T-3 Visa

By Tiara

The third-country visa is also referred to as an extended visit visa, tourist visa or nonimmigrant visa. This type of visa does not allow you to work while in the country, but it can be longer than six months.

Typically, people who get this kind of visa are traveling for business or visiting loved ones in the area. Some employers require their workers to have at least one year of stay in the country, so they apply for this sort of visa.

Illegal activities like working without a work permit are very difficult to occur with a t3 visa, because there’s no way to immigrate to Canada. You cannot travel to another country for employment and expect to remain there indefinitely, so illegal activity seems impossible.

Something else to watch out for is staying past your visa expiration date. Most countries have easy ways to check if someone has overstayed their welcome, which makes immigration quite simple.

Who can get a T3 visa?

A student with a full degree or recent graduate seeking employment in Australia as an Australian teacher, doctor or dentist is able to apply for a temporary working visa called a T3 visa.

This type of visa allows students to live and work in this country while they complete their education. Students usually stay in Australia for between one and two years.

After that time, they must return home unless they choose to remain here. There are conditions attached to these visas so it is important to understand what is allowed before applying.

Students should be aware of potential costs like accommodation, tuition fees and transport while studying in Australia. They also need to make sure all documents are in order back at home.

If you’re already living in Australia and planning to do some teaching, talk through your options with Immigration New Zealand.

How can I get a T3 visa?

A business/work travel VISA is the most straightforward way to obtain non-immigrant (or foreign worker) status in Australia. A Business Travel Visa (T3 visa), known as ‘Business Traveller’, allows you to live and work here for up to three years.

Under this visa type, you will need to prove that your stay in Australia is for an indefinite period of time and not limited by a set date. You also have to be able to show you will return home after your visit.

You must demonstrate how your job will contribute towards meeting and sustaining our employment objectives for Australia, such as having a high level of professional expertise or offering significant value to customers.

If these conditions are met then employers may apply on your behalf. This means it is best to check if your employer can help with their application before applying yourself.

What does the T3 visa allow?

The T3 visa is for international students who will be studying in Australia at our university level education facilities. Students with this visa can study full time (up to four years) or part-time (less than two years), and come back home when they have completed their course.

The Australian Department of Immigration has introduced the requirement that all international student visa holders must hold valid travel health insurance. This policy needs to cover them as an individual, and not just as a member of a group. If your coverage doesn’t meet these requirements you could find yourself without money to stay in Australia!

Study Cover International Student provides covers individuals directly so if something happens to you while you are away from home, we pay for your care. You won’t need to worry about finding appropriate medical treatment either, as we coordinate it for you.

So what are we asking from you? We're requesting that you contribute $50 per month ($600 per year) towards your own personal healthcare benefits. Plus, you'll get an additional $250 discount off any other plan you already have.

This article contains links to resources and services to help you begin paying for your own health care immediately. Read more here - how to start saving now for private healthcare.

If you would like us to add your employer's healthcare scheme to provide extra cover for you, simply give us a call or send an email using our contact form.

What are the conditions?

To qualify for this visa, you must be working as an apprentice or trainee with a sponsoring employer that has their license to do business in Canada. Your sponsored employment must last at least six months and cannot exceed one year.

You will need to make sure your personal documents like passports and proof of residence have enough time before your expiry so they can be renewed!

It is very important to know what kind of work you will be doing while on Canadian soil. You should make sure it is something that is related to your studies and/or profession.

Running away after having access to a visa is a criminal offense.

What are the costs?

The cost of applying for this visa is around $150-200, which includes application fees, submitting photos and documents, and an interview with immigration officials. This price tag can be expensive if you do not have extra money to spend!

There are some cases where sponsors may pay additional expenses such as airline tickets or accommodation. However, these things vary depending on how many people apply and what country they’re traveling to. Check out our article about funding your trip before making any applications!

The total cost will also depend on the length of time it takes to process your visa. Some countries only need up to two weeks to send back all paperwork, but other countries like Australia require one year+ to complete.

Do I need a job offer to get a T3 visa?

A third-country employment (T3) visa is only for those who are able to prove they have enough money to return home after your stay in Australia.

You do not require an employer letter or proof of salary, just a statement that you will be returning home within six months is sufficient.

If this isn’t possible then you must include evidence such as proof of income back at home or letters stating that you don’t have adequate funds to return.

What are the benefits?

Working in Canada with a t-visa can be a very attractive option for many professionals. There are several reasons why working under this visa is the best choice for you, your family, and career.

First, it allows you to live and work in Canada indefinitely. This is different than other types of visas that allow you to stay here as long as you have an appropriate amount of time off or there is an opportunity to pursue employment.

You will also get tax breaks while living and working in Canada if you qualify. These include income deductions and/or exemptions, capital gains exclusions, and more!

Some employers even offer additional benefits to employees who are qualified for the t-visa. Because of this, most professional workers are eligible for at least one t-visa. If yours doesn’t, don’t worry! We can help you apply so you know your options.

What are the drawbacks?

The most common complaint about the employment visa is that it allows workers to be paid less than $52,700 per year. This is wrong!

The average cost of living in Australia is quite high, which means even if you’re only earning enough for the lower salary limit, you’d still have plenty left over to live a comfortable life.

Australia has some of the highest quality health care facilities in the world, so your medical needs would be covered too. If you feel like moving somewhere else with more opportunity is necessary for your career, this wouldn’t be an issue.

There is also a second-year work visa available for those who earn up to $70,000 per year, but it doesn’t include healthcare or tuition reimbursement.