Outlets To Promote Music

By Promo Panda Staff

One of the most exciting genres on the market today is the techno-dance genre that contains dubstep and drum and bass and dance music that consists of synthesizers, sequencers, computerized beats, and layers of beats.

One of the coolest sources for websites promoting electronic dance music is 101 Trance Radio. This music site has a vast and wide-ranging music directory.

As of this writing, 101 Trance Radio has listings for approximately 700 music distributors, including 456 record labels. While some of the listings are a bit out of date, you can always check up on what is currently in rotation.

Here is a small sample of the trance that is currently in rotation.

  • Alpha Omega – All My Life (Total Recall mix)
  • Hardstyle – Harimau
  • Solomun – Mobius [Minus mix]
  • Clubber – Caffeine
  • Matix – Only Me
  • Roy Thomas Baker – Sonne
  • Jochen Miller – Eris
  • Fred Baker – Rotex
  • Tokimonsta – Namaste (Str8jakts remix)
  • Solomun – Sherpa (Peter Spille's remix)

There are many other electronic dance music websites to check out. These include Planet Electronic, Prime Cutz, Shebang, Novation, Snare Sessions, and Simulcast Radio, to name a few.

You can even visit the U.S. section of Sirius Music Space on Sirius satellite radio to listen to some of the big names' online broadcasts.

What is a music outlet?

Music outlets include record labels, television programs, streaming sites, or anywhere where music is being sold or streamed.

Where to find music outlets

Where to find music outlets

These are not the only places where music is sold or streamed.

However, for this article, here are some good places to find outlets for promoting music:

  • eBay
  • Bandcamp
  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • iTunes
  • Spotify – Spotify has a way for musicians to broadcast their music without a deal, but it's not very effective, and the songs are often not released in the usual ways.
  • Facebook – Facebook is a fantastic place to promote music and find outlets for promoting your music, but you have to set up a special page to promote your music.


The obvious way to promote a music video is to set up a crowdfunding campaign, but this can be expensive.

Nowadays, many videos are being funded through Facebook ads, which is an even cheaper way to promote your music video.

There are a few different ways that a music video can promote your music:

Post to Facebook

Set up a crowdfunding campaign on the various platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Local radio stations
  • Local concert venues

It's important to set up your music video as soon as possible, and it's always best to work with someone who is experienced at this.

You can set up a crowdfunding campaign by registering your domain name and registering your site or contacting an existing site and having them work with you to set it up.

YouTube videos with audio

YouTube videos with audio

YouTube videos with audio allow your music video to be promoted and for your music video to be heard.

You can set up a music video with audio by making a YouTube video and adding music to it.

YouTube has a video captioning feature, which can be quite good at adding audio to a YouTube video and ensuring that your music video gets promoted.

There are a few different ways that a music video can promote your music video:

  • Link to your music video from Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts.
  • Share the YouTube video on your social media accounts.
  • Place the YouTube video on your YouTube channel.
  • Host your music video on your own website.
  • Post it on your YouTube channel and tell people that they can access it by visiting your YouTube channel.


Podcasters often get exposed to new music, and the listeners are happy to share the music with other podcasters.

It's a great way to promote music if you can afford it.

There are several different ways that a music video can promote your music:

  • Use promotional services like PressPlay Promotions to promote your music.
  • Narrow in on the niche and market your music specifically to the specific podcasters.
  • Use free promotions like WeTransfer.
  • Contact other podcasters on the web and ask them to play your music.


Blogs are usually trendy, and people who have a blog are more likely to share the content with other people.

You can promote your music videos in your blog by linking to them in your blogs or using the video to promote your content in your blog posts.

In addition to that, you can use your music video to promote a blog post or page you have written about a particular topic.

You can also link to songs that you have published on your personal website, which will promote that website and attract more people to your music.


You can link to a specific podcast, promote it in your blog or place a link to the podcast on your website.

Promote your music in this way, drive traffic to your website, and promote your music.

Using your music to promote your friends and business

Often, people put their music videos on Facebook to promote them to friends.

You can also use this method to promote your music.

As you can see, the different methods that can promote a music video to your friends and business.

You can also promote your music through a social media website or your website by adding a music video to your page or a video thumbnail in the description.

Radio (vodcast)

Radio (vodcast)

Here is an easy method for using the power of the Internet to share your music. Create a YouTube channel, upload some videos to it and make some video podcast episodes for your favorite songs.

You can create a bunch of them and put them on Mixcloud or iTunes.

One of the most interesting sites that I have found is YouTube’s official channel. In addition to posting music videos, you can also watch music videos, daily life videos, artist specials, daily behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

There are also links on the main page for other music websites, such as Mixcloud, Grooveshark, ReverbNation, Stitcher Radio, and more.


There are several ways to use your music video to promote your music, as well as promote your website, your page, and your business.

In conclusion, promote your music video in all of the different ways that you can.

The more you find out about the Internet, the more amazing stuff it can do for you.