Use Famous in A Sentence

By Tiara

A famous sentence is a special type of sentence that adds significant value to a piece or article. It is like a cherry on top of the food item, you need it for flavor!

A famous sentence typically sounds very formal and profound. They are usually linked to a topic or argument, but still sound definitive and solid.

* It can be a question asked at the end of an essay or statement as a proof or conclusion
* It can be a main clause that is then attached to a longer compound term or phrase (like “the best” followed by a list)
* It can be a word or set of words repeated in context to emphasize its importance (e.g., the word “important” used several times in a paragraph)

The underline the importance of this tool in writing is that most people cannot create them. This makes them valuable natural resources we have access to. You do not have to be a professional writer to include some in your style and tone!

This also implies that once someone learns how to write a well-crafted sentence they will probably never suffer from word scarcity again. I know, hard to believe, but true.

Famous words

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Even more powerful are some of the shorter, but still very famous phrases or sentences that have left an impact on the world. These include such classics as “A few simple changes to your lifestyle can make a dramatic difference in your health” or “You will never lose weight if you don’t love yourself”.

There are many other examples of famous statements, all encouraging people to do things they've already started doing anyway. For instance, there's "Just say yes", "Don't be afraid to ask" and my personal favorite, "Take good care of this person."

These types of messages work because they connect with something we're already aware of- what makes us feel bad about ourselves is not helpful for our long term wellbeing. By learning how to accept and appreciate who we are now, we begin preparing for who we want to become in the future.

I believe these types of motivational speeches could help anyone achieve their dreams and goals.

Famous blog posts

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There are few instances when someone truly breaks away from the pack and becomes famous for something they wrote alone. However, there are several well-known blogs that were not only constructed by their writers, but also include some catchy headlines or bullet points that helped them get recognized.

Influence may not be directly related to what you write, but to how you write your content and to what tone you use with your messages. By clearly establishing yourself as an authority in your field, you’ll gain credibility that will help you promote your own products and services.

Here are five examples of how having a powerful bullet point can win you fame.

Famous books

Many famous stories begin with an event, situation or dialogue that lead to a dramatic conclusion. Sometimes, they are framed in indeterminate time frames, leaving you wondering if the character will escape their fate or not.

Some tell a story through parallel narratives, making it difficult to determine who is more powerful. An example of this would be The Room, written by Daniel Waters. There are two main characters in the book: A person and the memories of past events held within them.

If you read such novels while high on drugs or alcohol, the power can shift back and forth depending on what mood you’re in.

Famous movies

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Many famous films feature powerful, dramatic scenes that have left audiences around the world cheering and/or crying. These scenes often go beyond the call of duty as they strive to tell an important story while also making you feel something for at least one of the characters.

Some examples of this are when Bruce Wayne (Batman) discovers his parents’ murder in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight or when Harry Styles finds out about the death of his fiancee in Me And My Girl by John Hughes. Both of these scenes effectively show how much each person cares about the other and sets up strong emotions within the audience.

There is no doubt that watching these stories can leave you feeling good either way so why not add some gut-wrenching drama to your own life? If someone close to you has just broken their promise then take some time to yourself and do what you need to before you interact with them again. You will soon realize that there is a gap in their friendship which makes it easier to move onto more neutral things.

Famous artists

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Artists are very popular these days, which is why it’s easy to feel like you’re struggling as an artist. You can watch YouTube videos of famous artists doing their thing and think that you’ll never be good enough to make it.

Some people seem to have a natural talent for drawing or painting, and they’ve been able to develop it into a career. This inspiration is what helps you get started as an aspiring artist.

But there’s another way to become a well-known artist. And this isn’t necessarily better than being gifted with artistic talents, but it is different. It’s called the creative writing method, and we’ll talk more about it in just a minute.

Famous scientists

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There are many famous sentences in science that people know and use to describe what things mean. Some of these famous phrases apply to various fields, while others are field-specific. Many of these scientific cliches were first used as metaphors or descriptions, then later converted into formal statements with proof. Others are just plain funny!

Here we will discuss one such famous sentence, and how you can use it in your writing. The classic phrase is “The more diversity there is in our population, the better”.

Diversity is defined as differences among individuals who belong to the same group (race, gender, socioeconomics, etc.). A diverse population is made up of different types of people, which means that each person has unique characteristics. This concept applies not only to physical traits, but also mental and emotional ones.

In fact, research shows that having an ethnically and culturally diverse environment helps develop social skills, self-confidence, empathy, and respect for other cultures. These qualities play a major role in creating strong communities and relationships.

According to another theory, minority groups provide balance to majority groups. Because there are always minorities around us, this force keeps average group members in check. On the opposite side, the presence of majorities gives momentum to aggressive behavior, since there are never too many of them. Both theories emphasize the importance of diversity in society.

Using this principle in your writing may help convey your message more clearly.

Famous philosophers

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Some famous philosophical phrases or statements come from great thinkers that have left their mark on history. These are definitely worth studying as they contain some important lessons in philosophy.

One such phrase is “Know thyself”, which comes directly from the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. This saying has been adapted and interpreted many times throughout history. It was first recorded by his disciple Plato in The Republic, one of Socrates’s major works.

Socrates considered this to be an impossible task because we can never truly know who we are at our core- what makes us who we are. We ourselves change constantly, so how could we possibly identify one constant trait?

He also believed that only two things were worthy of attention: knowledge and wisdom. By spending your time focusing on learning, you will eventually find both. You will discover what makes you knowledgeable and you will learn about what makes you wise.

Famous politicians

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There are many ways to gain notoriety, but one of the most common is by using a dramatic sentence that makes a strong statement. A famous politician may use a short, polemical sentence to get attention. They might emphasize or exaggerate something to make an impact. Or they could include some powerful imagery or symbolism in their speech.

For example, during his presidential campaign, Donald Trump would often boast about how much money he made. This was usually followed up with him saying how rich he was compared to everyone else.

This inspired other people to start counting how wealthy they were too. Many people feel like they’re not as well off as President Trump so they try to match his level of wealth. It is very important to note that being wealthy is not the same thing as being rich.

The first has nothing to do with the second so don't confuse them. By defining who is richer you take away from the prestige that person originally had. People's perception of what it means to be rich will also change because there is no standard definition.