L3 Visa Requirements In The USA

By Tiara

The third level visa is known as an F-1 or Student VISA. This type of visa allows students to come into America for either academic purposes, studying at a university here, or for professional development courses at a vocational school or college here.

Under this student visa program, you must be enrolled in a full time educational course (at least half time) and attending classes while also being engaged in studies. You can work part time during your stay, but you cannot do so without having an appropriate visa status.

There are some exceptions to this rule where students are allowed to work limited hours with permission from immigration authorities, but these depend on the field they are in and their employment will have to comply with US regulations.

Students who work outside of these restrictions may find themselves deported later if not careful about documentation.

What are the requirements?

l3 visa usa

As mentioned earlier, to be able to work in the United States as an experienced nurse or other healthcare professional, you will need a valid visa. This article covers your basic eligibility for a practical nursing lvieer job in the US- what documents you must have and how to get them!

The most common way to obtain this is through the Medical Professional (L) visa classification. You MUST apply for this visa before even applying for employment with a hospital or clinic in the USA. More information about these visas can be found here: http://www.immigrationvoice.org/national_visitor_resource_center/l-1-b2-visas/.

This article assumes that you’ve already determined that working as a RN in the USA is something you want to do, and you have enough money to live while you're there.

Who can get this visa?

l3 visa usa

The L-3 nonimmigrant employment classification is for individuals who will be employed by an employer or employers in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge position with either of the following:

A business that is actively seeking to hire qualified employees as part of its seasonal or long term business activity

An internationally recognized educational institution (schools only)

It is important to note that it is not enough for the individual to simply work for the employer while on vacation; they must fulfill the job requirement of their current position. For example, if you are currently working as a manager at a restaurant, then working as a server does NOT qualify you for an L-3 visa!

You would need to find a way to prove that you have appropriate management skills before applying under this category. If possible, make sure to do your preparation BEFORE your trip so that you do not waste any time during your stay.

When can I get this visa?

l3 visa usa

The L-Visa is typically issued for business or professional trips of three months or longer. You must have proof that you will be returning to your home country within six weeks of your trip, so make sure to plan ahead.

You cannot work while on an L-visa, which means no salary! This could also mean that it would not be appropriate to use the VISA as a way to stay in America long term.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reviews applications for the L-Visas yearly, making attending events a good opportunity to apply.

What does it mean?

A third level visa (also called an employment visa) is for individuals who will be working in the US as part of their job. More specifically, these visas are categorized under the International Organizations category. If you fall into this group, you must have proof that your employer can pay enough to cover your living expenses while you’re in America.

You also need to make sure that your stay here is only temporary. The length of time you can spend in the United States with an L3 visa depends on how long your position requires you to remain. You cannot extend your stay past the expiration date of your visa unless your situation has changed and you once again qualify for an extension.

Should I get one?

l3 visa usa

If you are just coming to America for a short period of time, then having an L-visa is not necessary. You can simply use your passport to enter and leave the country when you run out of stay permits!

This will save you some money because it cost around $200 per month to remain in America with an L-visa. Without this visa, staying in the US costs over $1,000 every 90 days!

If you do decide to apply for an L-visa though, make sure you check out the rules carefully as there are several countries that require you to live within their borders while you have an L-visa. This could be difficult if you want to explore new places or go back home frequently.

What are the consequences?

l3 visa usa

As mentioned before, if you have an L visa or an F1 visa that is not valid, you can still travel to the United States. You must however, find another way to stay here.

If your L visa has expired, there are several things employers can do when they run into issues with employment. Some of these include:

Discontinue employment conversations

Interrupt employee departures

Give employees the day off without pay

Hold interviews during which no questions are asked about the employee’s status

Some of these actions may be illegal under federal and state labor laws!

It is important to note that even though you cannot enter America due to your expiring visa, it does not mean that you cannot return home. It will take some time for your passport to expire so you can re-enter the country.

Is it worth it?

l3 visa usa

Having an expensive education can be quite difficult to afford if you’re not rich or wealthy. While attending school very seriously is important, so is being able to pay for your tuition and living expenses once you are done. It is hard to balance work while paying bills and yourself at times!

Fortunately, there are ways to finance your higher education without going into debt like a student loan. There are many different loans that can help you meet this goal, but they all have one thing in common – interest! The more money you borrow, the more money you will make in interest.

Many people think that sending children off to college means taking care of their child’s educational needs for the next few years, which is true, but what about after that? If you don’t take advantage of opportunities during college, how will you later in life?

More than half (54 percent) of working adults between the ages of 25-64 were either inactive (no leisure time activity beyond sleeping and housework) or under active (fewer than 2 hours per week of leisure time activities) as teenagers, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.1 This includes doing anything from watching television to playing sports.

Inactivity may also include spending less than 30 minutes per day reading, listening to music, talking with friends, or engaging in any other type of self-improvement.

What should I do?

l3 visa usa

If you are in possession of an expired US visa, then it is your responsibility to get rid of it as soon as possible.

If you fail to do this within 30 days, you could face deportation or exclusion from America for up to 10 years!

Not only can you be arrested at time of attempted reentry, but you may also have your passport confiscated.

Since most countries recognize each other’s documents, having no passport will make it very difficult to travel internationally.

So, what should you do?

Visit your nearest American embassy or consulate and ask about the process for canceling your visa.