O1 Visa Interview Waiver

By Tiara

Recent reports of visa overstay or undocumented entry have prompted many employers to begin requiring their employees to go through additional screening processes for employment. This is not only time consuming, but expensive as well!

Many companies now require their eligible job applicants to prove they are legally in this country by submitting an Employment Eligibility Form I-9 along with proof of legal immigration status (US citizen or green card holder) or passports. If you know that your current employer requires such documentation, then it is important to be prepared.

If you do not currently have valid documents, there are some easy ways to get them. There are several reputable organizations and governments agencies that offer free identification cards to qualified individuals and/or families. These can include international driver’s licenses (IDL), passport cards, state ID cards, and more.

Prepare your passport

o1 visa interview waiver

If you have an interview scheduled, make sure that you are well prepared! You should be ready with your I-129F petition, proof of sufficient money to stay in Canada for 6 months, 2 proofs of employment (one must be within two weeks), and confirmation of return flight or accommodation after your visit.

You do not need to bring your documents to the airport, but if you don’t have them then it will pose some problems when you go to enter the country, so we recommend bringing as many copies as possible!

We also suggest confirming the dates of your departure and return via another source than just your phone or google maps because they may not be reliable. Make sure you have this information before coming into the office, both online and through friends or family.

Research your embassy or consulate

o1 visa interview waiver

Recent reports of individuals with non-immigrant visas being denied entry into the United States is unfortunately something that we as Americans can be quite familiar with. Non-immigrant visa types include B2 (tourist), F1 (for academic studies) and M (work).

What many people do not realize, however, is that there are additional requirements for some non-immigrant visas beyond just having them expired. One such requirement is what’s called an “O1 Visa Interview Waiver.” This article will discuss what this type of visa is, how it works, and why you may need one in the future.

Something to note – most countries require their citizens to have proof they intend to return home after their visit. If you know this is true for yourself and your family, then you should make sure you are prepared! That means ensuring you have adequate documentation in hand.

What is an O1 Visa Interview Waiver?

A waiver is required when a person traveling on a non-immigrant visa cannot prove he/she has enough time remaining on his/her current visa before leaving the country. A common example of this would be if someone has a year left on their tourist visa and they decide to extend their stay in America.

When they try to leave, even though they still have a month or two left on their visa, they are told they must have a new visa and authorization to remain in the U.S.

Check for any requirements your embassy or consulate may have

o1 visa interview waiver

If you are currently in Canada, do not worry! You do not need to wait until you receive notification of your interview before starting to prepare. There is another way to make sure you are ready for your VISA interview- by ensuring that you are eligible to depart Canada.

If you received word from USCIS that an appointment has been scheduled, check at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate where you will be interviewed to see if there are any visa waiver prerequisites they require you to fulfill prior to leaving Canada.

These can include having proof of sufficient funds to stay abroad for the duration of your visit as well as documentation confirming your return flight back to Canada. Make sure to doublecheck this information since some embassies and consulates seem to change their policy when it comes to visa waivers so it is best to know what to expect ahead of time.

Tell your family about your plans

o1 visa interview waiver

It is very important that you tell all of your relatives (parents, siblings, cousins) about this plan! This includes those who might not like the idea or want to come along with you while you are in the country.

Some things to consider when disclosing your plans include how trustworthy they have been in the past, if they can easily visit the United States, and whether they will be able to survive without you if something happens.

It is also helpful to think ahead and determine what kind of reactions you’ll get to this announcement. Will people be supportive? Annoyed? Discouraged? There may be ways to deal with some of these, but knowing which ones are worth investing energy in beforehand helps save you time and energy for more important issues.

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Buy airline tickets

o1 visa interview waiver

After arriving at your visa interview, you will need to find a way to get back home. Most likely, you will be picked up by someone either directly from the airport or from a location close to the airport. If you are traveling with someone, this person can pick you up there!

It is very important to have money for bus fares or taxi rides because it may not be easy to get home after the interview.

Some people do not realize how expensive air travel is! Even if you only use small amounts of money during the trip, it is better to bring extra before going into the interview.

We recommend bringing enough money for one week so that you know you will be able to eat while you are away from home. Some people cannot afford to spend time away from work even for a few days, let alone a couple weeks!

There is nothing wrong with being tight on cash ahead of time, but making an allowance for spending money can help prevent financial problems in the future.

Research locations near your embassy or consulate

o1 visa interview waiver

Finding an appropriate location to meet with for your visa appointment can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Luckily, there are some great sites that can help!

ImmigrationWorks is an excellent resource for finding meeting venues as well as basic information about visas and work permits. You can search for facilities in a variety of countries and find out what services they offer.

Their venue list includes photos so you can see what the place looks like before booking a table.

Dress the part

o1 visa interview waiver

After arriving at your visa interview, you will be asked to dress in accordance with the Department of State’s regulation for your area. These regulations require that you wear solid colored business casual clothing or government issued photo identification.

If you do not have appropriate clothes, they may deny you entry into the United States until you do. This can also cost you money as you would need to buy new clothes while traveling.

Because this is the case, there are some websites and apps that offer VISA INTERVIEW DESSERTIFICATION PROGRAMS. Companies recruit local professionals to act as witnesses to testimonials and pictures of them eating their favorite dessert.

By being sponsored by an organization that has been vetted, individuals can save time waiting outside to see if you make it through security.

Know the protocol

o1 visa interview waiver

It is very important to be familiar with the visa interview waiver protocol before you go into your appointment. If you do not, then it could make things more difficult for yourself or even prevent you from attending the event at all!

The USCIS will ask if you have received any information about the F-visa application process, whether through websites, advertisements, or conversations with family members or friends. They may also ask if you have discussed the process with anyone who has applied before.

If you can prove that you have informed of this process, they may or may not waive the in person visit. This depends on how well prepared you are for the meeting and what questions you know ahead of time.

We recommend being fully prepared for your personal visa interview by reading our article about How To Prepare For Your Personal Visitation With The Immigration Officer.