O2 Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

Finding out how long it takes to process your visa can be tricky, especially since there are so many different ways companies report this information. Some make time estimates easily accessible while others do not.

Many times, people will say things like “we have X days until our event” or “we have Y weeks before we leave for Asia” but they fail to mention what happens after that deadline passes.

In the case of the second example given above, if one was planning on staying in Asia longer than expected they would need to start looking for new lodging and possibly even find an alternative destination.

The same thing applies when someone says they will let you know within x number of hours whether you have been accepted into the country. What they may not tell you is that some additional documents must be gathered and submitted at this stage as well.

Why does it take so long?

Even though there is no formal process to apply for a visa at VFS, their website and services are very well managed. This means that even if there is a lot of traffic during business hours, staff have enough time to create an appropriate picture of you.

By having this sense of continuity, they can begin creating a profile or narrative about you based on your spending patterns, job searches and social media profiles. All these pieces matter because they add up to give them a clear understanding of who you are as a person.

This then allows them to assess whether you belong in Australia as a permanent resident or not!

If you’re looking to live here permanently, making sure you under-promise and over-deliver on promises will help ensure a green card or visa. Being able to show that you lived within your income limits and paid taxes like a local helps bolster confidence.

In addition to all of the above, being aware of what kind of activities require proof of employment can save you from having to start work before the visa expires. Maintaining ties to your home country can be done via frequent return trips or through working while in town.

Their website lacks detail

o2 visa processing time

Over the past few months, there have been several reports of visa applicants being stuck waiting in long lines or even days to find out if their application was accepted. Some people have reported not knowing what was going on with their app either, only finding this out when they called or emailed customer service to ask about it.

Many of these applications were submitted in early March, at which time O2’s visa processing times said one week for every ten thousand dollars spent! Now it is over two weeks for the same amount.

O2 has a very limited number of employees that work directly with visa sponsors in India. Because of this, there are no clear guidelines as to how many visas each person gets through per day. This makes it difficult to predict how quickly someone will get their results.

It also seems like there are more and more visa officers working remotely due to the coronavirus, making it hard to tell who is actually spending their time looking into applications. All of these factors contribute to the delay in getting answers.

They do not tell you the entire process

o2 visa processing time

This is one of the biggest scams of all time! Companies that offer visa services such as OVISA or VISA INC will usually pay a premium fee for their service, but they only include part of the process in their fees.

The other part which takes most of the time is actually processing your visa. Because they have to verify everything about your business, job, etc., this adds more time to your wait.

In fact, some companies even advertise a faster visa process, but it’s only because they leave out the waiting stage. You have to spend hours upon hours online looking up documents and proofs, so that’s how much longer it really takes!

There are also times when something goes wrong and you need to start over, making things take even longer.

They tell you to pay before it is approved

o2 visa processing time

As mentioned earlier, when you have an appointment with them for visa processing, they usually ask if you have any money saved up or whether you own a house that can help you stay in Australia.

If you don’t have enough savings to last you until your next paycheck, they may offer you credit card services as a way to get some extra cash. This is called personal credit service.

It is very common for people who work for a big company like O2 to get this deal. It seems more appealing than going out and buying groceries or taking a taxi home, so most people accept it.

However, there are things you must know about O2 Visa Personal Credit Services. First, you will be given a small amount of money to use for daily living expenses, such as food, transport, etc.

This is only for a few weeks while you wait for approval of your visa.

They charge high fees

o2 visa processing time

This is not very helpful to you, as a consumer. When credit card companies say they will take care of you, make sure you believe them!

Overselling is an insidious thing that big corporations do to shift responsibility onto someone else. It is for this reason that large organizations have 24-hour customer service departments; if something goes wrong, people are given these departments as resources to use.

By having this oversell policy, O2 is putting the burden on you to check whether their services are adequate or not.

O2’s website says its fraud prevention team reviews every application within 48 hours. What it does not tell you however, is that most applications get rejected before ever reaching this review stage.

This means that there is no guarantee that anyone at O2 will look at your application until after it has been denied. Fraudulent individuals may be waiting for you to make a mistake so that they can swoop in and buy a phone line!

There is also no guarantee that even if one of O2's staff members looks at your app, that person will do a good job explaining why it wasdenied. People with different levels of expertise at O2 can contradict each other, making it hard to determine what actually happened to your visa application.

As mentioned earlier, O2 can add extra processing time to your visa due to communication issues.

They will charge you regardless of approval

o2 visa processing time

Even if your visa is approved, they still have to process it. This can take anywhere from one day to weeks depending on how many employees are working on your file.

Oftentimes, workers at an organization will be gathered in a conference room discussing your application when a manager or employee receives word that you have made international travel plans.

Since these individuals must now handle your paperwork, their workload goes up dramatically! It’s important to check your OVisastatus.com account frequently as it may alert you to new messages or comments regarding your status.

By staying informed, you will know what’s going on with your immigration status and whether or not there are any developments that could impact your ability to stay in the country.

They will hold your money

o2 visa processing time

If you have received word that your visa has been approved, but they do not release it until later that day, you can still enjoy your trip.

Most major airlines allow for some kind of pre-flight activity or use of services before flying. These are referred to as check ins. You typically must provide this information when buying airline tickets. Some even offer early boarding privileges if you are already onboard!

By doing this ahead of time, you will also have one less thing to worry about on travel day. Plus, most of these facilities are free so there is no cost involved!

If you get notified at the airport, just make sure you have enough time to relax after arriving and preparing for takeoff. Also, make sure to factor in the extra time it takes to go through security again once you reenter the country.

This article will talk more about how to stay motivated while waiting for OVISA processing.

They will not tell you when you will get your visa

o2 visa processing time

When it comes to visa processing times, what they say is typically very vague or even misleading. Some officials may give an estimated time frame for receiving your visa but this is usually only for the final step in the process.

The first few steps of applying for a visa can take anywhere from a couple days to weeks. This is especially true if there have been any delays with the embassy or VFS. A lot of these companies work together so it makes sense that there would be some delay due to possible re-routing via email or phone calls.

There are also several different levels of visas which make taking a bus tour or going to the airport early difficult as you need to know which level you qualify for.