Looking Back At Terry Crews' Career

By Tiara

As we all know, actor Terry Crews has gone on to have quite the career since leaving his home of Brooklyn/Los Angeles to try out as an actor in Hollywood. He is most known for playing Lieutenant Bill Compton Jr. on the sitcom Brooklyn 101 and Adrian Makeham-Bashford (aka Captain Jack Harkness) on The Man Who Died And Returned To Live.

He recently made headlines when he accused film mogul Harvey Weinstein of raping him back in 2013. Since then, many other men have come forward with similar accusations. This led to Weinstein being fired from his position at Miramax and The Weinstein Company.

Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex. However, several women have now reported that they were pressured into having sex by him after meeting him through work. Many of these incidents happened while he was still working for The Weinstein Company or Miramax Films.

Crews’ accusation against Weinstein came almost two years ago but it seems like people are just now hearing about it. That is why it is important to talk about how popular and well-known Terry Crews already was before this scandal broke.

He is very famous and he gets paid well for it! Why not continue to promote himself as a successful artist and entrepreneur while also giving credit to others who helped him succeed?

This article will discuss some of the ways that Terry Crews got here.

Made a movie

how did mr t get famous

When you’re a kid, you definitely don’t watch The Jerry Springer Show for its educational value. But if there was one lesson that young Tony could have learned from watching the show, it would be to always strive to do your best.

He never did anything half-heartedly and he constantly worked hard to achieve his dreams. As we all know, he got very lucky and happened upon an opportunity that allowed him to fully pursue his dream of being a famous singer.

But even before then, he didn’t settle for average or mediocre results when he wanted to accomplish something. He expected perfection every time he set out to do something.

That’s how he prepared for his big chance by investing in some training so that he wouldn’t disappoint anyone who believed in him. And he made sure to surround himself with people who were supportive and believed in him too!

So, why shouldn’t everyone else get exactly the same chances that he had? Because this is what most people don’t understand about successful individuals – they won’t ever stop working until they succeed.

They will keep going through the stages of preparation and action planning, but then they will simply not let themselves fail. This is because they believe in their own potential more than anyone else does.

And since they are willing to keep trying, they increase their odds of success in the long run.

Influenced by TV shows

In 1975, after his son was diagnosed with cancer, Gene decided to make some changes in his life. He left his job as an accountant to pursue a career he had been dreaming of for years- acting!

He started taking acting lessons and within two months, landed his first role on a television show called The People’s Court. You may have seen it before — people who break the law are tried in a court where “regular” citizens decide if they should be convicted or not.

Mr. Justice is one such show, and it made its star, Robert H. Richards, famous. He went on to play other roles including that of Phil Collins’ father in the movie This Is My Life.

But back to our story…

Gene didn’t really do anything special to get this new job. His teacher just happened to meet someone at a party who knew about the position opening and asked him if he could recommend anyone. He said yes, and here we are.

Became a cartoon character

how did mr t get famous

In 1979, BET aired an episode of Soul Train that featured a new host with a very distinctive style. He wore leather jackets and pants with his shirt always tucked in. His long brown hair was in many hairstyles including a top knot and side braid.

His set-up included music he knew and loved, which he incorporated into his show while still keeping it entertaining for viewers.

He introduced songs by singing them and telling stories about how they made him feel or inspired him. Then he’d invite listeners to sing along and add their own lyrics where appropriate.

A few weeks after that TV appearance, someone filmed him doing what would become his signature move — dropping to one knee with his hand outstretched. It had been done before, but not like this!

After getting laughter and applause at first, he did it again and again until people were copying him. Before too long, everyone was doing it. People are still sharing videos of him doing it today.

This is probably because it works. Many people have felt embarrassed in situations when needed to do something embarrassing for a reason (like asking for help), so practicing putting yourself out there can make you more confident in such scenarios.

It also helps if you actually know why this trick works. This article has some helpful information you can read here.

Made his own cartoon series

how did mr t get famous

In 1989, after leaving The Cosby Show to pursue other projects, Bill Cosby made what would become one of his most famous ventures — creating his own sitcom. He titled it A Different World and premiered it in October 1990 with Himself as the main character.

Cosby played an aspiring writer named Russell Johnson who dreams of becoming a big screenwriter. His best friend is Theo Gregory (played by John Anston), a socially awkward computer geek who constantly tries to impress people.

His roommate is Dwayne Robinson (played by DeAndre Jacobs),a fun-loving party animal that sometimes puts too much pressure on himself to succeed. Lastly, there’s Clifford “Cliff” Washington Jr. (played by Kadeem Williams), a fast talking street hustler and con artist who always seems to be one step ahead.

Started a business

how did mr t get famous

After leaving The Lawrence Brothers to pursue his own show, comedian Tracy Morgan began hosting a popular late night talk show called “The Tracy Morgan Show.” While he may not be well-known for his acting skills, he has made himself famous by starting your own business!

Morgan is best known for creating and starring in the hit comedy series “30 Rock.” He played the character of Jack Donaghy — head writer at fictional TV channel WNBC (Channel 9). His many impersonations include that of CNN news anchor Erin Burnett, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State John Kerry, Senator Bernie Sanders, and more!

He also starred as Terry in the 2010 movie version of Harold and Maude. You probably remember him from movies like Daddy Day Care or Semi-Pro where he plays an obnoxious bully.

He has appeared in several other feature films including Spread, Along with Danny DeVito, Where Are My Pants? and This Is the End, among others.

Became a billionaire

how did mr t get famous

One of his most famous interviews was with Oprah for her show The Super-Powerful Life of Wealth (Oprah’s Book Club). During this interview, he talked about why success as a person is more important than being rich.

He said that people are always talking about how much money they want, but very few talk about what kind of person they want to be. He mentioned examples such as someone who spends their life spending money or investing in things that make them happy for a short time before sacrificing long term happiness for money.

Alternatively, there is another type of person who makes lots of money and seems to enjoy it, but then they run into problems because they don’t know what to do with themselves after work. They spend the rest of their time trying to figure out what they should be doing next so that they can keep buying new things.

These types of individuals aren’t going to lead a full, satisfying life unless they learn how to put others first, at least some of the time. This doesn’t mean giving away your money, it means realizing that you need to know what you're supposed to accomplish with your life and you have to invest in yourself and those around you if you expect to feel fulfilled.

Got into politics

how did mr t get famous

In 1985, he made his television debut as an actor in The People’s Court, a show that focused heavily on having lukewarm judges determine whether or not someone was guilty of violating the law. For this reason, it became very popular and is considered to be one of the main reasons why people tune in to court shows today.

However, back then, Mr. T didn’t quite know what to make of all of the attention he was getting. He would often refer to himself as “just another guy trying to get through his day with his dignity intact,” making fun of how hard it can be for average people to achieve that.

But before too long, his career took off. Now, more than 30 years later, he has become well-known both professionally and personally.

He now hosts his own daytime talk show, and he also makes frequent appearances on other TV shows, including Nightline and Celebrity Name Game.

Became a famous actor

how did mr t get famous

As we know, Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians in the industry. He is also very popular as he produces his own show, features in many others, and has received multiple awards for his work. His comedic style includes making fun of himself and other people’s actions and behaviors, which definitely helped him become well-known.

His first big break was when he made an appearance on The Comedian's Strip in 1990. Since then, he has starred in several TV shows including his current hit series, The Office.

He still gets recognized frequently because of his popularity but this isn't always for his acting skills. A lot of it comes from his self-deprecating humor that sets off hilarious laughter across social media and chat rooms.