Top Places To Promote Music

By Tiara Ogabang

The music industry is an ever-evolving place, and because of that it is difficult to keep up with. One thing that music producers have to remember, however, is that while they work with new talented artists and cover other music people are constantly creating music to rival that which has been released in the past.

The other aspect of the music business is that often new artists are put out without marketing materials that would promote the work and help it find its way into the public’s eye.

This is where musicians who already have fans and want to expand their audience have to look for ways to promote their music and gain some profit. In order to promote music effectively, one must start by looking at the top places to promote music.

Music-related websites

First and foremost, it is important that the musician looking for a place to promote their music be willing to share promotional materials with their fans. From there, the musician has to do some research, as this is a huge factor in which website a musician chooses to advertise their music.

Radio stations

The music industry is evolving and new radio stations are emerging. In order to be noticed, a musician must find the best sites to advertise their music and get exposure to their fans.

Online media

Online media such as websites and blogs can provide an opportunity to gain exposure for the musician’s music and attract fans. Even if the musician cannot write for a publication, they can always provide some promotional material, such as pictures of their latest song or interview snippets.

Music trade magazine

Of course, the music industry is not all about online media. There are also a number of trade magazines that artists can submit their work to, and these magazines will often publish interviews with musicians and article about new music releases and bands.

Music trade forums

Another form of promotion, is to use social media to discuss music with other artists and other musicians. Music trade forums also exist and can allow for a musical exchange with other musicians who are sharing information about music and music trends.


In addition to social media sites, another place to gain some publicity and find a large audience is through Facebook. This site also has the potential to connect musicians and fans through the event that is held every day.

There is a massive community of music lovers on Facebook who share information and communicate through Facebook profiles.

Digital music distribution platforms

Music distribution platforms such as Spotify and Pandora are platforms that artists can use to connect with listeners. If a musician’s song makes it to a number one position in a Spotify chart, for example, that artist can immediately reach out to that fan and see if they would like to purchase the song.


For musicians looking for a way to increase their audience, the video is the way to go. There are a number of different ways that music videos can help spread music, and this is another way for a musician to be seen and heard.


Like other forms of media, podcasts are growing in popularity. A recent article from the Inquisitr describes a new feature on Apple’s music app that allows for users to listen to music they have created.

For musicians, this provides a perfect way to promote their music through something that they are already known for.


Another way to promote music and get it in front of potential fans is to use videos. For musicians that want to use vlogging to reach an audience, YouTube is the place to be.

Musicians that want to vlog can find a number of popular people to follow who provide commentary on music and sometimes talk about their personal lives.

Social media

While social media is not an important factor when promoting music, it can be a great way for a musician to connect with fans. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are extremely popular and can help artists to promote their music and get it in front of more people.


Pandora is another music streaming service that can help artists to be seen by more people. While artists can have a profile on Pandora to promote their music, musicians can also upload music directly to the service so that Pandora’s listeners can hear what music the artist is promoting.

Music publishers

As part of their licensing agreement, a music publisher will provide the artists with publishing credits for the songs they create. These credits can provide opportunities for musicians to receive royalties for their music, and for publishing companies to collect fees from artists for music that they distribute.

Album distributors

Album distributors

Perhaps one of the most important ways for a musician to reach their audience is through album distributors such as Kobalt or Interscope Records. These distributors will receive a commission when an artist’s album is sold and will also work to promote a musician’s music.

Online media agents

Another form of music promotion is through online media agents such as PR Newswire or Media Online. These agents assist with the production of an artist’s press releases, websites, and websites that focus on the promotion of a musician’s music.

In the music industry, advertising and marketing strategies are just as important as creating great music.

With today’s digital age, it’s a win-win situation for any musician looking for some great ways to promote their music and stay on top of the music industry.