US P3 Visa: Why Is It Important?

By Tiara

As mentioned before, working in Canada with a non-permanent resident visa is possible if your employer can prove to immigration authorities that you will contribute to the success of their business by performing essential functions.

This type of work permit is called a “Permanent (or long term) Visitor” or "Visiting" Permit. This article will cover some important points about how to stay legal and pay taxes while working here as a visiting professional.

We'll also look at some things you should know about staying active in Canadian society while living here. These include finding local community events, learning some basic French, and exploring more of the city than just its downtown area.

Who can get a P3 visa?

us p3 visa

There are two main types of visas that allow you to live and work in Canada as a professional trainer or consultant. These are known as entry level resident visas, or ELVs, and Professional Training Visas (PTVs).

The most common type of residency program for international professionals is an extended visitor (PTV) visa. This allows qualified individuals to come to Canada for up to one year to perform paid employment as a business manager, marketing specialist, accountant, etc.

These individuals must have proof they will be returning home within six months of their visit. Beyond this time frame, it becomes more difficult to prove eligibility.

A second type of PTV visa is available to those who will remain in Canada beyond the initial six month period. To qualify, employers must certify that there are no suitable Canadian candidates for the position.

This certification comes from Human Resources at the workplace where the individual would normally reside. Once again, proofs needed to stay longer than six months need to be solid. Make sure to check out our article about working while on a tourist visa first!

To become eligible for an ELV or PTV, you will need to show you meet both medical and financial requirements. The former refers to health issues such as HIV test results, TB tests, etc., while the latter refer to enough money to sustain yourself here.

We recommend talking to Immigration Consultants and Employers in Canada to see which programs may fit your needs.

How can I get a P3 visa?

us p3 visa

Being able to work in Australia as an international student is a great way to earn money while studying here. But before you apply, there are some requirements that must be met. One of these is having a valid passport that isn’t expired and has all the necessary documents such as proof of health insurance.

A working holiday visa (P-3) allows your to stay in Australia for up to three years, but it cannot be extended past this time frame. This means that you will need to find employment soon after arriving!

There are many ways to gain Australian work visas so do not worry about whether or not you have everything ready. There are several agencies and websites with helpful information so do some research online.

Hopefully you already know how to prepare your documentation, now let us talk about what kind of job opportunities are available to students.

What happens after I get the P3 visa?

us p3 visa

After you have received your P3 visa, you will need to make arrangements for where you will live while here. This can be done through an employer or by finding roommates or a house to rent or buy.

It is very important that you understand how much money you have available to survive while in Singapore. If you do not have enough money to live on, it would be difficult to maintain health care coverage, pay bills, and eat daily meals.

You should also know what taxes you owe in Singapore so that you do not overpay due to forgetting about them.

Can I get a P3 visa if I live in China?

us p3 visa

If you are living in mainland China as of today, you do not need to worry about getting a P3 visa. This is because most people residing in the country are already eligible!

Pursuant to Article 3(1)(b) of the General Requirements for Entry into Singapore with Long Term Stay (“Entry LTST”), any foreigner who has lived in Singapore for more than six months automatically becomes an ‘entry resident’. An entry resident does not have to apply for residency here before staying in Singapore beyond their initial 6 month period.

This article focuses on how Singaporean citizens can obtain permanent residence status through marriage or employment. It is important to note that even though it is possible for non-citizens to gain citizenship by marrying a citizen, this will NOT include the right to work in Singapore.

What are the requirements for a P3 visa?

us p3 visa

The requirement to work while on a business trip is known as the Work and Travel (WTO) rule. This was first put into place in 2007, when then-President George W Bush signed an executive order that allowed employers to require their employees to have approval from your employer before traveling or engaging in any kind of paid activity during hours they are being worked.

Since then, it has become common practice for employers to implement this policy. For example, if you’re working at a job where you spend part of your day outside of normal office hours, your employer may ask you to coordinate time off with them just so you can take breaks during those non-work times.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! In fact, many professionals find this to be a helpful way to run their businesses because it gives them more freedom. If you ever feel like you’re being asked too much by your boss, talk to your superiors about other ways to satisfy the WTO rule without having to give up valuable time away from work.

What are some reasons I might not be approved for a P3 visa?

us p3 visa

One of the most important things to check before you apply is if you have lived in Australia as an Australian citizen for at least three years. If you do, your application will go much more smoothly!

You will also need to make sure that your home country does not issue visas to individuals with active citizenship or work rights in another country. This includes having a working permit in your own country or being employed with local company cards.

If this is not the case, we can’t help you apply for a visa here. We would only be able to send your documents back to your home country where they could decide whether or not to grant you a visa there instead.

What are some things I should consider before I get a P3 visa?

us p3 visa

As mentioned earlier, working while on a P3 visa is not illegal, but it does require you to be vigilant about your immigration status.

You must also make sure that you do not overstay in Canada. If you stay longer than six months, you will need to apply for permanent residency or leave Canada.

It’s very important to understand what documents you have when leaving Canada so as to prevent any issues upon returning.

A lot of employers check criminal records prior to hiring, which could affect your employment opportunities once back in Australia.

What are the different types of P3 visas?

us p3 visa

The Professional Visit (P-Visit) is one of the most common type of business visa for professionals to travel to the United States for work. You must have proof that you will be working during your stay in America, and it cannot be for just for vacation.

You also need to make sure that you will return to your home country after your visit in the US has ended. This is called a repatriation.

There is an extra form that professional workers have to fill out before coming onto a PV program. This form asks about any criminal charges or convictions against you, as well as if you own a house or car in both your homeland and here.

The forms ask whether either one can easily be liquidated, so there should not be too much worry about having enough money back home.