Tools And Strategies For Online Reputation Management

By Promo Panda Staff

Intended for start-ups and SMEs, it can be of use to even big companies and authorities. Use the tools here to your advantage to maximize your brand presence online.

Here is an example of a workflow for managing online reputation.

In this workflow, you use many tools and tactics to manage your online reputation, for example, through the use of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and a mix of tools (in this example, to evaluate mentions about your company or product), and the interactions with your competitors. In short, it is a workflow to optimize your online reputation.

Another way of improving your brand’s reputation: by adopting the “loyalty program.”

Another way of improving your brand’s reputation is to adopt a loyalty program: reward your loyal customers and refer new ones, for example, through an incentive program that’s of low monetary value but a lot of goodwill, like a gift or coupons, to be distributed to the community.

On the web: you can create your own website

You can create your own website

For beginners, creating a website is not a task that will scare you. If you are a start-up or SME, you are limited by your resources and potential.

Using a free website generator like Weebly or Wix and setting up a basic website (ideal for marketing) for free is something you can easily achieve. By doing that, you will also increase your branding and reputation and gain followers and fans.

Using a free website generator, as well as uploading your company logo and branding (which you can get for free from, you can build and maintain a website, getting an image online. Creating a website aims to show to potential customers and potential partners that you’re a serious and innovative business.

You can have your own blog for free, as long as you’re interested in marketing. If you want to improve your reputation and have the money, you can buy ads on websites like Yelp, which will be of great use for your brand.

If you are a start-up or SME, getting an ad placed on the site is also an important part of increasing your brand’s visibility. If you need promotion, check out places like RedaGo for a range of promotional packages.

Using social media and keywords for search engines

Using social media and keywords for search engines

Many companies and individuals have been asking for paid advertising on Google and other search engines. With the help of an experienced social media and search marketing company, you can buy the ads.

That being said, if you don’t have the budget to spend on this, you can use the available tools for search engines to improve your search results. For example, doing keyword research on Google and using keyword optimization is something you can do.

Many start-ups and SMEs could be satisfied with SEO's service at least once in their life cycle. For many start-ups, it’s easy to overlook this service.

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Using tools like Semrush, here are the most important steps:

  • List of search terms you wish to promote your brand with.
  • Google keyword research.
  • Testing the initial keywords to make sure they are getting a good search engine placement.
  • List keywords with positive sentiment.

Also, use the following two steps:

  • Use Twitter’s “analytics tool.”
  • Search for users that followed your brand and tweet to them. This is a tool that Google Analytics can’t provide.

Optimizing your websites for Google

Optimizing your websites for Google

First, you need to fix the website so that Google will give it a better ranking. You should be aware that the Google rankings won’t improve your page quality, but rather it will improve the search engine exposure.

Here are the following steps you can take to optimize your website for Google:

Use live link building to improve your website visibility in Google search engine results pages (SERP).

This is one of the most crucial things to improve the visibility of your website. There are two ways to optimize your website.

Using RSS feeds to update your website homepage and RSS feeds to your other pages quickly is an excellent way to improve your visibility in Google.

Some websites use robots.txt files to prevent spiders from crawling your website. This can be a major issue when your website is using XML sitemaps.

It’s recommended to use HTTP 302 redirects to automatically redirect your visitors to a new URL (typically a 301 redirect).

Using HQLo (Hahlo, URL Hopping, or URL Sampling), you can test how your website appears in Google Search in different environments, including mobile and in comparison to your website’s organic results.

Our clients have asked for some tools to do this. We have developed a few tools for our clients and have shared them with our community.

We wanted to give back to our customers and readers, so we have gone over a few of the tools we offer.