services so look up yours online before picking them up from the office.

Confirm your date and time

visa processing steps

The next step in visa processing is confirming your visit with us, or what we call the confirmation deadline. This is when you must confirm your trip with us before they can process your visas.

Most countries have a grace period where there’s no need to confirm the stay until one week after arrival. Some even give two weeks! But most don’t. They expect you to be here soon after the initial appointment so that we can start gathering evidence for possible refusal of entry or expulsion if needed.

We recommend confirming within 24 hours as more than half the cases are refused due to lack of proof of travel arrangements.

Provide your location

visa processing steps

Now that you have received all of the needed information, it is time to start processing! Most banks will send someone to pick up important documents like proof of ID, proof of residence and sometimes even copies of your credit card.

These documents are used to verify your identity as well as determine if there are any discrepancies in your banking history or if anything seems suspicious. After this, they will process your visa and get you settled!

Many times, after being approved for a visa, people find that their bank does not agree to provide international money transfer services unless they also accept VISA as a form of payment. This can be tricky since some cards do not work with certain transfers.

Get your visa

visa processing steps

After you have gathered all of your documents, it is time to go pick up your new visa! Depending on where you live, how long you will be out of the country, and if there are any restrictions or requirements for returning home, you should make sure you know when visas expire.

Some countries require at least two weeks in their country before they issue the visa so that way you can spend those two weeks exploring and having fun. Make sure to check and see what regulations exist for returned tourists.

Take your visa

visa processing steps

After you have all of your documents ready, it is time to gather them and go! Most companies will ask for at least a photo IRL meeting before allowing entry into their country, which is totally fine.

They may also want to do some background checks or interviews via phone or chat apps like Whatsapp, Skype, or Facebook. This is completely normal process that every country has to go through when accepting people as citizens or residents.

These steps are not only done because countries require them, but so that we can be sure everyone is who they say they are! We cannot risk letting someone enter our borders with false information or documentation. It is very important that you confirm this step-by-step process before gathering your things and going out somewhere.

Keep your visa

visa processing steps

It is very important to stay in Canada past your visit visa expiration if you have made an effort to get approved for permanent residency or citizenship here.

Immigration officers can ask about this when they greet you at your next appointment, and will likely question whether you plan to remain in Canada after your PR/citizenship application has been processed.

If you are not sure what happens afterwards, chances are someone behind the scenes has informed them of our article today!

You should be aware that it’s impossible to apply for Canadian permanent resident status (PR) or citizenship after your return home from Canada unless you have valid travel documents and proof of sufficient funds to live there.

So even though your passport expires soon, you still need to make plans for what comes next because you would run into major roadblocks trying to renew it once back in Australia.