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By Tiara

As we continue to see more and more media coverage of celebrities, their personal lives become increasingly public. While some people strive to keep themselves private, others love attention or feel that they have something to say once you expose them professionally or as a person.

Some people enjoy being in the spotlight, while other people are uncomfortable with all the focus put onto them. No matter what kind of personality someone has, how much exposure they want, or why they choose to be famous, it is important to consider the effects it will have on their career and life.

This article will talk about five different types of celebrity personalities and how each one affects your lifestyle. Keep reading for more information!


The content here should not be considered educational material related to psychology. This article is purely meant to describe various types of celebrity personalities and how they affect you. For additional education, try looking into personality types or narcissism.

Broken Heroes

Type: Narcissist

Description: A narcissistic person believes everything revolves around them and needs constant praise to feel successful. They may also take credit for success belonging to them instead of giving credit to others.

Effects: Because these individuals need constant recognition, they will often overextend themselves to gain fame or influence.

Luckily, this can sometimes work in their favor because of how motivated they are. People who know these individuals recognize this motivation and use it to help them succeed.

Emma Stone

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As mentioned earlier, actress Emma Stone is very popular these days. She has been in many successful films such as The Book of Daniel, Charlie Bartlett, Oz: The Great And Powerful, and La La Land, to name just a few.

She is also well known for her beauty and fashion sense. Many people admire her for how she carries herself and lives her life.

Her personal style includes classic clothing that are slightly altered or redesigned to fit her current look. She often features tight leather pants with high-profile shoes such as pumps or ankle boots!

These types of clothes are easily mixed and matched, which makes it easy to match them with anything else. Her favorite brands include Giveny and Balenciaga, both of which have products that are totally affordable.

Something important about Emma’s style is that it is always put together nicely. Even if she looks casual one day, you can be sure that she took time to pull up her sleeve, roll down her shirt, and tie his shoe!

This is particularly noticeable during award shows when she receives an award or honors someone else.

Amy Adams

In addition to her incredible career, which includes acting in The Fighter as well as this year’s Oscar-winner Vice, Amy has made significant contributions outside of entertainment. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and wellness, establishing the first nationwide fund to help individuals with depression and anxiety.

In fact, she was so moved by the need for such programs that she donated her own money to create one herself! Her Self Care Fund works to make sure people have access to evidence-based tools and resources like mindfulness, self-compassion and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to help them manage their stress and feel better about themselves.

Her efforts are not only meaningful for those who know her, but also inspire others to contribute to these programs and initiatives to aid in emotional wellbeing.

Charlize Theron

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When it comes to celebrities, people seem to have strong opinions about who is good or bad, loyal or plastic, etc. Some even feel that their talent has gone completely unused because of such comments.

But what if we looked at it from another angle? What if we considered those judgments as opportunities in disguise?

We can learn a lot about a person by looking into how they respond to criticism. We can also find out a lot about someone’s inner self by observing how they react when things go poorly for them.

In fact, there are several theories which claim that our behavior towards others is actually a tool to help us understand who we are.

So instead of thinking about whether a celebrity is talented or not, why don’t you try to see who they like and dislike, and why? If you were given the chance, would you use your talent to prove everyone wrong?

I believe so! I think we all have something special inside of us, and I hope you will too someday.

Kate Winslet

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As mentioned earlier, one of our most beloved actresses is also an outspoken advocate for environmentalism. In fact, she has been very vocal about it ever since her early days in acting.

Winslet began incorporating environmentally friendly practices into her lifestyle back when she first started acting. She would always emphasize how important it was to use sustainable products while filming or before shooting due to the cost involved in packaging and transporting materials and equipment.

She would then invest in green alternatives to reduce waste later. These included using recycled paper instead of new plastic ones, buying energy efficient appliances, and using plant-based substitutes for petroleum-derived substances.

Since starting this journey, she has received many compliments for her efforts and even won some awards for them. She earned her Green Achiever Award from PlanetSave in 2014 and Sustainable Working Mother Awards for Excellence in Environmental Responsibility in 2010.

Her environmental activism isn’t just limited to product usage either, she has spoken out against irresponsible producers that pollute and contribute to global warming. This includes criticizing films with heavy production costs like expensive cars, air travel, and non-recycled props and sets.

In fact, she made a documentary called The Imposter Syndrome where she shares stories and experiences related to impostor syndrome (feeling like you are worthless because you can’t seem to achieve your goals).

Reese Witherspoon

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When I was growing up, my favorite celebrity was Reese Waterson. She always wore really nice clothes and made me feel good about myself by showing me how to do my makeup or telling me what colors look best on me.

I still love fashion so I will sometimes study her way of doing things to see if I can replicate them. My friend’s Mom got me into watching her watch TV shows through their shared account, which allowed me to realize that I too could be a fashionista!

Since then, I have continued to admire Reese for not only her beautiful looks but also because she is such an encouraging person who teaches other people around her things they know how to do.

She doesn’t just focus on being fashionable herself, but instead helps others learn from her how to dress more stylishly. For example, she has designed many clothing lines and published several books on fashion.

Her style may not be everyone’s taste, but at least you can say you have one thing in common with her — she knows how to put together a sexy looking wardrobe.

Scarlett Johansson

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Known for her sultry, sexy roles such as Natasha in The Hot Chick, Ghost In A Shell, and most recently Her in Alfie’s Epic Quest For Food!, actress Scarlett Johansson has made quite an impression on moviegoers.

With over 30 credits to her name, it is easy to see why she is considered one of America's top actresses. She consistently delivers engaging performances that keep audiences glued to their seats.

Her impressive acting résumé also features some funny scenes, like when Woody Allen cast her as his daughter in Match Point or when she played a drug-dealing computer hacker in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (for which she received a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards).

Scarlett was born September 9th 1983 in Manhattan, New York. At the age of five, she moved with her family to Pacific Palisades, California where she grew up.

She started dancing from the time she could walk and took various dance lessons before deciding to focus solely on ballet.

Aspiring dancers are often influenced by famous ballerinas so it makes sense that young Scarlett was inspired by Russian dancers. Sofia Gubyrova, director of Dance Studio V, even said about Scarlett "she wanted to be [Sofia] completely."

After high school, Scarlett attended Harvard University but left after just one semester to pursue her dreams full time.

Since then, she has never looked back.

Halle Berry

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When you’re famous, it can be difficult to find time to do things that matter to you. And while most people would think of making appearances at events or doing photoshoots as important, staying in shape is just as crucial.

Berry has always been known for her beautiful face and luscious hair, but she didn’t start spending hours in the hairdresser’s chair until later in her career. She now credits her fitness routine with helping her stay healthy and fit.

By being active every day, Berry was able to keep up with her busy schedule and still enjoy what she was doing. It also helped her feel more relaxed and confident in herself.

She’d like other people to know that even though she may not look like everyone else, she’s not any less worthy than them. By keeping an eye on your health, you’ll learn how to appreciate yourself more, which will make you happier.

And let us not forget her infamous shower scene! While some may say that her performance left something to be desired, we must give credit where credit is due: she stayed in great shape!

So if you’re feeling stressed out or tired, don’t hesitate to switch up your workout regime or add new exercises to your repertoire.

Reese Witherspoon

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When it comes to celebrities, there is no limit to what kind of person you can be if you follow some basic guidelines. They are always speaking about health and fitness, so why not pick up something new for yourself?

Many people gain inspiration from watching TV shows and movies, reading books, and listening to music. By being aware of who in the media makes healthy habits a part of their lifestyle, you will too.

A few famous individuals that inspire an active life include Oprah, Brad Pitt, and Reese Witherspoon. All three have created businesses or initiatives that promote wellness through nutrition, fitness, and improving self-care.

Oprah has her own network that promotes health and wellness. She also released a book titled The Power of Listening which applies to today’s society.

Brad Pitt announced his marriage with American actress Jennifer Aniston would last ten years earlier this year! He mentioned staying fit as one of the main reasons for choosing to marry her. Both he and Reese work hard to keep themselves busy by doing activities they enjoy.

Reese launched her signature footwear company in 2016 and she designs them all herself! Her company grows along with her career as she receives lots of exposure. People watch her workouts, interviews, and speeches to get tips on how to improve their personal care routines.