THIS is How you Promote Yourself on Twitch

By Tiara Ogabang

It's very easy to become lost in the huge selection of channels on Twitch. One channel you could watch every day and never come across. One you will see and jump on just because of the number of subscribers it has, but have never considered it as an option.

Today I want to show you how to promote your channel to its full potential and push it out in front of the whole Twitch community. There are so many channels, and you can spread your wings to find the ones that suit you.

Promote yourself in online media

If you are serious about your career you want to get magazines written about you.

This is how you get a Wikipedia page, this is how you get SEO around your name and channel, and this is how you get credible endorsement about your channel!

So in short, you really need it if you want to become famous.

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Don't give up on the very first day

It might seem like Twitch is all about immediate views, but it's not the truth. The aim is not to have a few views and then be done, but to have that one that lasts. The first view doesn't have to be the best, or a number that puts you into the top.

The aim is to give an impression that the channel is worth watching.

Start streaming as early as possible

I recommend people do a couple of small videos a week to create an aura around their channel.

This will set you apart from the average. You can show the number of subscribers and channel rating, but even better is to show the quality of the video.

Put that YouTube video out of date and make something original.

Join a lot of streams


I cannot stress this enough. One of the biggest mistakes people make is joining only a few of a huge amount of channels. You will probably never get to talk to them anyway, but joining a lot of channels gives you the opportunity to see what is possible.

Don't use commands with the chat

It's not recommended to use game keys or other actions in the chat. At the same time, chat may become spammy if you are constantly spamming chat or getting responses.

There are systems in place to prevent it. Just make sure that you don't tell people to follow you, because this may cause more problems.

Watch other streams

It's a good idea to sit and watch other streams.

You might not realise it, but the people who are watching your own stream will almost certainly be watching yours. This is a good way of building a follower base.

Don't be afraid to talk

People come to your streams to hear your personality. They can mute you if they want but the idea is that people listen to you and get swept up in your personality.

Don't feel pressure to talk all the time, but if you have something to say, go for it!

Skip chat if you want to show something

A lot of people use the chat to get their point across, but people will start to ignore you if they aren't watching what you're saying. Remember the best rule in filmmaking: Show don't tell.

It doesn't mean that you can't have a conversation with someone who is watching your stream, but it's best to focus on what you're doing.

Always clear a message

Messages are important in every channel, so make sure that you get them out to the viewers quickly.

Focus on people not numbers

If you only are counting the number of people that visit the channel, you will have a more difficult time.

Put your energy into getting to know people that visit your channel, and keep making videos that relate to their lives.

Have other channels that you like

Keep up with the people that you can see regularly.

They will have a lot of information about what you can do on Twitch, so it's best to keep up with them and see if they need any help.

This helps you understand the community better, and keeps you relevant to them.

Be consistent

If you are going to keep on doing all of the things above, it's best to find out what works for you. Keep that mentality that whatever you do, you are going to be consistent.


One of the hardest things about building a channel is the constant interaction with the viewers.

You might think that you should be careful, but the viewers will be watching from the start. The only thing you have to do is keep creating and improving your