RepRadar™: Revolutionizing Reputation Management

By Derek Sturman

Why your reputation matters more than you think

We all know that reputation is critical in the digital age. A single Google search can make or break your personal or professional life. So how do you keep track of what the internet is saying about you?

Enter RepRadar™, your weekly dose of digital reputation, brought to you by Promo Panda’s Constant Coverage Club.

What is RepRadar™?

RepRadar™ is a revolutionary email report that gives you weekly insights into your digital footprint.

But this isn't just another analytics dashboard. RepRadar™ provides actionable insights that can positively influence how you're perceived online.

It also helps you see how Promo Panda’s placements help improve your online presence over time.

What's inside every RepRadar™ report?

SEO snapshot

We start by giving you an overview of your top 10-20 search engine results for your name and profession. This section tracks changes week-over-week, helping you understand how your online presence is evolving.

Sentiment summary

Don't underestimate the power of public opinion. We scrape the web for mentions, reviews, and articles about you, compiling them into an easy-to-understand summary.

Coming up next

Stay ahead of the game with a look into relevant events and opportunities near you. This is your chance to network, share your expertise, and further build your reputation.

What makes RepRadar™ a must-have?

Real-time awareness

RepRadar™ is a “set it and forget it” tool that gives you a pulse of your digital life, every week. Knowing what's being said about you online gives you the upper hand in managing your reputation.

Customized insights

Every report is tailored to your industry, helping you stay ahead in your field. Whether you're a business owner, musician, designer, or anything else, RepRadar™ brings public relations value that's immediately relevant to you.

Advanced RepRadar Reports: Customization at Your Fingertips

For those who crave more personalized insights, our Advanced RepRadar Reports are designed to meet your specific needs. Go beyond our standard metrics and curate a report that targets the data you care about most.

With Advanced RepRadar, you can:

  • Choose specific platforms or news outlets for sentiment analysis.
  • Add custom keyword tracking to monitor specific narratives or issues related to your industry.
  • Receive a detailed backlink report showing where your name or brand is getting attention.

Upgrading to Advanced RepRadar empowers you with laser-focused data, making it easier than ever to control your online reputation. It's not just reporting—it's reporting redefined.

How to get RepRadar™

Become a member of our Constant Coverage Club to start getting RepRadar™ reports and permanently change the way your reputation works for you.