R Places

By Tiara

Finding places to relax is an important part of being healthy and happy. You can make your home or work place more relaxed by changing the surroundings, doing things outside of normal routines, and creating new experiences.

Many people find their relaxation spot at the beach or in a pool area. Others enjoy going out for nightlife or sports and then relaxing at home later.

There are many great ways to spend time relaxing at your workplace or anywhere you live. This article will discuss some easy ways to identify and use public areas to relax. These types of places are referred to as recreational spaces or recreation zones (rezone).

I’ll also talk about how business owners can promote mental wellness through engaging in activities that increase socialization and reduce isolation. By promoting social engagement, we create healthier environments for employees and customers.

This article will not be specific to any location or organization, but they all offer similar rezones so there is no need to apply these tips unless you know them already.