Visa Interview How Long Does It Take

By Tiara

Recent developments in hiring practices have led to what many refer to as the “glamor” interview. A glamour interview is typically more intimate than a standard, structured interview.

A glamour interview doesn't follow a clearly outlined structure, there are no questions given to you, and you don't get graded on how well you respond to them.

Instead, your potential employer chats with you about things that interest them, and they ask you questions related to those topics.

This can make for a much less formal experience, but it also has some major benefits. For one, it gives you more time to prepare yourself for the job — you have time to research candidates and determine if this is the place for you.

Another benefit is that, because there aren't hard and fast rules for each question, you may be able to talk more freely about yourself and what you want out of life. This could help you connect with someone else, or even find something new you love to do!

But while these types of interviews may seem casual, that doesn't mean they go by quickly. On average, an interviewer will spend around 10 minutes talking to each other before getting into a room together. That's not very long!

Given that most people have a career goal like having their own office, spending hours per week trying to hone their leadership skills, or looking forward to coming in every day, that isn't a good thing.

Prepare ahead

Before your interview, make sure to do some preparation. Check out our list of top tips for the best way to prepare for your visa interview.

Making sure you are well-prepared will help ensure that the time goes as smoothly as possible, and can even increase the chance that you get the job!

It’s also important to remember that the timing of your interview is up to the consulate, so be aware of their deadlines and don’t expect them to be in sync with yours.

In addition to those guidelines, here are some more things you should know about visa interviews:

Some consulates require you to bring proof that you have health coverage (proof of insurance). This can include documents showing you are enrolled in or receive benefits from an employer or government agency, or proof of individual medical insurance. You’ll need this before you enter Canada.

If you need to take medication, test it at home first and see if there are any instructions on how to use it while traveling. Some medications cannot be brought into Canada, so check before leaving for vacation!

Don’t forget to pack your passport, ID card, and medicine bag (for all forms of identification) in case they ask for these. Make sure to update your address information too, as this may change during your employment.

Now let’s look at some helpful hints and strategies for navigating the process at your next visa interview.

Dress the part

visa interview how long does it take

Before you show up for your visa interview, make sure to dress appropriately. You do not want to look like you did not put in any effort or spent no time preparing. Therefore, pick out some nice clothes that match and fit you well.

You do not have to bring many things with you, but it is better if you do! This way you can easily refresh after you spend too much time looking through everything.

We suggest having an eye doctor proof of health record, your passport, documents confirming your identity (like a driver’s license or state ID), and anything else that may be asked about during the meeting.

Research the company

visa interview how long does it take

Many companies have made their internal processes available to the public via their website or social media accounts. By looking at past interviews, talking with current employees, and researching the company on Google, you can get some great insights into what goes onto during an interview.

By speaking with colleagues who had similar experiences as you, there’s a chance your story will help inspire others. If there are any tips that seem relevant to your situation, talk about those!

That way you'll give yourself a head start by using lessons learned from other people's struggles, and you'll also hopefully pick up some helpful things for future interviews.

Come prepared

visa interview how long does it take

Before you show up for your visa interview, make sure to do some preparation. You should be ready with all of your documents and information including proof of employment, residence status, and any other qualifying factors under the immigration laws.

You will also want to have an idea of what questions they may ask and how long it could take them to get through each one. This way you are not wasted time waiting for answers that go unanswered or wrong ones that you accidentally say yes to!

And once you know what types of things can affect whether you stay in the country or not, you can prepare for those by proving yourself as a valuable member of society and/or showing understanding of the law.

We recommend doing research online about important points of this meeting and what might happen next.

Give them something to talk to you about

visa interview how long does it take

Many employers ask how long it takes people with jobs outside of banking to “latch onto a team” and what skills they need to succeed on that team.

This is very common for financial institutions like banks, but it isn’t limited to just those industries. This question can apply to any career field and anywhere in the world.

What most employers are looking for when asking this question is if you agree that there are things you must know or learn as part of your job, and if you can demonstrate that you have mastered these things, then great! But if you don’t, then maybe it’s time to look at up-levels of employment.

And while some positions require only one year of experience under their belt, others may demand five or even ten years depending on what they are. You will probably be made aware of such requirements during either the application process or the hiring process so make sure you are ready by knowing what those demands are.

Tell them about you

visa interview how long does it take

Now that you are ready for your interview, what kind of interviewer they will be depends mostly on how well you prepare! As such, it is very important to know yourself and what makes you feel confident.

Interviews can be tricky conversations so being familiar with yourself is key to having a good conversation.

What would make you more comfortable might help you gain some confidence as well. By knowing these things, you will be able to talk about yourself and what matters to you which will show your potential employer that you care about you and this organization.

Your strengths and weaknesses, career goals, hobbies, and loved ones all add depth to your personality which helps people connect with you. They may also inspire you to chat about things that matter to you.

By thinking about who you are and what makes you happy in your life, you will not only know yourself better, but you’ll also recognize what made your past interviews successful. - More tips here- interviewing-2124.

Be authentic

visa interview how long does it take

Even if you’ve done this interview format many times, do not worry! You can easily get through it as long as you are honest with yourself and what you know.

Budgeting is an integral part of being able to live in a foreign country. If you don’t budget, then you risk expensive surprises such as major medical emergencies or poor quality food.

I would recommend doing some research about how much things cost in the country where you will be living so that you aren’t spending too much money.

Also, make sure to eat cheap and regular foods for health so that you do not spend more money on fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, learn your destination language well so that you do not have trouble communicating.

General questions

The most common general question asked during the visa interview is why you want to live in X city. This seems very straightforward, but there can sometimes be sneaky trick questions under this umbrella.

These types of questions try to determine whether or not you will truly remain in the city after your initial visit. For example, will you still enjoy the city even when you are away? Or will you use the opportunity to explore other parts of the country?

If you feel like you will not stay put, then you should probably look into another city. That could be because you do not desire to reside there, or perhaps there just isn’t enough public transportation.

Think about where you want to go

visa interview how long does it take

The first time most people get a job is for low pay or even no pay, but with enough persistence and networking, you will find yourself in a more lucrative position.

With that said, how long does it take to land your dream job depends mostly on two things: what you are looking for and when you ask for it.

If you are not putting in the effort now, then you can’t expect to reap the benefits later. You need to be willing to work hard and spend money on transportation, snacks, and wardrobe changes until you find that perfect match.