Professions That Will Make You Famous

By Tiara Ogabang

There are few occupations that can give you a chance at becoming a successful media figure, but they do exist!

As a starting point, it may seem hopeless if you think that becoming a professional athlete or a world-famous actor is the only way to achieve fame.

But what other professions are out there that will give you an equal chance at fame?

Below we'll discuss the best career choices for those who want to become a famous media figure or celebrity.

What is a “famous media figure or celebrity?”

“Fame” means becoming known by a significant portion of the world. However, fame isn't what it used to be. There are so many channels open to people who want to be noticed that now if you are talented, smart, or entertaining you can acquire your own audience!

If you are looking for possible career choices for becoming famous let's first throw out a couple of ideas. A radio disc jockey, stage or screen actors, stand-up comedians, talk show hosts, sports commentators, authors, and music artists all have the chance of being famous.

These are the stereotypical professions that we associate with being famous. However, these are not the only options for becoming famous.

The "new" rockstars

In fact, there are many other professions that you probably didn't think of which offer the chance of being a media or celebrity.

For example, YouTuber PewDiePie is probably the most popular YouTuber globally and has over 100 million subscribers. The world’s first YouTube celebrity, Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green, has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

These careers were not something that existed a couple of decades ago, and the opportunities are only increasing.

The great thing about becoming a celebrity is that it can often lead to fame and fortune. While the exact amounts and statistics are always changing, you can learn a lot by looking at today's very successful celebrities and the past.

Another profession bound for fame: Influencing!

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So fame can be extremely lucrative. But there are also some things to consider before you commit to one career over the other.

What do I need to start to become famous?

What do I need to start to become famous

Knowing when to begin focusing on fame is more important than knowing when to start, but the question is always relevant. Let's look at a list of essentials you need to get famous:

Work on your craft

Practicing your craft means getting good at your skill, but it also means getting good at the things that will help monetize your skill.

For example, it is not a bad idea to spend 8 hours a day practicing your violin. You will certainly get good at the violin.

But what if you spent 5 hours a day practicing, 2 hours a day on making videos or booking concerts and 1 hour a day on marketing?

Sure, you may not get as good at the violin, but you will have acquired other necessary skills t0 be successful, and you will be ahead of the people who only practice their craft and are myopic to the monetization of their craft.

Market yourself online

You've spent so much time acquiring a skill or making great content but who is going to see it if you don't market yourself?

Our company, Promo Panda, specializes in making your digital presence known to a large number of people and gets your name out there.

Sure, doing some live events might get some recognition within your hometown, but if you don't have a strong online reputation you and your act won't go anywhere.

The great thing about strengthening your digital reputation is that never goes away, unlike traditional advertising.

Move to where you are relevant

There is also another important factor to consider: where to go to become famous. While having fame in your own city is also a good option, having it in a bigger city or a more recognizable country has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In the United States, the large metropolitan areas of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago each have over 20 million residents. The large cities of Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix each have about 9 million residents, and so on.

With all of these factors, it’s clear that the idea of “getting famous” doesn’t have to happen overnight. It’s about working your way to success slowly over time.

What should I focus on?

What should I focus on

As previously mentioned, there are many options for becoming a famous media figure or celebrity.

The path to success can be decided by which of these careers is the most effective. What you are doing, what opportunities you are having, and how you are getting noticed are just some of the things you need to consider.

Being a video game player or a blogger doesn't seem like strong careers until you realize you can market yourself, acquire a big audience and actually monetize yourself.

Podcasting to become famous

Podcasts or Radio is perhaps the most popular career choice for those who seek to be famous. It combines three of the best talents: personality, or oratory skills, and intellect.

Radio personalities use their personalities to interact with the audience and help listeners find the best music or a show that would suit them the best.

Comedy is a great way to get laughs from an audience, and you can incorporate both these talents into your life through comedy.

Many successful media celebrities, such as Pharrell Williams, speak daily about different topics. Pharrell Williams, who has built an incredible following through his music, also speaks to people regularly on social media, where he has over 8 million followers.

Music as a career

Music artists can find a niche in the music business which is a career that can make you incredibly famous. The famous music artists have an incredible talent for making catchy, catchy songs.

It's a difficult path, but no doubt rewarding and very lucrative.

One last thing you need to consider

As you can see, there are many different ways to earn a living as a famous public figure. You don’t have to become famous overnight. You have to work on becoming better each day.

Likewise, everyone who works in the entertainment industry is not famous. You can get a normal job in the entertainment industry, make a living, and not be well known at all.

Final thoughts

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