Visa Interview Checklist

By Tiara

As much as possible, try to relax before your interview. Do not worry about having enough things for the interview or what you will say next- such thoughts can distract you.

Be well prepared and know ahead of time what questions are expected so you do not have to waste time looking them up! Also, be aware of how long the interview will last, this way you do not overshoot in time.

Once again, being relaxed will help you focus more on answering questions clearly and quickly.

Having all of our personal items with us is good practice since we will need them later if something happens. We should always be informed of who we will meet when coming into an office, but no one ever says ‘yes’ to that!

While it is nice to think we are ready for anything, unfortunately, that is impossible to prepare for completely. What people will ask and how you will respond depend very heavily on the person asking the question and yourself.

Brush your teeth

visa interview checklist

Before you arrive at your visa interview, make sure to brush your hair and take care of your personal hygiene. If you don’t feel comfortable looking in the mirror, then ask someone to check for you!

We all have different levels of stress before a job encounter, but being well-groomed and dressed appropriately can help reduce anxiety. Make sure to look presentable and include some grooming routines like washing your hands or putting on lip salve.

Many people also find that chewing gum helps keep their mouth busy and aids in relaxation. You should never put anything in your oral cavity that has not been sterilized as this could lead to infection.

Some other things to remember are: dress comfortably (we recommend business casual clothing), pack an easy-to-use phone, bring copies of documents, and drink plenty of water.

Once you have checked out and yourself, give yourself about half hour to get ready and dive into it with no distractions. Then, when you are totally prepared, go into the room confidently and without nervousness.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you in preparing for your next visit! Good luck and we hope you have a safe trip.

Use a deodorant

visa interview checklist

During your visa interview, the officer will likely ask you about any health conditions you have or treatments you are undergoing. If asked about serious health issues such as surgeries, hospital stays, or prescription medication use, make sure to include all of the information in depth!

It is very important that you be honest but do not say things like “I was feeling sick so I took x amount of medicine” if you did not take the medicine because you were feeling well.

The reason this can matter is because many medicines we use today require us to have a drug test done within weeks to months after we stop taking them. A positive result could affect whether you get approved for a visa or not.

We recommend using a cheap, going-away-for-few-days brand of deodorant to avoid too much scent. Just make sure it does not contain aluminum which some people are allergic to.

Floss your teeth

visa interview checklist

Now that you are all fully prepared, it is time to do something important! You have been advised to make sure your dental hygiene is up to par before the interview, but what does that mean?

Make sure to brush your hair and scalp thoroughly at least twice a week. If your hairstyle requires product, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner so as not to strip your skin of its protective layer.

After rinsing, apply some coconut or olive oil to your hands to help keep your nails strong and moisturized.

Brush your hair

visa interview checklist

It is very annoying to be stuck in an airplane for hours on end while your hair dries and you have to hold it up or use a hairdryer, so most employers will request that you bring a handbag/small purse with you into the interview. Therefore, having perfect nails and beautiful skin are important tools to showcase while you wait for your flight to get home or back from vacation!

Many people begin grooming their hair right after they wash it because this takes a few minutes and can be done quickly. However, failing to brush your hair may lead to it sticking together, which could make running out of the office more difficult than needed. Also, leaving your hair unbrushed makes it hang loose, which looks sloppy and ugly.

By starting early, just like you would with any other part of your body, you will save time later by yourself brushing yours. Not only does it take less time to do it earlier, but also doing it regularly helps keep your hair healthy and strong.

Check your lipstick

visa interview checklist

Before you arrive for your interview, make sure that you have checked your lip color under the appropriate regulations. Some employers will not allow you to wear makeup during the work day, so don’t risk being denied employment because of something as trivial as slightly darker lips.

Most major credit card companies do not require employees to be wearing white or black dress shoes with their business casual clothing, which means you should definitely check out what type of footwear you are planning on buying before they ask about it in the interview.

Some other items such as jewelry and hair decorations can be allowed, but there is no way to know if those were back-to-school season fashion trends until after the job offer has been extended.

Check your makeup

When you arrive for your visa interview, make sure that you are well-prepared to address some major issues! If you do not take time to prepare yourself for this meeting, you could face significant delays or even be unable to visit at all.

Many countries require two years of continuous residency before they will grant full citizenship. During this waiting period, employers must confirm that you have no criminal records or other indications of poor character. It is very difficult to gather such information unless you agree to go through an oral examination with their staff.

If you cannot prove these things, then it can seriously hurt your chances of becoming fully qualified. Even if you are granted tourist visas, you may still need proof of return travel plans after your stay in the country has expired. A plane ticket is usually sufficient, but sometimes additional documents are needed.

Make sure that you check your makeup kit before you start preparing for the interview. Some national governments require you to bring certain documentation, so leaving home without having done your best to be prepared could cost you dearly.

Bring a friend

visa interview checklist

Having a second set of ears can be very helpful when you’re being interviewed by multiple people about things that are important to you. A friend or family member can also play an integral part in helping you feel more relaxed and confident during your interview.

It is not uncommon for employers to invite friends, family members or colleagues along with them while interviewing someone. This is particularly common for higher level positions such as those requiring seniority or experience so that they can get a sense of how well this person works with others and if they would fit into the company culture.

By having a third party present, it creates an internal support system which can help mitigate any nerves or tension the employer may perceive from the interviewer. It also gives you another source of information because they can sometimes miss non-verbal cues like body language.

In addition to all of these reasons, having a companion helps reduce stress outside the workplace since most people are allowed one personal day every seven days.

Tell your friends that you will be doing this interview

visa interview checklist

Before you arrive for your visa interview, tell your friends that you have been invited to do an in-person meeting with them at their office or location.

This is very important as there may be times when they ask if you know anyone else who is coming, and it can look suspicious if you reply “no”.

By telling your friend about the interview, they can watch and support you from back home!

They will also know what time you need to meet up for the appointment and how to get a hold of you should something go wrong.