Print vs Online Media — Which is Better for Your Reputation?

By Derek Sturman

Your reputation is important

Print media, online media, PR, and community-building — that’s a lot to do, and if you can only concentrate on one of these, which should you choose?

Building awareness around your brand can be a time-consuming job, but it is important to use your time wisely.

We looked at the PR and SEO opportunities when promoting your business to see which one is better to promote your business to the public. You can read about the results below in print vs. online media., we advise anyone, big or small, to focus on PR marketing.

So first off, what does PR do for you and your brand?

PR promotes you and your brand

PR is a strategy that helps you develop your digital profile. It helps promote your brand and reputation in general. However, due to the changing market scenario and consumers' preferences, it has become important to understand the costs and benefits of different types of PR coverage.

Promoting your brand should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Make sure that your PR marketing strategy includes all the necessary components of the overall marketing strategy.

It's highly recommended to take a comprehensive review of your current brand and customer marketing strategies. You should incorporate PR efforts to add strategic value to your brand positioning.

In some cases, PR creates a permanent online reputation for your company, and the same media that reaches millions on online media also reaches millions of people in print media.

If you plan to spend most of your time and efforts on online media, you can build an outstanding online reputation and gain some positive media exposure for your brand.

So without further ado, let's get into the ins and outs of bringing awareness to your brand.

Benefits of online media

Everything is online nowadays, but print media still has a dominant legacy in the culture, right?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, print media may exist and even thrive in some circles, but we strongly believe that it’s no longer the best method for raising your brand’s image. With PR in online media, you can build a large audience from a small number of publications, and have the benefits of continual online exposure.

Continual online exposure means that even after the initial hype of the release of your article has faded, it is still indexed and can be accessed by readers any time later!

This also means that your SEO will be increased, since every time someone searches your brand, they may come across an article that speaks highly about your brand.

That is why we recommend if you were going to invest all your time and money into either print or online media, we'd choose the latter.

But doesn't print still have a place?

Of course, it does. We completely support print media and think it will be a sad day if everything moved online.

But the reality is that the distribution of online media is infinitely more scalable than print, and more and more publications are choosing to take their brands online.

If you only focus on print, you only reach a limited audience — and thus lose the opportunities for huge outreach.

From our perspective as a PR company

In our years of experience doing PR, we've seen the landscape shift from print to digital rapidly over the last couple of decades.

Nowadays, all the articles we facilitate are in the online versions of publications. Most publications we place our clients in are online-only.

In the past, we used to occasionally focus on print but found that the lack of timeliness and inability to request corrections for printed media was at odds with our clients' needs.

As a PR company, we strive for high visibility, and that's why we only focus on securing clients in highly trafficked blogs and keep an eye on our client's online rankings.

In the end, a strong digital brand will help you in the long run much more than fading newspaper clipping — and we love the fact that we can provide a high-quality media opportunity that will age well and can be dug up years down the road.