V Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

Recent events have made it clear that even though there is no formal process to issue visa-based work permits in Canada, employers still depend upon them heavily.

This article will talk about how business use of the V class visa has become increasingly common as companies look to hire workers from outside of Canadian borders.

It will also discuss why processing time for these visas can take upwards of a year, or longer, and what you can do to speed up the application process.

Lastly, we will review some ways that employers can help facilitate the process by being conscious of immigration laws and regulations.

How long does it take to process a V visa?

v visa processing time

It takes about one week, on average, for a business to get all of its documents together to submit an I-129 petition. This includes gathering proof that you will be able to pay your bills while working in America, as well as proving employment eligibility.

Businesses are allowed to have up to twenty-four months after submitting their petition before they receive notice from US Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) whether or not their petition has been approved. After this time frame, employers must reapply for permission to work in the United States.

This can hurt workers who have already spent significant amounts of money traveling to apply for jobs and begin work in another country. Because of this, there is a ninety day limit on how long an employer may wait for a response from USCIS.

My application was denied, what should I do now?

v visa processing time

If your visa has been denied, you can still have life after immigration! This is very important to note as there are some rumors that say if your visa is denied you will not be able to stay in the country at all. This cannot be farther from the truth!

It is possible to reapply for VISA status or work authorization within one year of being denied entry into the United States. It is also possible to apply outside of this time frame, but it may make it more difficult to obtain employment while waiting for approval.

By law, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a one-year grace period during which they review applications. During this time, USCIS employees must complete their job, so it could take anywhere from several weeks to months before applicants receive word about whether their documents and information were sufficient to approve them for travel to America.

During this process, employers often want proof of employment. They may ask to see an approved letter confirming your position with us, a confirmable email address, or even a certified copy of your passport.

Can I get a visa if my passport is expired?

v visa processing time

Even though your passport has an expiration date, you can still travel internationally as long as your VISA is not due within six months of arrival. If it is, you cannot enter the country until those 6 months have passed.

However, what most people don’t realize is that there’s another way to obtain a VISA even when your passport expires in less than six months! The process requires going into more detail about your personal life, but fortunately, professionals are available to help you out.

In fact, they’ll take care of all of this for you! There are many companies that offer visa services where you do not need to worry about anything related to visas – from finding eligible applicants to collecting documents to finalizing applications. All of these things are done by professional staff so that you can focus on living your own life.

What is the difference between a B1/B2 visa and a V visa?

v visa processing time

A business trip or tourist visit does not require a visa for most countries if you have an appropriate amount of time to return home. For this reason, there are two different types of visas that can be issued: The Visitor (V) Visa and the Business (B) Visa.

The only real difference between these two types of visas is how long they give people permission to stay in the country. A V visa allows one to remain in the country for up to six months, while a B visa gives longer term authorization.

Usually, individuals who need a visa also have their passport copied during this process to ensure it’s valid before they leave.

What are the requirements for obtaining a visa?

v visa processing time

The other major type of non-immigrant visa is the tourist or business traveler. These individuals are typically traveling for tourism, business, or both. They will require a travel document (such as a passport) to prove their identity and proof of sufficient funds to return home after their trip.

Next, they must have an airline ticket – usually with a carrier that can verify that they will be returning home later. This ticket needs to show your name, contact information, and proof of flight departure and arrival times.

After this, most countries require at least two weeks’ worth of proof of adequate health insurance coverage while abroad. Many do not, however, so check out what kind of health care you will receive if you suffer an injury or get sick during your vacation!

Some employers may also need additional documents proving employment beyond just a job offer. All of these things must be in order before an individual can be granted entry into the country as a visitor.

Can I get a visa if I plan to travel to __________?

v visa processing time

Visas are not a quick process, even when done online! This is true for both business or tourist visas. But, what most people don’t realize is that it can take many weeks to obtain your visa after you have submitted all of your applications.

There are several reasons why this happens, but one of the biggest factors is timing. The consulate has a set number of days each month to review and process visa applications. These months vary from year to year and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a given month to complete everything.

Another reason could be an unexpected major life event like a wedding or graduation that pushes things back. Or maybe the person processing your application goes on vacation or sick leave. No matter the cause, we can’t do anything about these events, but we can make sure we keep ourselves updated and stay organized so that we don’t create additional stress.

If you need help staying organized, try using the free mobile app “MyVisaTrack.com.” You can upload all of your visa documents and track their status directly from your phone. You also get notified via text message and email as soon as something new comes up. It’s our duty as travelers to keep informed of any changes to our plans, but it’s especially important during times of international transition.

What are the popular countries people go to on a V visa?

v visa processing time

One of the most common ways to get a V visa is to apply in your home country, then travel to another country where you are able to stay for a limited amount of time before heading back to Canada or leaving the continent.

Canada has a rule that if you have a V visa and you enter an additional country within the past six months, your V visa can be revoked. This happens because it looks like you left the continent to visit a non-EU country during this period, which breaks the rules.

If this happened to you, you would not be allowed into Europe or any other EU country for at least one year, and possibly longer depending on how long it takes to process your passport. You could also face deportation.

There is some leeway with this policy when the person who owns the V visa meets the requirements to return, but only slightly.

What are the consequences of overstaying on a V visa?

v visa processing time

Overstaying your visa will have serious repercussions. To remain in Canada as a non-immigrant can result in deportation, criminal charges, or both.

If you stay longer than your permitted time, there is no guarantee that Immigration officials won’t find out. They may ask for proof of employment or health insurance, which could pose a problem if you don’t have them yet.

You also might not be able to return to Canada for several years, even if you aren’t deported. You would need to apply for reentry under the Expatriate Working Holiday Maker (EWHM) program or similar, and prove you’ve been living abroad fulltime.

There is no way to extend your V visa once it has expired.