Nvc Visa Interview

By Tiara

Recent developments in immigration have shifted away from emphasizing which countries you are coming into the country or staying for long periods of time. More emphasis is now placed on whether you can demonstrate that you will be productive members of society, and how much you need to visit this country.

Governments are becoming more aware of the negative effects extended visits have on their citizens. The cost of living has increased due to additional health care expenses, education costs for your children, tourism expenditures, etc. In addition, there is an effect on local businesses when people are only visiting for a short period of time.

For these reasons, many Western governments are introducing visa requirements for tourists. Some require a tour company to verify that they will return home after a set amount of time, some ask if you plan to work while in the country, and others just want to make sure that you will spend what’s left of the year here.

These conditions may seem obvious, but most travelers come with no idea what kind of documentation is needed to prove things like this. Luckily, we have made life easy for all professional traveler types!

We have compiled a list of every major tourist destination and its must-have documents.

Dress appropriately

nvc visa interview

Even if you have received your invitation, do not enter the venue in sweats or workout clothes. This is an informal setting so wearing something appropriate is needed to fit the vibe.

Most employers will ask about your work history during the interview process and keeping it casual helps downplay any potential stressors for the job position.

We recommend matching up shoes with each other as well as having some form of personal hygiene applied. Make sure your hair is put together and looks presentable!

If possible, bring copies of documents such as resumes, pictures of yourself, and proof of income. These things can be hard to find when you are sitting across from someone for the first time.

Dress the part

nvc visa interview

Even though you will probably be wearing your best dress for this meeting, it is not too early to get some helpful tips! You do not want to look like you did not put in any effort to prepare so keep these recommendations at least a day ahead.

If possible, one week before the interview make sure your hair is done, nails are painted, and you have enough money to buy lunch or grab something at home.

At the very least, wake up 30 minutes earlier than necessary and shower- take as much time as needed. Your skin should be slightly tanned from the summer and your mouth watery due to morning drinking.

Don’t forget to apply some natural concealer if necessary and try to use products that smell nice. Most people who work for a company such as yours has experimented with their own brands and likes them so pick ones you had mixed reviews of but that still appeal to you.

We would also recommend investing in a good pair of shoes – nothing makes a bad first impression like poor footwear.

Know the process

nvc visa interview

As mentioned before, knowing the NVC (Namaste Vipassana) process is an important part of preparing for your interview. The NVC method was designed to help you establish strong relationships by having open conversations about what you want from others and asking them how they feel about things. This way you can get better understanding of who people are and connect with them on a deeper level.

The same thing applies to interviews! By being aware of the process, you will know how to navigate through this crucial stage in your career development. You will also be more prepared because you have practiced it several times.

There is a very common misconception that employers only look at your CV when hiring someone, but that’s not always the case. Many companies use these personal interviews as an opportunity to find out more about you as a person and determine if you would fit into the workplace culture.

In fact, most large corporations have a formal interviewing process that includes both technical and non-technical questions. These may include questions such as telling stories, discussing experiences, or questioning assumptions.

Prepare your team

nvc visa interview

As mentioned before, staying focused on the goal is the key to success in any situation, including an interview. Yours will likely include discussing why you are seeking employment in the United States, what skills you have that can be translated into job opportunities here, and what kind of position you want at this company.

If you’re not sure if something is important or not, chances are it is! Weigh out whether or not it is worth investing time and resources into and determine if it makes sense to invest in it. Sometimes, things you think are important aren’t really valuable so don’t waste your time trying to hone them unless they truly help you.

Don’t worry about being perfect – most employers won’t take too much time talking to you if you seem unprepared. They will probably give you some leeway and try to move onto another topic instead, but still send a message saying that you didn’t pay attention to basic questions and topics.

In addition to having done your research and prepared yourself for the interview, make sure that you are well rested and feel relaxed and confident. Try eating breakfast and/or taking a good night sleep beforehand, keep yourself organized with all the necessary documents and notes.

Make a plan

nvc visa interview

Now that you are ready to take your next step, make sure you are well prepared! Do not underestimate how important it is to be prepared for this meeting.

Many people begin preparing for their visa by buying or renting an apartment, finding part time work, and gathering all of their documents and notes. But, what about making a lunch? Or figuring out where you will meet with representatives from the consulate?

These things matter so do not forget them! Also remember that there’s no set timetable for when you will receive your decision; sometimes it can take weeks, even months. So, keep in touch regularly with everyone involved (email, phone calls, etc.). And if you get stuck at any stage, check out our tips here.

Know your visa and passport

nvc visa interview

Even though most employers will send you their internal documents to prove that they are an authorized employment agency, it is still important to have proof of your identity and proof of your authorization as an employer.

This includes having both your business license or certificate and certification confirming your status as an organization that employs at least one person. These forms of identification must be formal and clearly show your name, address and position in company.

Many companies also require employees to bring their passports to verify their identities. Make sure these things match! If there is any doubt, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

Be proactive

In this era of 24-hour news, social media, and technology constantly buzzing, people are always looking for ways to share their experiences. This can be helpful or harmful depending on what you do with these experiences.

By sharing your experience as an interviewer with another candidate, you may hurt his/her chances in getting the job. You need to make sure your online activity is appropriate and does not negatively affect you as an applicant.

Researching potential employers and attending interviews is fine, but tweeting about your interview process goes too far. If you have something to say about the company, try to do it privately so only those who see the tweet will see it.

Breaking rules #1 and #2 mentioned above would also likely get you banned from all Twitter sites. So keep such comments private unless you are prepared for them to spread quickly.

Meet with your family

nvc visa interview

After arriving at the embassy, most people’s next stop will be to meet with their respective families back home. This is totally up to you and how you want to manage your relationships!

Some people choose to stay in touch via phone or video chat while others prefer meeting in person. It really depends on what kind of relationship you have with each other and whether there are commitments that may need to be adjusted.

We recommend staying in-touch as much as possible since this can help ease any nerves and help you feel more prepared for the next step.

At the very least, we suggest trying to talk every week or so to keep connected. Make it a habit and eventually you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and confident when you meet face-to-face.

Be honest and open about who your friends are and if they play a role in your life outside of work. If needed, prepare a list of reasons why you believe having them around is important for you and your career.

If you're able to, invite one or two of these individuals into the conference room before going in for your interview. This way they can get a sense of what the office looks like and some insights as to what to expect from you.