Mentions and SEO Magic✨

By Promo Panda Staff

These small placements can lead to big-time exposure

One of Promo Panda’s most unique features is its mentions placement type.

You may ask yourself, “being quoted a couple of times in an article doesn’t seem as impressive as having a feature article that’s all about me, right?” 

While it’s true that Features and Interviews have a lot of power in shaping how people perceive your brand, if you’re trying to simply expand the number of people who are aware of your brand, mentions are a great way to do this!

This is because all of the blogs in Promo Panda’s network utilize a special recipe when they create content that includes mentions.

The special recipe  

The SEO value of mentions comes from Promo Panda’s proprietary Search Engine Optimization software which is granted to blogs in the Panda network. 

The result is that articles containing mentions have a higher likelihood of getting clicks over an extended period of time than random blog posts you might get with other services like SubmitHub or traditional PR firms.

Promo Panda partners ONLY with blogs that adhere to very strict SEO guidelines. This way you can rest assured that all media coverage you order through Promo Panda is improving your brand and it’s online visibility. 

If you’re interested in learning more about why SEO is key to your success, check out this article. 

Evergreen content = clicks for years

Most finished articles will get clicks for years after they’re initially published.

This is different from traditional news content, which is typically only relevant for a few days after its published.  

This is also different from traditional paid advertising, which will stop being seen by people the second your ad budget runs out of money.

When it rains it pours (impressions!)

Most mentions will get at least a few clicks per day. If you happened to be mentioned in a particularly popular article, you may even get hundreds and even thousands of eyeballs on your brand per month. 

When these readers come in month after month or year after year, the amount of exposure even a brief mention can bring can be staggering.

Bear in mind  – the scenario we just described is for a single mention.

Imagine if, over the course of a year, you order a mention or two every month. It won’t be long before your brand is all over the web, getting clicks day in day out. You won’t need to worry about your articles become irrelevant or running your promotional budget dry through ads. 

Order your fleet of mentions once, and they may get your brand exposure for the entirety of your career!

If you’re new to Promo Panda, start with mentions!

If you’ve never worked with a publicist before and plan to use Promo Panda to help get your name out there, we highly recommend getting started with a campaign that consists solely of 2 to 3 mentions

Likewise, if you’re a PR professional using Promo Panda to augment PR services for your clients, mentions are typically the best place to start for those clients who have little to no pre-existing published material.

Mentions offer a way to quickly and cost-effectively start building tangible, long-lasting exposure. 

Even if a subject has a moderate to a high level of press exposure, mentions are a useful addition to any campaign in which the goal is to generate impressions and get fresh eyeballs on a person, brand, or business.