T Visa Processing Time 2020

By Tiara

Recent reports indicate that it may take several days to process your visa at VFS Global, one of the most well-known visa processing service providers in Canada. This is not good news if you are trying to visit or live in Canada!

It is very important to note that VISA (the company) does not have any control over how long its partners like VFS Global take to process visas.

Visa can only make recommendations to other organizations about whether to grant them access to VISA information, but it is up to individual organization’s policies and procedures who they allow to view this sensitive data.

So, unfortunately, there is nothing Visa can do to ensure that another organization will not mishandle your personal information.

There has also been some talk about the need for more staff at VFS Global due to higher demand for services. It was reported by sources within the industry that there were too many applications waiting to be reviewed which left less time to review each document.

This could mean longer wait times for applicants who were already struggling with the initial application stages.

How long does it take to process a T visa?

t visa processing time 2020

The average processing time for a T visa is ten days, with some taking much longer than that and some being denied at the very end.

There are several reasons as to why this could happen. Some cases may be rejected due to missing documents or fraudulent information given during application.

In these instances, the individual will need to reapply which can sometimes takes even more time depending on how busy our offices become around exam season (spring/summer) and international break periods (winter).

We recommend staying in close contact with your family while you’re away to help alleviate any worries and keep up-to-date. This way, people do not get concerned and call us less likely to reenter Canada.

General tips: make sure your phone is fully charged, pack an extra shirt, and bring proof of adequate accommodation.

Have there been any changes to the T visa process?

t visa processing time 2020

Unfortunately, due to the current global health crisis, the US government has placed additional limitations on work visas. This includes the highly-publicized Temporary Visas (T) for high priority employment.

These visas were designed to help companies in need of skilled workers recruit internationally while limiting the amount of international travel that individuals can do.

Because of this, employers are having trouble finding qualified professionals who already have authorization to live and work in America and therefore cannot complete the necessary paperwork needed to apply for a new visa.

This is particularly troublesome for businesses that require frequent travels or employees who hold other citizenship or residency permits. Luckily, there are some alternatives!

We will discuss those opportunities in another article but first, let’s take a look at how long it takes to process your T visa application.

How Long Does It Take To Process A TN VISA APPLICATION?

The length of time required to process a temporary nonimmigrant worker visa depends mostly on two things:

When you submit your form, how well organized you are The Pace At Which Your Department Can Complete Its Work

Let’s talk about each one in detail.

1. How Well Organized Are You?

As mentioned before, most departments within USCIS have limited access to certain resources during this pandemic. This includes computer equipment, mailing addresses, and employee assistance programs such as counseling services.

What should I do if I am worried about my T visa?

t visa processing time 2020

If you are in the process of processing your travel documents and notice that there is no update within an appropriate time frame, then it is important to reevaluate whether or not this trip makes sense.

If possible, you should consider staying home until the situation has been resolved as repeated international travels can put stress on your personal life back at home.

It is also very important to remember that even though most people get their visas quickly, every country is different and does things differently. Some take longer than expected to process but they still issue the visa so you needn’t worry too much about that!

However, it is worth noting that countries that require proof of vaccination against Ebola will likely take longer than normal to process due to heightened security measures.

What happens if I fail to report a crime?

t visa processing time 2020

If you don’t take action within one year, your record will show that you failed to cooperate with police in investigating an alleged crime.

This could hurt you in many ways, especially when it comes time to apply for credit or employment. It may even prevent you from traveling as you are no longer able to prove your residence.

Your obligations under this section of the VISA statute end automatically once you notify law enforcement officials that you want their help, so it is important to be sure to tell them about the alleged offense before you leave town.

Once you have informed officers that you wish to assist them, you must remain available at either their request or through your own efforts for up to one year in order to satisfy this obligation.

It is very difficult to remove this requirement after that period of time has passed, but we would strongly recommend talking to a lawyer first to see what can be done. You should also check out our article about how long criminal cases typically take to resolve.

What are the consequences of not reporting a crime?

t visa processing time 2020

If you fail to report a crime within one year, then it is your responsibility as a citizen to also assume the legal ramifications of that inaction. These include potential fines or even jail time for failing to immediately notify police about a criminal act.

In fact, if someone fails to tell authorities about a felony within a year, they can be charged with that offense themselves!

Furthermore, if you’re aware of a crime but don’t say anything, it could help perpetuate the violence by giving those involved an excuse to continue their harmful behavior. This is why it is so important to speak up — no matter how uncomfortable you might feel at first.

It takes courage to step in where others won’t and hopefully make a difference in keeping our communities safe. But we need your help to ensure that these hard lessons aren’t repeated across America.

What is the procedure for reporting a crime?

t visa processing time 2020

If you feel that your VISA has been wrongly issued or revoked, you have the right to report it to us. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you should do this as soon as possible!

You have two main options when it comes to choosing which organization to contact about visa issues. These are going through the federal government’s system or contacting an independent third party.

The best way to choose which approach is depends largely on who is responsible for processing your credit card information at the time of the violation. For example, if a bank is violating the rules by issuing too many visas, then they will know more than someone in a separate department within the same company.

This means that you must first figure out where to send your complaint before picking one option over another.

Who can I talk to about my T visa?

If you are an employer wanting to bring someone in as a qualified dependent, there is a process that must be followed. This includes getting approval from your local VISA office, notifying your current employee’s of their job loss, finding new employees for the position, etc.

Obtaining employment authorization for the dependent can take several days so it is important to start this process well ahead of time.

It is also important to know what documents you will need to prove dependency during the application process. For example, proof of residence or health insurance may be requested along with additional documentation supporting the dependant’s qualifications.

At times, employers may require direct testimony proving the relationship, such as meeting at least twice per month or staying at the same home as the other person. All of these things should be confirmed prior to the applicant being approved as a dependent!

Legal representation is always helpful when applying for visas but even more crucial if needed during the processing stage. It is best to have this done early on to avoid any hassles.

What is the difference between a B1/B2 visa and a T visa?

t visa processing time 2020

A business or tourist trip is not needed for a short term visit if you are only staying in the country for less than 90 days. A nonimmigrant visitor’s (VISA) status can be either B-1 or B-2, with B-1 being for longer stays.

A Business Traveler Status – B-1 VISA

A B-1 visa allows its holder to enter into an exclusive service agreement with another party. This other party does not need to sponsor the individual for entry into or departure from the United States, but they must maintain their affiliation with the person while in America.

The B-1 visa classification requires that the individual holding this status remain within the United States after his or her stay has expired. If the individual leaves and reenters the U.S., he or she will have to apply for admission as a nonimmigrant resident under the F-1 student category at that time.