Proper Way To Promote Music

By Tiara Ogabang

Promoting your music is definitely a challenge because there are so many things that go in to it. You need to plan your promotion plan at the beginning of the year and that means making some goals. Promoting your music is no easy task.

If you are serious about promoting your music then you have to consider your budget. If you’re prepared to spend money then you have to spend a lot of time on the internet. If you are not ready to do that then your promotion will be a failure.

There are several things that you can do to promote your music. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time on social media. You don’t have to spend hours doing it. It is good to be active on social media but you have to spend quality time on social media and for some people it is not easy.

In order to promote music, you need to be professional. There is also plenty of room for creativity and organic growth.

Be unique and find something that nobody else has done before. And don't expect it to happen overnight!

Get mentioned in blog articles

Music blogs and online music magazines are a great place to get featured and can lead to tons of clicks.

Getting an interview or feature article in a magazine with lots of views per month not only gets tons of eyeballs on you, but it also boosts your reputation and makes you more look professional in the space.

However, finding opportunities can be time-consuming. If left to your own devices you will spend months just sending emails and hoping for replies. You also may get some features, but the writing may be half-assed.

The proper way to do this is to hire a PR (public relations) company or a PR professional to handle all of this for you.

Hire a public relations professional

Public relations is the way that you can stop worrying about how to promote your music and let someone else take the reigns.

Of course, you can handle your own social media, but getting featured in blogs is a whole other world that requires a lot of contacts and a lot of communication to get done properly.

So once you've decided you want to hire a PR pro, what's the next step?

Many PR companies require monthly retainers (that means paying X amount per month no matter what you get in return). This can be fine for major artists, but many up and coming artists don't have that kind of money to spend on their project.

For a more detailed article about PR pricing check this out.

Why you should try Promo Panda as an online PR firm

With Promo Panda, we do not collect monthly retainers. We also will never make you pay for coverage you do not get.

When you submit your info to us we work to find the best media outlet for your music or art and we work with a vast media network of people.

We only work with blogs that have at least 10,000-30,000 UVPM (unique visitors per month) and we offer many options to get featured in blogs with many more than that.

What to consider when promoting your music?

You should consider several aspects of your promotional plan. You have to consider your budget, time, energy and creativity.

There are some key tips that you can do without spending a dime:

  • Reach out to your fans and build your fan base.
  • Use YouTube and social media networks in order to promote your music.
  • Hold a fundraiser for an album or video, incentivize the fundraiser a giveaway. This could be in the form of a track, music video or any other type of prize.
  • Build out a fantastic website that hosts your music.
  • You can also promote your music by having a street team and organize a campaign. This could be by having an online campaign or offline campaign.

But, it is possible to increase your streaming audience and have more listeners/listeners to your music. Also, you do not need millions of streams to make money, in fact, you can make money even if you have less than 100 streams on a single track.

The majority of this post will be focusing on music streaming, not downloads, and my podcast recommendation posts, are entirely free.

Who should promote music?

Some people will tell you that you need to promote music. They will tell you that a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a website is enough.

These people do not understand the streaming and promotion game. They do not understand that no one has ever made money from promoting. And that you can promote your music by methodically following some golden rules of the trade.

To make money, you must spend money

After earning some money, you need to know where to spend the money in order to promote your music.

You'll want to have a certain budget for PR. You'll want to have a certain budget for a music video. You'll want to have a budget for your website and merchandise to sell. This all takes money, but if you plan it properly, you can come out net positive.

Create your website and put links to it EVERYWHERE

One thing that we work on with our clients is developing their SEO on the internet.

This means that your artist's name should always link back to the places where people can find the best information about you... which is your website!

This is where the links to all your press can be, where all your photos are, where people can buy your music... in short, everything!