Spouse Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

The next step in knowing how to process your visa is figuring out when you can expect to receive it! This article will talk about how to spouse visa processing time at the United States Embassy or Consulate in your city.

There are several ways that embassies handle applications so you may not know if yours is fast, average, or slow until you apply. Some take just a few days while others can take weeks or even months depending on the amount of documents required and whether there are any discrepancies found during the investigation stage.

The best way to find out what kind of wait you’ll have is to start tracking when applications are received. There are some tricks you can use to learn this information quickly though so don’t worry! We have helpful tips for you here!

Reminder: Even though this article focuses on spouses visas, these tips work for anyone who wants to track application times for other types of visas as well.

Tracking Application Dates via Email

This one is pretty straightforward – add yourself into an email list where people get notified when their app has been accepted or rejected. You can choose to be publicly available (the whole world gets alerted) or private (only your contacts see the update).

Some common sites to do this are: https://www.trackvists.com/,https://visalopm.us/, and http://apptracking.io/.

Know your spouse and their relationship to you

how to spouse visa processing time

It’s great to know what visa types are, but how to use them efficiently is another thing! The timing of when to apply for each type of visa depends largely on who your family member is and whether they have lived in Australia before.

If someone has lived here previously as an Australian resident or citizen, then it’s not necessary to re-apply every six months like if they are visiting for the first time. This can be done up to one year after arrival depending on which visa they hold at this stage.

For example, if their current visa is a student visa, they could stay in Australia and work while studying here without applying for new visas. But if they want to remain longer than a fixed period (for instance, to study fulltime), then they will need to reapply for a different visa.

Have all of your documents ready

how to spouse visa processing time

After you have gathered everything you need, it is time to start preparing for visa processing! The next step in the process will be to pick up or ship your luggage at your destination, where you’ll then pack your personal items and get some rest before heading back home.

Some things that can affect how quickly you are processed include the country you are traveling to, whether there has been an increase in security checks since you last traveled, and if they are doing their due diligence to make sure you don’t overstay your visa. Some countries require more documentation than others, so being prepared for those changes can help speed up the process.

We recommend gathering as much proof as possible six months prior to departure to ensure you are not caught off guard when you do arrive at your final destination.

Bring your documents to the embassy or consulate

how to spouse visa processing time

After you have received your I-129F, it is time to start gathering all of your documents! You will need to take these documents with you when you go for your appointment at the visa processing center.

Make sure to bring copies of each document twice– once in case something gets lost during submission, and again after you get there. This way you are not left without vital documentation because of a computer malfunction or bad internet connection.

It’s also very important to know what kind of transportation you will be using to get to the visa office. If you plan on taking public transport, know how long this will take so you can prepare ahead.

Pay the visa processing fee

how to spouse visa processing time

Most major credit cards offer discounted or even free visa processing as part of their rewards program. The most common way to receive this benefit is by investing in their elite status program. This typically includes paying an annual membership fee, plus a small monthly service charge per card for visa processing.

By signing up for these programs, you are investing in the bank’s VIP services. It helps them keep tabs on how well they are doing through frequent surveys and advertising, which in turn motivates them to continue providing valuable services to you.

There is no obligation to remain a member after receiving your discount, but staying will help you get more out of your account! Sometimes, additional perks are available, too. For instance, some airlines provide priority check-in because you are a high profile customer.

Another perk may be exclusive merchandise or coupons. We have linked several top reward cards that include fast visa processing at http://www.payscale.com/research/US%20Workforce%20Expectations%20Survey?Employee=1&JobSearchType=Professionals.

Wait for your visa to be approved

how to spouse visa processing time

Even though it may seem like there is not much you can do, one of the most important things you can do as a couple waiting for a visa approval or denial is wait for yourself.

You will need to take time away from family vacations, work trips, and other life commitments to stay in touch with your dreams and hopes for the future.

It’s easy to get distracted when you are waiting around for something big to happen, but remember that what happened yesterday doesn’t guarantee what will happen tomorrow.

While it’s normal to feel nervous, anxious, and stressed out about the status of your marriage, try to remain calm and focused.

Set regular times where you meet each week to discuss any developments and move on from there. Also, ask a close friend or family member to keep an eye on you while you're apart, and give them all the information about your relationship they request.

In addition to helping you through difficult times, this will help avoid complications between entering into illegal relationships and possibly being prosecuted.

Prepare your visa and get it ready to be mailed

how to spouse visa processing time

It is very important that you are prepared for when your spouse comes back into the country! This includes having their I-129F filed, proof of residence in another city or state, and if possible, an invitation letter or confirmation they will be staying with you.

It’s also important to remember that even though your partner has permission to enter the United States, this doesn’t mean he/she can stay here indefinitely!

Most countries have a 90 day limit for nonimmigrant visas so make sure you don’t spend more than half of that time waiting around for them to leave. If you do run out of time before then there are ways to extend these times but you must be aware of what rules apply in order to do so.

Email your spouse a mailing address and a time to pick up your visa

how to spouse visa processing time

If you are the one leaving for Australia, it is very important that you leave your other half a clear email with their passport information as well as when they need to be there!

It can easily be forgotten at the last minute, so make sure everything is covered. Plus, if something happens and they cannot meet you in Australia, then it will not matter because they have their cell phone and email.

There is also nothing wrong with having both of you check out of the same hotel using an online booking site such as Expedia or Booking.com, this way you can verify who actually stays where together.

Give your spouse directions to your embassy or consulate

how to spouse visa processing time

It is very important that you give your spouse specific, clear instructions for when they should come back home after their trip. You do not want them to miss their flight or spend hours trying to find you!

Many times, spouses will be traveling abroad with no formal notification of separation. This can sometimes lead to complications in terms of visa processing time.

Visas typically take 2-8 weeks to process depending on how long it takes at the office where they are being processed. During this time, your loved one has little chance to return home because there’s really no way to contact them until their documents have been received.

That’s why it is so crucial to establish a communication channel — either via phone, mail, or even text message. Make sure to include all contact information as well as the name under which they need to be contacted while they are away.

General tips: remember that most countries require at least two sets of documents – proof of residence and proof of employment.