U.s. Visa Interview Appointment

By Tiara

Starting this week, there will be an increase in visa interview appointments for U.S. employers seeking to hire foreign workers. This is due to changes made by President Trump that require all employers to have proof they have tried every possible option before bringing someone into the country.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced these new regulations back in May. Since then, many large corporations have already completed their internal processes and are waiting for DHS’s approval, which can take weeks or even months.

Once approved, most companies will need to coordinate with different departments and agencies within DHS to make sure everything has been done ahead of time. These include things such as notifying local police departments of employment, running background checks, and verifying employee documents and work authorization.

After all of this happens, it can sometimes take several more days until an employer receives confirmation from another department at DHS that the job offer position is valid. If this process takes longer than expected, employers may need to start the hiring process over, which could cost them money in fees and lost wages.

This article will go into detail about what types of documentation employers must have when offering a job to a foreigner and why this policy change was needed. It will also talk about some helpful tips for individuals who may get hired through one of these businesses and how to prepare themselves if this situation arises.

Know your company

u.s. visa interview appointment

A growing number of visa interviews are being done via phone or through online applications. This is known as virtual visa interview, VVI for short. Companies have different policies about how they conduct VVIs, so be sure to check with yours!

Most companies will give you their instructions before the interview, which include what time frame it should last and what documents need to be prepared.

Some require you to bring in copies of these documents during the appointment, while some only ask you to upload them onto your device later. Some go even further by asking you to send an email copy or making arrangements to do this right after the interview.

Don’t worry if you are not able to download all of these things ahead of time- some companies let you know that e-mail addresses and devices are allowed to take place at the final stage! Just make sure to have enough time to prepare before the appointment to no longer feel nervous.

Prepare your list of questions

u.s. visa interview appointment

After arriving at your interview, you will be given a little time to look around and get settled before being asked to start talking about why you want to come to America and spend some time here.

Many employers have a standard set question for job seekers: what are my strengths? This is a great way to gain insight into how you perceive yourself and how you feel about certain things. It also gives them an idea of whether or not you’re able to handle new assignments easily.

By asking this question, they’re trying to find out more about you as a person. They may be looking to see if you use these skills in other areas, too. For example, does someone who praises themselves for their strength really takes responsibility for others’ success when there’s no one else involved?

Another common question that most employers ask is something like “what do you know about us?” Or perhaps it’s something along the lines of “why are you interested in our company?” These types of questions require you to talk about yourself and why you believe you would fit into the position.

Confidence is everything

u.s. visa interview appointment

This week, you will be attending your second-to-last interview for potential employment with us!

Congratulations on making it this far in the process! You have been working hard to present yourself as the best version of you since early on when we first interviewed you.

You've done your research, prepared thoroughly, and shown how enthusiastic you are about the position. Your confidence has improved over time, which has helped you feel more at ease with who you are as a person.

This makes you feel happier inside, which can help you perform better during the rest of the day.

Be proactive

u.s. visa interview appointment

After you receive confirmation of your appointment, you will have just under one week to prepare for it. Don’t wait until the day before to do anything!

It is very common to feel nervous or stressed out right after an interview. It makes sense though – why would anyone want to work for a company that can’t keep its promises?

By being in advance with everything you need to focus on how to put yourself together, and what things you should be doing ahead of time, we hope you’ll give us this A+.

And while there is no way to completely eliminate nerves, by being well prepared, you’re giving yourself some helpful tools to cope.

Positive attitude

u.s. visa interview appointment

A few days ago, you were invited to an internal meeting for your department. The meeting was about a major project that will have significant impacts on the company. Some people needed this meeting more than you did, which is why they asked them first.

However, it seems like someone in another department wanted to meet and chat very much. They set up their appointment twice as long and made sure everyone knew about it. This could make you feel bad because you need this meeting even less than they do.

But instead of being nervous or angry about how these other people are acting, try to be positive. Think about all the times when you had a similar meeting and what benefits you received from it. You might learn something new about the organization, its leadership, or yourself.

Such meetings can help you grow at work if used effectively.

Be familiar with your company

u.s. visa interview appointment

A lot of people start studying for their visa before they even know anything about the organization that will be interviewing them, or what kind of job they work at!

This is very common because most companies offer free trial days where you can apply to become a part of the company so that you don’t have to pay fees until then. Many employers also give you a chance to visit their facilities before hiring you, which helps ensure that this person works for you!

By being aware of who your employer is and what position they hold in the field, you will be much more prepared for the interview. You should do some research and learn as much information as possible about their successes and failures, how well they manage their workplace, and whether there are any reports of under- or overstaffing.

Knowing these things will help you determine if this situation is similar to one past employers went through, and whether it would put you into mental preperation modes for such situations.

Write your resume again

u.s. visa interview appointment

Even though you may have spent time creating and editing your very good career summary, it is important to do it for a second time because that story can get lost in translation when employers look at it.

Your job summary is one of the most powerful parts of your résumé, so make sure it stands out. Include keywords and emphasize why you are a great fit for the company.

It’s also a good idea to include how well you worked with people, what achievements you made, and what skills you possessed. If possible, refer to examples of your work to add weight to those points.

You will probably be asked about experiences beyond your employment period, such as taking courses or training programs, giving yourself credit for them. These are fine, but be careful not to go into too much detail, as that could look like you're trying to pad your CV.

Practice interviewing

u.s. visa interview appointment

After arriving at your appointment, the next thing you will be asked is if you have any questions for this company or the position. So what do you do? You prepare a question ahead of time!

That way you are not caught off guard when they ask you why it was so important to you to work here. Plus, you’ll know what to say!

It’s also smart to research the company online and read some interviews with past employees. That gives you an idea of how things are run and whether anything seems out of place or unnatural.

And while there’s no wrong way to answer that question, you can start by saying something like, “I am very interested in learning more about the organization and its culture,” or, “I would love to learn more about the job and the company,” depending on what you feel most comfortable with.