The Most Famous Youtuber

By Tiara

Social media has become one of the biggest influence tools in our society. With the right influencer or youtuber, it is possible to achieve anything!

By using their luscious lifestyle as examples, they can motivate you to live with more passion and purpose. Their unique style and personality help them connect with their followers which then spreads across different platforms.

Some people are lucky enough to be gifted at putting together an engaging video that captures the attention of others. Having this talent makes it easy for them to make money online through creating YouTube videos or filming sponsored content.

There are several ways to become famous on YouTube but no matter what method you choose, don’t forget about the importance of establishing yourself early on. By being active now, you will have time to grow as YouTubers later on.

KSI and Logan

how is the most famous youtuber

As seen with the above two, most famous YouTubers are really popular for making fun of other people or creating content that is clearly influenced by what else exists. People seem to love them because they make us laugh while also revealing some interesting information about ourselves as humans.

Many individuals watch at least one of their videos every day which makes them successful marketing machines in themselves!

Their popularity has definitely helped them earn large profits so someone can say that their success came directly due to their hard work. It’s pretty clear that they enjoy doing what they do so this comes through in their video content.

As mentioned before, aside from producing entertaining YouTube videos, these guys are very well known for talking trash. This includes bad mouthing others both online and in real life settings. This style of humor seems to hit a nerve for many who respond similarly by trying to be just like them.

These types of YouTubers will always be in demand because people find their jokes funny and motivating. They may even inspire you to produce your own comedy content if you feel confident in yourself.

Emma Chamberlain

how is the most famous youtuber

As seen with our list of the top 10 inspirational yotuer blogs, YouTube is a great way to gain inspiration and knowledge from other people’s lives. Many famous YouTubers have built their audience through posting entertaining videos and being relatable.

Emma Chamberlain is one such influencer who has gone beyond just creating content for her fans to interact with; she goes above and beyond to inspire her followers in all aspects of life.

Chamberlain began sharing videos about beauty products back in 2012 before she had even finished high school. Since then, she has over 2 million subscribers and her channel has become very popular due to her creative editing and overall appearance style.

Her beauty looks are always beautifully edited and designed and her hairstyles are always striking. Not only that, but she is known for using a large amount of bronzer and contouring which is definitely not afraid to go heavy!

Not only does she use lots of bronzer and contour, but she also wears quite dark eye makeup which can be scary if you are not used to it. But she is totally able to pull off this look and still looks beautiful!

That show how dedicated she is to making her face look perfect and staying within fashion trends while doing so. Her main goal as an artist is to make her cosmetic looks seem professional and elegant, and she succeeds at this every time.

Jake Paul

how is the most famous youtuber

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a very popular platform that has allowed many influencers to emerge and thrive. One of the most famous youtubers is actually not necessarily known for his or her videos, but rather their personal life.

Jake Paul is well-known for starting various groups on social media sites such as Instagram and then encouraging other users in those groups to do things they would never normally do.

These activities are often outrageous, scandalous, or just plain weird and funny. These events usually get lots of reactions and comments from others, which he capitalizes on by responding with jokes or praise.

His clever use of marketing strategies have made him one of the biggest YouTubers out there, beating out some of the bigger name YouTuBe stars. His influence even extends beyond YouTube!

He is currently involved in several projects outside of the internet, including acting and producing TV shows.

Celeste You

how is the most famous youtuber

As seen with many other famous youtusers, celestayou started her career as an influencer. She would create photoshoots and videos of herself in casual outfits and with different hair styles.

Her followers began to recognize her style, so she transitioned into creating fashion videos and tutorials. Now, she does both!

She starts most days by taking one or several looks for each area of the body — from washing and applying makeup to doing nail designs and painting.

Then, she mixes and matches those looks in new ways to come up with new hairstyles and leg shapes. By keeping things fun and interactive, she has become very popular.

Her success comes not only from being creative and educational, but also because she is genuinely passionate about fashion. People love her natural personality and creativity.

Diamond and Silk

how is the most famous youtuber

As seen with many famous YouTubers, their success comes down to creating content that they are passionate about. For Diamond and Silks’ channel, it is rapping!

They both started rhyming when they were children and have been doing so professionally since high school. When they began filming together, one of the first things they did was record some songs!

Now, they mostly just rap to each other for fun, but they also make music videos which can easily be adapted into a song and feature lyrics you can sing along to!

These collaborations always seem to come together quickly and naturally, and they keep it real by not editing their rhymes or changing what he/she worded.

Bethany Mota

how is the most famous youtuber

As seen with Ariana Grande, famous YouTubers are often known for their humor. People recognize them not only for what they upload but also for how funny they can be in real life or through videos.

Bethany Mota is one of those people who has very popular content on YouTube. She has over 2 million subscribers and her channel is just as entertaining as she is.

Her audience loves her so much that many celebrate when she does something new like start doing fashion reviews or do interviews. Even if you don’t know who she is yet, watch some of her videos and you will see why she is loved.

She is always aware of her surroundings and never seems too pretentious. Her style looks expensive but she doesn’t seem to worry about that. She knows who spends money on fashion and it helps her stay in touch with that crowd.

Hannah Hart

how is the most famous youtuber

As seen with her channel, as of late, Hannah has focused more on entertainment content including comedy videos, reviews, and chat sessions. However, before that she mostly produced talk shows such as The Best of YouTubers which featured interviews with other YouTube stars.

Her most famous video is probably one called “Diary Of A Nerdy Girl” where she interviewed fellow YouTuber Marzia Stravato about her life. It became so popular it was made into an interactive book!

Another well known interview feature is her daily challenge series titled “Give Up” in which she asks her guests to do something they would never normally do- like try chicken korma for dinner or take a dip in the swimming pool with nothing but your clothes on.

She also does charity work by hosting events and fundraisers for various organizations, usually related to education or health. These are typically crowdfunded through the internet and media exposure.